Stylist for the Day – What Caitriona Could Wear to the Golden Globes…

Written by: Anne Gavin

Outlander Fans all over the world squealed with delight (rather loudly!) when the Series recently received three Golden Globe nominations.  That includes one for its gorgeous leading lady, Caitriona Balfe.  Now, that got me to thinking...Major Award Show, Hollywood Foreign Press, Network Television coverage, Celebrities, Red Carpet plus...OUTLANDER!   Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!  It's this Outlander fan's wet dream -- combining my favorite Television Show with my love of Fashion and all things Style.  So, to fully complete my fantasy, I am going to play Stylist for the Day and make some suggestions for what Caitriona could wear for the Big Night.  Here we go...

Outlander quote tops Scotland's 10 most popular literary lines

Written by: Caroline Trevor


Diana Gabaldon's Outlander has won top spot of Scotland's top 10's most popular literary lines. Other authors amongst the top 10 are Lewis Grassic Gibbon, JK Rowling, JM Barrie, Iain Banks, Alasdair Grey and Roald Dahl.
However due to our huge fan base Diana came out on top of the poll, which was revealed as part of Book Week Scotland, the nation’s annual celebration of reading and literature.

Bear McCreary's Skye Boat Song is No 1.

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Bear McCreary's Skye Boat Song Theme tune for Outlander has been voted no 1 in MTV's list of best TV Show opening sequences beating Game of Thrones and Jessica Jones.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe LIVE STREAM on Facebook Today -- HIGHLIGHTS!

Written by: Anne Gavin

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe gave Outlander Fans a special treat today – Live Streaming a Chat on Facebook. The chat lasted only about 15 minutes but was wide-ranging as they took questions from fans.


My Outlander holiday wish list starts and ends with Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Photo courtesy: Huffington Post

Dear Santa:

Let's get the folderol out of the way. I have been awesome. End of story.

That said, I realize you're busy what with all that flying around the world and reading your list and checking it twice, so I'm going to make this easy. Everything on this list is related to Outlander. One stop shopping — and it starts and ends with Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan.


Patience is NOT a Virtue! 3 Burning Questions We Need Answers to NOW!

Written By: Anne Gavin

The Outlander Faniverse is filled these days with teasers and trailers and #OutlanderOfferings and Behind-the-Scenes photos and cast videos and award announcements and, and…so much more! The news posts on this Blog can barely keep up. It’s been a long, long, long Droughtlander and we are SO grateful and excited and bursting with Outlander love that we are eating up every crumb and every short bread laden morsel of Outlander news that comes our way. But, my patience wears thin on 3 BURNING QUESTIONS. First of all WHEN, OH, WHEN will we know who our Brianna will be??? Second, what is the Premiere Date for Season 2? And three, will there be a Season 3? Here’s what we know (and don’t know) about this trilogy of questions that require answers soon before the heads of Outlander fans everywhere explode in a burst of tartan…


Scottish actor Richard Rankin cast as Roger Wakefield

Written by: Ashley Crawley
Photo courtesy: Variety

Talk about your #OutlanderOfferings! After much anticipation and a lot of impatience, Outlander fans giddily rolled around in today's announcement that 32-year old Scottish actor Richard Rankin has been cast in the coveted role of Roger Wakefield!


News: Richard Rankin Cast as Roger Wakefield

Written by: Caroline Trevor

*Spoiler Alert*

Richard Rankin has been cast as Roger Wakefield in season 2. This is a much anticipated casting and I'd expect a lot of people will be running out into the streets shouting Hallelujah and hugging strangers in reaction to pleased by this news.

Outlander Cast Chats w/ Head Of Prosthetics & Makeup: Kristyan Mallett - Episode 14

Transcribed by:  Denise Stewart
Outlander Cast Episode 14
January 28, 2015

Photo Credit Outlander Anatomy 
Hosts Mary and Blake discuss everything blood, guts, makeup and prosthetics with Kristyan Mallett-the head of Prosthetics and Makeup on Outlander.  In this episode you'll learn about why Mary has a nerdgasm, what Jamie's back and Batman have in common, how they achieved the look on Jamie's back, Geordie's guts and the surprise setting of that scene, the science of blood and little boys ears, what it was like to work on the set of , and why the best compliment to Kristyan is never noticing his work.

For the full audio of the interview, Click here

For a full transcription of the episode Click Read More

News: Outlander gets 3 Nominations in the Golden Globes

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Caitriona, Tobias and Outlander get Golden Globe Nominations

Caitriona Balfe has been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series,

 Tobias Menzies has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and

 Outlander in the Best Drama Series.


Yeah!!! Arghh!! F^&**&^%%$%&&!!!! Golden Globes.

Written by: Holly Richter White

Ashley Crawley (author of the "Managing Expectations: Outlander's Shot at Golden Globes Glory." and I agreed that the awesome Caitriona would get a nomination, but really no one predicted that Tobias or, Outlander in general, would be on the Globes radar.  Certainly, not to the sole exclusion of our beloved Jamie, played by Sam.  I have such mixed feelings- so happy for the show which will get tremendous press from this (for Season Two) yet sad for him.  But such is dichotomy of award season life.  Click "read more" to witness my rant about this....


Managing Expectations: Outlander's Shot at Golden Globes Glory

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Photo courtesy: Variety
Fact: Outlander fans are the most dedicated, outspoken, loyal supporters of any television show to date. Okay, there’s no way to definitively gauge that but I’d swear under oath that it’s true. Just look at how fans have busied themselves during the six months of Droughtlander by click, click, clicking MILLIONS of votes to lock in Outlander crowns from online awards such as E!’s 2015 Best. Ever. TV. Awards, Entertainment Weekly’s EWwy Awards and the TV Championships.

The latest show of unwavering fandom involves Outlander fans influencing the rankings on GoldDerby’s Golden Globe Awards predictions. The show, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are featured on the list of top 5 contenders across nearly every critic and user category, even if the odds are sky high (20 to 1 in one column).

These predictions are getting a lot of play and attention on social media, and at the right time – the Golden Globe Awards nominations will be announced this Thursday, Dec. 10, at 8:00 am EST. So the question is – can the fandom influence the outcome to lock in Golden Globe nominations for our beloved Outlander?

NEWS: Roger Wakefield to appear in Season 2

Written by: Caroline Trevor

*Spoiler alert*

Roger Wakefield is due to appear in a couple of key episodes in season 2 of Outlander. Last time Roger was seen was in episode 8 of season 1 as a small boy and adoptive son of Reverend Wakefield.


News: #OutlanderOfferings and More Photos

Written by: Caroline Trevor

*Spoiler Alert*

#OutlanderOfferings is in full swing and there are a number of new images from Starz and other sources as well.

Graham McTavish is made a World Tartan Ambassador

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Graham McTavish has been confirmed as a World Tartan Ambassador in Edinburgh. Graham is often seen wearing a kilt so he seems a perfect fit for a tartan ambassador. 

Graham said “Earlier this year, I was honoured to be the Grand Marshall of the New York Tartan Day Parade and I became aware of the World Peace Tartan through talking with Scottish piper and World Peace Tartan Ambassador, Craig Weir, and with Scot Street Style founder, Gordon Millar."


Another (Young!) Handsome Frenchman to play Louis XV in Season 2 plus a French History Lesson!

Written by: Anne Gavin

French actor Lionel Lingelser will portray his Royal Highness King Louis XV in Season 2. (No, this isn't him. Keep reading!) Lionel isn’t quite what I pictured when I thought of the famous French Monarch! But, I suppose a wig and a lavish costume will change one's perspective. Here's what we know about Lionel and the famous French King he'll play...


News: Outlander wins Radio Times Awards

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Outlander wins Radio Times Sci-fi and Fantasy Award

Outlander has shown it's dominance in the Sci-fi category with an extensive win over Marvel's Jessica  Jones in the Sci-fi category of the Radio Times Awards.

We Break Down 26 High Quality Photos From The Outlander Season 2 Teaser

Written By: Blake Larsen

We're all excited about the season 2 teaser for Outlander.  We should be.  It's the first morsel of "official" information we've seen of any real value.  But - what did we ACTUALLY see?  Let's take a look at 26 high quality photos taken directly from the trailer.  The answer may surprise you....


Get To Know Them: 15 Personal Questions With Maril Davis (OC Blog EXCLUSIVE)

Written By: Blake Larsen

Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Maril Davis on Outlander Cast recently.  You can find the audio interview here.  But this article is  completely separate as we explore fifteen personal questions with Maril that were not included in the original interview.  Click "read more" to find out more about the person Maril Davis - including her favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush,  worst mistake of her career, and much more.


Gaia Weiss: Mystery Casting for Season 2

Written by Anne Gavin

Image courtesy: Bubo

Since the news hit the Internet this summer that Viking’s actress Gaia Weiss was filming scenes for Season 2, Outlander fans and fan sites have been scratching their heads trying to guess which role she’ll play. And, no official word from Starz yet. Hmmm . . . so who is Gaia Weiss?


Stanley Weber to Portray Pivotal Character in Season 2

Written by: Anne Gavin


Step aside, Sam Heughan. There is a new hunk on set as French stage and theatre producer, Stanley Weber, will be portraying a key character in Season 2 of the Outlander series.


More Behind the Scenes Photos

Written by: Caroline Trevor

 *Spoiler Alert*

It's a new week and new images have been released by Starz.  Once you've all finished re-watching the trailer for the 100th time, take a look at the latest images below.


Outlander Season 2 Teaser is Finally HERE!

Written By: Blake Larsen

Well it looks like STARZ/ Sony and Tall Ship Productions have made good on their claims that they had something in store for us!  It's the first trailer/ teaser of season 2!  Click "read more" to take a look at what we have coming in spring of 2016

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