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Yes, I'm a Man and I Love Outlander: One OutMANder’s Perspective

Written by: Glenn Gotling

Editor's note: Isn't it pretty much every Outlander-obsessed woman's fantasy to find a man who loves the show and books as much as she does? I mean, beyond having Jamie show up IRL at your door step what could be better? And so we introduce this guest post by Glenn Gotling, a regular reader of and commenter on our blog. We don't know his wife, but I think we can all agree she's lucky.

When I was asked to submit a guest post about a man’s perspective on Outlander — an “outMANder’s” view, so to speak — I started jotting down things I thought men would like about Outlander. And then I realized I can’t speak for all men. I can only speak for myself.

So I dropped the universal man idea. Instead here’s why Outlander has rocked my world. Feel free to share it with your husband, significant other, office colleague you’re trying to impress — and you’re welcome.

Into the Darkness: Finding Personal Light through Outlander

Written by: Nikki Gastineau  

I discovered Outlander this spring when my family moved to a new house.  On the day of the move, I went to the house early to wait for the cable installer.  My partner was coming later with the movers. After the cable was installed, I had a TV but no furniture and really nothing to do for the next two hours.  I clicked around on Starz (a bonus of the new cable package) and came across Outlander.  My reading passion has always been historical fiction and nonfiction and my taste in television has tended to follow in that vein as well, so I thought that I would give it a try.

After watching the first episode in a completely spellbound state, I immediately went in search of the source material.  I realized quickly that there was a bigger story behind those onscreen looks and I had to be a part of it.  I thought that I had stumbled onto a series that I could watch in my occasional free time and that I could neatly tuck away during other moments (I'm looking at you, Downton Abbey).  Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional journey I was about to take...

The Need to Belong: Outlander's Jamie and Claire as Outsiders Looking In

Written by: Jayne Coleman

The heart of Outlander is Claire and Jamie’s story, but it is also the stories of outsiders — those who find themselves through circumstance, birth, character or social position outside of society. The need and drive to belong — to a family, a home, a place — and to feel loved is a deep-rooted human imperative. We all know or have personally experienced the cold and darkness outside the family hearth. It’s a lonely place. In their own ways, both Jamie and Claire are outsiders, living outside the bonds of Clan and family. And as we all saw, two outsiders can most certainly band together to create their own sense of home, but let's dig a little further into how they got there...

Get To Know Them: 14 Personal Questions With The Making Of Outlander Author Tara D. Bennett

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Tara Bennett on Outlander Cast recently. You can find the audio interview here.  But as we've done in the past, we wanted to bring you a completely separate post exploring 14 personal questions with Tara that were not included in the original interview.  Click "read more" to find out more about Tara Bennett the person  including her favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush, worst mistake of her career and much more.

Travel Your Way Through Droughtlander and Beyond

Written by: Denise Stewart

As we are thoroughly into yet another Droughtlander, I am wondering what many of you are doing to get through.  Starz has yet to send any tidbits out to satiate our hunger and thirst for our most beloved series, so I resort to other means.  I begin browsing the internet for anything and everything Outlander.  I frequent Etsy shops, peruse family tartans, and pick out what could be my Christmas tree this year – a Fraser fir? Why not?  But one thing that has caught my attention is the planned outings and events for the Outlander community for 2017.   I have seen that many of you in so many of the social media groups are making plans to travel. And since there is no definitive release date for Season 3, travel may just be what is needed to capture what is missing in this time of famine. Well, travel is the basis of this story, now. Isn't it?

Maybe you are thinking of making that trip of a lifetime to the Motherland to walk in the glens, scour the lochs, bag a munro, or just tip a pint at a pub. You may be looking into doing something stateside, like a convention, a gathering, an award show or even a book signing by Diana Gabaldon herself.  So it got me thinking – where and when are all of these events? Can I go? Is it logistically possible?  Can I manage a weekend here to meet a star? Or a few weekdays there to gather with some other fans? That lead me to a hot search for all events Outlander.  Here is some of what I have found.  Maybe you will find what fits for you, or suggest some new events that we can add to this calendar of sorts.  Either way, I hope you enjoy perusing these events. And should you find yourself going to any of them, let us here at Outlander Cast know! We love to hear and talk about all things Outlander… or even kinda, slightly related to Outlander! So let's get travelin'...

Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 2

Written by: Anne Gavin

Ah, #Droughtlander. You sap my strength every day when there is not some new tidbit or piece of Outlander news to sink my teeth into.  I search for Outlander joy in the little things like Sam Heughan giving sweet love to Outlander fans on the BAFTA Red Carpet and Caitriona Balfe’s BAFTA Scotland win (read all about Naomi's experience from the red carpet!).  Or the recent Critics Choice Awards nominations for both Sam and Cait. Even a Barbour video featuring Sam can carry me through multiple days but just as surely, I fall into despair soon again.  I get some satisfaction cheating on Outlander with Poldark every Sunday night, but as with most affairs, the momentary high inevitably leads to guilt and deep feelings of regret.

 It’s daunting to think about how far we may actually be from the Season 3 premiere.  Four episodes filmed but still 9 more to go and Scottish winter is nigh.  But, when I am feeling shades of Outlander blue, I now have a sure-fire remedy. 

Thank God for Bear McCreary and the Season 2 Outlander Soundtrack!  Bear does it again with a compilation of hauntingly melodic tunes that take us on a glamorous journey from the palaces and salons of Parisian aristocrats back to the blood, mud and dreary moors and mountains of Scotland and our doomed Highlanders.  McCreary’s talent shines to a high gloss in this latest release of the music of Outlander – as integral to the production as the actors themselves.  The mark of a good composer is that the music enhances the storytelling but doesn’t distract from it.  McCreary is a master of this.  The music of Outlander Season 2 punctuates many scenes and provides for highs and lows that add to the glorious emotions we witness as Jamie and Claire navigate their final year together before the tragedy at Culloden force them to part.  So, working my way up from #10 to my #1 favorite, I give you the Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 2...

Surviving Loss and Claire's Second Chance

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

In the Season 2 finale ("Dragonfly in Amber"), Roger asks Claire, “How do you say goodbye to that one person you’ve loved most in the world?” Claire answers, “Whether you want to say goodbye or not, they’re gone and you have to go on living without them.” Roger is referring to Reverend Wakefield and assumes Claire’s response is about Frank. It’s 1968. Frank and Jamie are both dead, but the heart-wrenching grief she carries is reserved for Jamie. She tells Roger she’s never been very good at saying goodbye. She’s putting on a brave face, but she’s still carrying the devastation of leaving Jamie atop Craigh na dun.

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