Fairies, Folklore, Witchcraft & Waterhorses – The Symbolism & Superstitions of Outlander

Written by Anne Gavin

Today marks the beginning of Samhain – the Day of the Dead – an ancient Celtic holiday when spirits are free to roam amongst the living.  In addition to alluding to a number of Gaelic feasts such as Samhain, Outlander is full of references to many Highland myths, symbols and superstitions passed down over generations of the Celtic people.   Mythology and folklore touch every aspect of Claire and Jamie’s adventures and many of the colorful characters they encounter along the way.  So, as we observe Samhain, what better day to examine a few aspects of Outlander’s rich world of symbolism and imagine how life must have been when medicine and science were often cast aside for demons and superstition. Let's begin...

The Kidnapping of Cardboard Jamie Fraser

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Anyone who's a serious fan of Outlander (as in people like me who have Outlander Obsessive Disorder a relatively new form of OCD) likely has her own story/stories of obsession. In fact, I've read a lot of them on Tumblr and Facebook. Mine has to do with an almost lifesized Jamie Fraser cardboard cutout. But let me start at the beginning...


Let's Blame It All on Henry VIII: A Lesson On Scotland's Ties To England + Outlander's Connection To Him

Written by: Barbara Wismer

Most of us are familiar with Henry VIII, that guy with six wives, infamous beheader of his enemies (including a couple wives), whose lust for Anne Boleyn led to the break with the Roman Catholic Church and the start of the Church of England.  Arguably the greatest ruler in English history - MOST of English modern history can be traced right back to him.  Yes - there is a lot he accomplished, but there is a lot for which he can blamed too.  Especially as it relates to Scotland, the Stuart family line, and even the Jacobite rebellions!  Here's why....


Still Waters Run Deep – How Ron Moore and STARZ Beat Diana Gabaldon at Her Own Game When Casting The Godfather

Written by: Anne Gavin

Note: the end of this post contains a spoiler

Now before all you Church of Diana members get belligerent about this headline, let me say this.  Diana Gabaldon is a genius.  Seriously.  The woman needs to leave her brain to science.  I am among Diana’s legions of admirers who with every line, every word of her novels, shake my head and think to myself, “How the heck does she do that?”  But, there is an instance where Ron Moore and his casting and production team actually beat Diana at her own game and that’s with the incomparable portrayal of Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser.  Here’s how Duncan Lacroix’s interpretation of the ultimate Godfather improves even on Diana’s vision. 


Making it Through #Droughtlander with Fan Videos

Written By: Janet Reynolds

The end of #Droughtlander Take Two is nowhere in sight. All we get from Starz is vague answers like "spring 2016" with perhaps a March or April thrown in as a bone. Combine this with winter coming to those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere and well, it's not pretty.

And so this is an ode to the fans who make those luscious videos. You know the ones I'm talking about — the wonderful song about love and friendship and standing by your man etc. combined with a montage of moments we all love to remember. They are a momentary oasis in the #Droughtlander desert.


Outlander Cast Chats w/ Outlander Executive Producer/Writer Ira Steven Behr

Transcribed by: Denise Stewart
October 15, 2015
Outlander Cast Episode 30

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things with Outlander writer and Executive Producer, Ira Steven Behr.  In this episode you'll learn all about: Ira not knowing if he could write for 18th century Scotland, the duties of an executive producer and being a consigliere to Ron Moore, his surprising expertise for Outlander, writing The Garrison Commander as a one act play, slowly becoming the “Black Jack Guy”, why GETTING to Wentworth really excited him, his writing process, Ira’s fascinating answer to those who thought the show went too far, and why the controversial scenes were necessary to the story, the most poignant moment in the show, the one time Ron blinked, finding balance and the idea of love conquering all in Outlander, and why Blake fangirls a little more than he wanted to.

For the full audio of the episode, please Click here

For a full transcription of the interview click "read more"


NEWS: New Casting **UPDATED**

Written by: Caroline Trevor

*Spoiler Alert*

Maeve Foley is the newest addition to the Outlander Cast. Her casting is being kept secret though as no name of who she is to play has been released. She is described as a model, dancer and actress and is from Ireland like Caitriona.  (This article has been updated.  Click "read more" for the update)


Why The Deleted Outlander Scenes Are A Gift

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Realizing that the Outlander fan base is getting a little nutty as Droughtlander Take Two continues — and continues, with no end in sight — the folks at Outlander Starz started releasing deleted scenes last week. And, true to the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished theory, some fans are actually complaining, while some Outlanders seem to be a glass-half-full group no matter what’s going on. Just scroll through the Twittersphere and Tumblr to get an inkling.  Either way - we've been blessed with some extra Outlander, and I for one, am happy.


Outlander Cast Chats w/Outlander Showrunner Ronald D. Moore

Transcribed by: Denise Stewart 

September 24, 2015 

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things Outlander with Showrunner, Ronald D. Moore.  In this episode you'll learn all about how Ron came into writing, what exactly a "showrunner" is and does, the biggest challenges of season 1, Ron's unique relationship with Ira Stephen Behr, Ron's rebuttal to those who thought the show went "too far," the hardest episode to break, Blake geeking out over Star Trek, the process of choosing his team members, post production of Outlander, what Ron looks forward to in season 2, comparing Outlander fandom to Star Trek and BSG fans, whether or not Ron is team Jamie, or team Frank and much more!

For the full audio of the episode, please Click here

For a full transcription of the interview click below


Outlander and Lady Porn

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Some people watch Outlander for the gripping love story. Others love the Starz period drama/sci fi show for its wonderful historical details and time travel. But for a lot of women watching the show — yes, my hand is raised— Outlander is on instant replay all the time because of the lady porn.  Now before the Cult of Diana gets all up in arms — and I count myself a serious member, people — and the porn police start screaming, let me explain what I mean by lady porn. 


Caitriona Is Most Romantic Heroine

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Caitriona has won Yareah magazine poll for her portrayal of Claire for most romantic heroine. She was up against Eleanor Tomlinson who plays Demelza Poldark in the Poldark TV series. About 3,600 people voted and Cait won 66% of the votes by 2,387 fans.

Don’t Give Up the Ship? Conscious Coupling Whether They Like it Or Not!

Written by: Anne Gavin

I’ve never heard of the term “Shipping” – Like. Never. Ever. – until very recently. And, when I heard it, it was in the context of our beloved Outlander characters – Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. What is this Fandom obsession called “Shipping?” Why do passions ignite around this phenomenon? What is the basis for “Shipping Wars” that take place between fans? Here’s a NO JUDGMENT look at this from a Shipping neophyte just curious to understand what it’s all about...
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