Why Outlander Is Bear McCreary's Breakout To Stardom

Written by: Blake Larsen

Occasionally, Mary and I would like to get involved with the Blog too!  God knows, we already talk too much on the podcast, but there are some ideas that I want to publish immediately without having to get the whole studio ready and my two kids to sleep!  Plus, it gives me an excuse to avoid my actual job while I type this at my desk.  Ok - onto the whole point of this...

Outlander is going to be Bear McCreary's slingshot into stardom.  True, he is already kinda big time - with shows like DaVinci's Demons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead etc., all under his belt.  Hell, he's already even won an Emmy for DaVinci's Demons!  But, there's something about his enthusiasm (and almost a surefire Emmy winner) for his work on Outlander.


A Brief History Of Nursing and Diana's Impressive Choices For Claire

Written by: Barbara Wismer

So let's start with Claire's wartime service during World War II.  A little bit of nursing history can show you how extremely clever and wonderful Diana's choice to make her a nurse, and an aspiring herbalist, really was.


NEWS: Outlander Season 1 Vol. 2 Soundtrack Release Date

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Volume 2 of the original Television soundtrack for Outlander is to be released on September 25th

The cost is $10.98 or £7.99 in the UK. 

Music is by Bear McCreary.


Outlander Costumes: The Wedding

Written by: Melissa Bowers

Hey everyone! So, this is my first post! A little introduction is definitely in order. By day, I am a registered mechanical engineer that designs air conditioning and plumbing systems in Phoenix, AZ. My family originally has ties to the Boston Area (WICKED PISSAH! Go Sox, and Bruins &Celtics).  My parents actually summer in Rhode Island now and winter in Phoenix! The best of both worlds!  In this article, I intend on sharing a unique perspective on the costumes used in Outlander and in The Wedding more specifically. I actually have a lot of experience with costumes like these and let me tell you how I know they are spot on...


Theory: Why Claire & Geillis Can Travel Through The Stones

Written by: Caroline Trevor

I think Claire and Geillis can travel through the stones, both back & possibly forward through time, because they are genetically disposed to be able to so. I think they are part of a family tree that has both in the past have found a pre disposition for time travel.


What's It All About, Outlander?

“Don’t be afraid, “ he whispered into my hair. “There’s the two of us now.”  I felt warm, soothed, and safe for the first time in many days.  It was only as I drifted into sleep under the first rays of daylight that I remembered the knife above my head, and wondered again, what threat would make a man sleep armed and watchful in his bridal chamber? - Outlander, Chapter 15 (Revelations of the Bridal Chamber), Diana Gabaldon

Many people have tried and failed to define exactly what Outlander is with even a modicum of accuracy....

Curing that Emmy Expectation Hangover

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Ah, the Emmys.  As a TV fanatic, there’s no greater high than seeing your favorite show’s name among the elite list of programs recognized each year by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences voters.

Those gold statuettes have long served as industry benchmarks indicating that the countless time spent by talented writers, producers, cast and crew to craft hours of television programming for viewer enjoyment did indeed get noticed.  For the more than 350 scripted shows currently airing on television and streaming and the fans who wave the flag for them, the Emmys are everything…but are they?


Oh, Frank - My Complicated Journey of Feelings About Frank Randall

Written by: Erin McGowan

This is a disclaimer that may help shed light for some on why I'm writing this and why I may have these feelings. I was about half way through Voyager when a lot of the things I talk about below took place. Yeah, you book readers know what I'm thinking about...so, let's get started.

I have a very complicated relationship with Frank Randall as a character. After watching the first season, it's hard to deny, Ron D. Moore (RDM) made Frank a far more interesting character than he ever was in the book series (no offense intended towards Diana or how she wrote Frank). However, that doesn't sway the primarily negative opinion I have of one Frank Wolverton Randall.


Finding Fraser: How Boogie-Woogie Divided a Fandom & Why That’s OK!

Written by: Anne Gavin

I’ve not been on the Outlander bandwagon very long.  I am often reluctant to admit to other long-time Outlander fans that my devotion is relatively new (yet no less fervored).  And, why do I feel that way?  Well, it’s because so many fans have taken this 20 year journey with Diana and have SO much to say about the STARZ series and its adaptation of the source material.  And, they should.  They know these books backwards and forwards.  But, there seems little room for disagreement at times as we all experience the STARZ series together. But, I do believe that The Search was a lot better than most people think.  Here's why...


The State of Medicine in the World of Outlander

Written by: Sara Mordzynski

The world of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series is a rich one, encompassing deep emotional dynamics, issues of morality and justice, myth and religion, community and politics. Given Clarie’s profession as a nurse/healer, I will be exploring what the world of medicine was like at that time. Claire, as the outlander, was thrown into a world which was more closely linked to an older and, quite bluntly, more primitive practice of medicine. Yet, within 50 years, the beginnings of a medical enlightenment were to emerge. This will be an overview of what healthcare was like in Claire and Jamie’s world.

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