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“In Case You Missed It”: Outlander News Round-Up – #Droughtlander Edition

Written by: Anne Gavin

I forget sometimes that people have lives and may not be scouring the internet 24/7 for Outlander news and announcements.  At the Outlander Cast Blog, however, we LIVE, BREATHE, SLEEP and EAT Outlander – all day, every day and are generally up-to-speed on the latest happenings.  So, periodically we’ll be doing a news roundup for our readers so you can digest all the news you may have missed in one glorious place  on the Outlander Cast Blog!  And, in fact, in recent weeks news has definitely picked up since Season 2 sadly came to end with its dramatic finale.  Read on past the jump for a comprehensive recap of all the latest Outlander news and happenings, including some reports from the set of the Season 3 production!

Vote in the Outlander CASTIES! The first-ever fans-only awards!

Written by: Holly Richter-White

Outlander TV series, we love you!

Naturally, fans get a bit defensive when others, like Emmy or Television Critics Awards voters, don’t share our collective love in this, its second season.  We have faith, and know they will come to love it too - one day.

But until then, we, your fans, will recognize your tremendous efforts, and shroud you in the fabric of our collective adoration.

And as cast and crew has said, fan love is the BEST love of all.

So here we are, with the first awards specifically designed for the Outlander TV series by the Outlander Cast Blog: THE CASTIES.

Every fan of Outlander needs to vote in THE CASTIES.

And we know, from the thousands of tweets and posts, that we all have opinions on the best dialogue, best Highlander, and suggestions for plot lines and which characters we loved, and loved to hate, in Season Two.

We wish there was some way for us to reward the crew too, but we just don’t know how to differentiate most of their work behind the scenes. (unless you want to invite us to watch!) So thank you, Outlander Crew!

We also know fans adored all aspects of Episode 13.  It was certainly an amazing episode, so we tried to reflect that in THE CASTIES voting choices, to give the other episodes a fighting chance too.

So, come show your love and vote in THE CASTIES for your favorite of Outlander Season Two. Once you've voted, share the love with other Outlander fans by promoting the awards with #OutlanderCASTIES.


RULES (because even fun things needs those):

  • Polls open from Wednesday, Aug. 17 to Friday, Aug. 26. 
  • One vote per Outlander Fan. 
  • Winners will be announced in September. 

Until then, join us on the Outlander Cast Clan Gathering on Facebook. Happy voting, Obsessenachs!

Forget-me-not: Outlander's Powerful Use of Flowers to Tell Stories

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

It’s summer, the heat index is unapologetic, and we’re in the very real throes of Droughtlander. What's an Outlander-obsessed gal to do but hibernate indoors and commit to re-watching every episode. . . again? I just hope my DVDs don’t melt in the player from overuse.

On one of my many viewings, my mind began to focus on one of the small, easy-to-gloss-over story elements I’d missed earlier - flowers. Such small, but powerful vital story elements that deserve their time in the sun. What specifically caught my eye was the one that started it all – the forget-me-not. Claire noticed them in the very first episode, the first day she and Frank visited Craigh Na Dun, but wasn’t sure of their identity. She goes back to the stones to collect some and, well, we all know what happens next. Wow. What a powerful flower! But what of the forget-me-not itself? Does it have a story of its own to tell?

Murtagh's Slow Burn to Vengeance

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

The Duke of Sandringham started it – and Murtagh finished it. The brutal justice delivered in "Vengeance Is Mine" was a long time coming and the pinnacle of a pressure that had been building ever since the Petition of Complaint (against Jack Randall) was drawn up by Ned Gowan and delivered by Jamie and Murtagh to the Duke of Sandringham at Norwood House way back in season one. Let's take a look back at the road Murtagh took to get here, and why that long and winding road made vengeance oh so much sweeter. . .

War, Politics, Faith, Love and Tragedy – The Ultimate Ranking of Outlander Season 2 Episodes

Written by: Anne Gavin

It’s been nearly a month since the Season Finale of Outlander season 2 aired. I still wake up every day haunted by that final stones scene between our lovers. I often fall asleep with visions of young Fergus setting off on his mission from Milord and that close-in camera shot of Jamie and Murtagh as they exchange those final, poignant words. I think often of all of Rik Rankin’s tweedy, turtlenecky goodness and how thrilled I am that we found our Roger Mac. Friday nights are especially hard, knowing there is no midnight early showing or “early bird” threads on Facebook. Yes, I am taking the Droughtlander very hard. And, like many of you, beginning to re-watch season 2 - this time, with more of a critical eye. It’s remarkable what you see when you have the season to view in its entirety with no breaks between episodes. So, with that, I am taking the leap and ranking all of season 2 episodes from least liked, to most loved. But, make no mistake – I love Outlander for better or for worse, in sickness and in health as long as the both of us shall live. Even my #13 spot holds a special place in my heart. So, strap in and read past the jump for my ultimate season 2 episode rankings. . .

When Somebody Dies

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

The finality of death unlocks and flings open the floodgates of emotion, forcing us to accept the permanent loss, heartache, and emptiness it brings. Be it sudden or lingering, there’s no negotiating, no second chances. It’s over - too late (at least in this life) for all things unsaid, un-reconciled relationships, or un-mended bridges. In “The Hail Mary,” Dougal MacKenzie and Jack Randall experience an emotional spectrum like no other. But grief takes hold of people in ways as unique as they are as individuals. With alpha males like these two, what is it like for them when somebody dies?

Claire and Fergus: A Mother's Instinct

Written by: Emem Uko

One of the highlights of season two for me was watching Claire and Fergus' burgeoning relationship. A child who has never known a mother and a pregnant woman preparing to become a mother for the first time - what a beautifully unique and dynamic character duo for the book and show to explore! While Jamie and Murtagh provide Fergus with the ever-important male mentoring and guidance every young man needs, it's Fergus' relationship with Claire that most struck me. This was especially true as we reached the point in the season where the men returned to Scotland and prepared for impending battle. While watching "Je Suis Prest," one question came to mind - why did Claire pull Fergus away from Shinty with the men, when he was clearly having fun?

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