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Get To Know Them: 13 Personal Questions With #Outlander Actor Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie)

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie) on Outlander Cast.  We interviewed Graham for the podcast and Outlander Cast Blog as part of our #Gonelander series — a celebration of all the actors and characters from Outlander who we fell in love with but who won't be part of the story in Voyager and beyond. You can find the audio interview here.

But as we've done in the past, we wanted to bring you an exclusive to the blog exploring personal questions with Graham that were not included the original interview. Read on to find out more about Graham McTavish the person, including his favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush and much more.

Crushing on Cait: 5 Reasons I/We Love Outlander's Caitriona Balfe

Written by: Janet Reynolds

It’s all too easy for fans to reduce actors to their parts rather than their whole. That one has amazing eyes. This one has fabulous hair. So-and-so has an incredible body. And the Outlander fandom does its share of abetting this reduction. (I count myself among them since I, too, find it hard not to click “like”  or “love” when certain Outlander images and memes cross the social media webosphere. I mean I am human after all!)

But that approach isn’t actually fair to these people who give so much to their craft. Actors are not their characters; they are fully-formed human beings who have lives far outside the lives they so vividly create on the screen. And so, this post. 

We all know Caitriona Balfe has created a bad-ass Claire who we all secretly channel in tough times and maybe, just maybe, fantasize about being. Now it’s time to celebrate Balfe as a person and why I/we have a serious crush on this lady.

I Watch Outlander for the Lighting . . . I Really Do

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge

I've decided that my Outlander obsessive tendencies might actually be scientific. Just hear me out. Studying scenes from the STARZ TV show has improved my critical thinking skills. Yes, really, it's possible. Just ask author Amy Herman who wrote Visual Intelligence to help people do just that. It’s science. Seriously, science. 

Somewhere in my obsessive re-watching that began in 2016, I realized I was missing so much of the rich detail on the screen. After reading Ms. Herman’s book, I developed a planwatch each episode AT LEAST three times and focus on a different aspect each time: story, costumes and setting, in that order. Recently I was inspired to add a fourthlightingand this time, I’m taking notes.  

The role played by lighting is, as you might expect, complex. And while I haven’t made it through all 29 episodes of Seasons 1 and 2, here is how Outlander is brought to light, overall, and in a few notable episodes and scenes.

What if Outlander's Jamie Fraser Had an Online Dating Profile?

Written by: Ashley Crawley 

A couple weeks ago, my pal and fellow blogger, Nikki Gastineaupondered whether our penchant for crowning Outlanders Jamie Fraser the Perfect Man was one that would hold up in real, modern-day life. You know, what with the questionable sleeping, fighting, bathing habits and all. Dreamy as he may be, her rationale was compelling enough to elicit from me an audible sigh of relief that it was Claire that was displaced in time instead of the reverse. But it got me to thinking—what if Jamie hadn’t found his blood-of-my-blood and bone-of-my-bone in the time-traveling Claire? The 18th century Highlands’ most eligible bachelor would still be single and ready to mingle, that’s what.

Refusing under any circumstances to believe in any world—fictional or otherwise—where the L word/She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might end up with our delicious hero, I decided it was time to offer the lad our meddling modern-day help. After all, if we’re going to force the 18th century King of Men to fit into a 21st century mold of man, he might as well enjoy the fruits of the Interwebs and our dating-via-gadgets technology. It’s worked for millions, so why not Jamie? Ergo, I give you the online dating profile for one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

The Scotland Diaries: Whisky & Whimsy and 10 Things I Learned About Scotland & Myself

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This marks the seventh in Anne Gavin's travelogue through Scotland. If you missed any of her other posts, you can catch up at the bottom of this one with links. Are you settled in your armchair? Let the virtual travel begin!

The journey continues along the Inner Hebrides as we make our way to Islay and some warm, whisky-filled days sprinkled with an ocean adventure. More than half way into the trip, I find myself still recovering from the trekking on Arran, but also still marveling at Scotland’s beauty and my incredible good fortune to be sharing the experience with some amazing friends. The burden of playing host to a large group of guests on our earlier trekking adventures, and yet trying to maintain my own physical and mental well-being, was slowly being lifted as I finally felt myself lighten a bit and really sink into the second half of this trip of a lifetime. Islay and fulfilling some more dreams lay ahead, not to mention precious time with Scottish friends along the west coast. All along I was thinking about how much I had learned about myself and this wild, beautiful country and how every time I travel here, the feeling is the same, yet different. Many feelings, many new experiences but always the warm, deeply satisfying sensation of being among friends and discovering hidden Scotland at every turn. It begins with yet another magnificent journey aboard the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry as we sail across the sea once again to the Whisky Isle.

What I Learned about Life, Love and the Outlander Fandom at San Diego Comic-Con

Written by: Lisa Cole Perkis, Guest Contributor
Additional contributions by Christine Lewis and Lisa Ann Margulies

If you followed Outlander Cast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts last weekend and thought to yourself “Wow, that sounds like so much fun!” and then thought, “I am going to take a jaunt to San Diego next year and check this Comic-Con thing out!,” then please proceed with caution. I have lived in San Diego my entire life, and heard stories about how extreme Comic-Con was from my friends who go year after year. Given that, I felt I was pretty well prepared for my first trip. I had meticulously thought through what I would bring in my backpack. I had planned my daily schedule, wore sturdy, sensible shoes, mapped out the Convention Center, and even pre-purchased parking. I came home from my first day at Comic-Con bewildered and dazed after over eight hours wandering between the Starz Outlander  booth on the exhibit floor and the back wall that housed the infamous “overflow” line. I was even questioning if I wanted to go back the next day. But, I did go back, and I learned a lot about myself and about the amazing Outlander  fandom. Here are my Comic-Con life lessons...

Season 3 Opener at Comic-Con: Risky PR Move?

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Were you one of the 4,000 fans, media and curious onlookers in Ballroom 20 for the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic-Con? If you were, then *slow clap* for your place among the fortunate few who were surprised with an advance screening of the Outlander Season 3 premiere seven weeks before its scheduled September 10th debut.  SEVEN WEEKS. While my initial reaction to this move was an emotional one driven by the green-eyed monster, I quickly moved to an intellectual one marked by a lot of head scratching and “say whaaaa?”. As an integrated marketing communications professional, my brain is now locked firmly on one question: STARZ, what’s the strategy behind this all-in move?

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