Year in Review: Our Writers' Favorite Outlander Posts of 2016

Written by: The Outlander Cast Blog Team

A note from editors Ashley Crawley and Janet Reynolds:

We here at the Outlander Cast Blog are likely closing out 2016 in the same manner as you, our fellow Obsessenachs.  Yes, we've made time to eat, drink and be merry with our family and friends for the holidays. We've also balanced out all that family togetherness by sneaking off for a bit of solitude to re-watch, re-read and re-obsess ourselves with Outlander episodes and books. But we've also been reflecting back on the year that was, and all that's in store for 2017.

It's been a truly exciting year at the OCB as we've enjoyed a sophomore season of our favorite show and weathered two Droughtlanders together (note to season 3 – get. here. already.). From cast and crew interviews and live episode blogs to thoughtful explorations of season 2 themes and first-person experiences from fan events – whew! We've been busy, verra busy indeed. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

But before old acquaintance – err... blog posts, that is – be forgot and never thought upon, we wanted to take another look at the more than 170 posts we brought to you in 2016.  So, Janet and I did the impossible and asked the OCB staff to pick their favorite child – err... blog post, that is – and offer you their rationale on why. Their choices will have you re-visiting some of your all-time favorite posts or discovering new ones.

Now, enjoy this "best of the best" in the words of our writers...

Blake Larsen, Outlander Cast Host
Diana Gabaldon Offers Surprising Take on EW Cover and Blake Reacts

I loved this post because it was such a hot button topic, and I was soooooo nervous to publish it. Being a fan of Outlander  the show, but not a completely devoted fan to Diana, I really was ready to CRUSH her if she gave a response that I thought would damage the show.  But she really surprised me, and backed the scandalous cover up.  It felt like everyone had an opinion, and a lot of those opinions were so far stuck up everyone's collective butts that we couldn't see the light of day.  So, me, being the slight contrarian, I wanted everyone to calm down and look at it for what it was – just great publicity.  But, I couldn't resist calling people out for being sanctimonious "pearl clutchers" either.

Honestly, that cover was  a stroke of genius.  People actually talked about Outlander for the first time in a widely public setting.  Even non fans.  And, as a fan, if you felt the need to apologize for that, I really believe you were doing yourself and the show a disservice.  Never mind the hypocrisy in action too.  Because, as I noted: "None, that's right, NONE of the Outlander fandom can promulgate the notion of Claire as an amazing, independent, fierce, idyllic model for all modern women (which, she is), and then persecute STARZ, EW, or Outlander for highlighting one of the MAIN characteristics of Claire that make her so exciting and different from other cardboard-cut-out female leads in Hollywood: her sexual power/prowess."  This post, for me, embodied all the great conversation we can have as a fandom.

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Ashley Crawley, Editor-in-Chief
Here's to You, Mrs. Fitz!

Celebrity crushes – we all have them, whether on the character or the actor who plays them. But you know what's better than having an unabashed crush that won't quit? Having that adoring crush and  a forum on which to publicly tell the world, and the actor! Boom.  Wait, wait... this isn't headed where you think it's headed.  Yes, Sam is dreamy. How could he not be in all that kilted glory? Helloooo, knee porn.  Nope.  In season 1, my adoring eyes belonged to the heart and soul of Castle Leoch – Mrs. Fitz.  Recognizing that she's the latest and greatest in a [sometimes overdone] character archetype, I kicked off this post detailing my favorite Fitzy-like characters of TV shows past before offering my open love letter to Annette Badland and her wonderful portrayal of Mrs. Fitz. Writing the post and sharing it with you was joy enough... but then Annette joined Twitter and I was able to share it with her directly.  Thus, joy on steroids.  But why read about Annette as Mrs. Fitz when you hear it directly from Annette, in own words! Be sure to listen to the Outlander Cast interview with Annette in the latest episode of the #Gonelander Series.

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Janet Reynolds, Associate Editor 

At the risk of becoming the (un)official OCB sex blogger (remember lady porn?) or having people think I'm Susie One-Note about Outlander,  this was my favorite post for 2016. Two main reasons: I thought it was one of my better written pieces and, since I'm a writer, that matters to me. The second, and more important reason, is that the post got people talking about a topic that I think is very important in this Outlander universe — the role of intimacy in sex, and sex in intimacy, and how a couple who are no longer newlyweds are/can be sexual and intimate, and why that matters — all of it exhibited through our favorite couple, Jamie and Claire. Or at least it could be if season 2 had not fallen off track from the book in this one area. Fingers crossed for season 3, am I right?

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Kendra Spring-Klasek, Head Writer & Clan Gathering Chief

This was my most thoroughly researched piece to date. I've long been bothered by both the spanking scene and our collective response to it. The common response: "That's just the way things were." But was it really? And even so, does it matter? Isn't character King? To top it off, this piece represents the pinnacle of collaboration between myself and Blake Larsen, both alike in cynicism, in the fair Highlands, where we lay our scene, where civil hands make civil bums unclean. So, crush a cup of wine and join me for the long haul — onegaishimasu!

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Anne Gavin, News Editor & Senior Writer 
“The Scotland Diaries – May 24-27 – Over the Sea to Skye”

It was ambitious to commit to blogging my travels in Scotland this past spring. I had no idea if I would have time, Wi-Fi or the wherewithal to document the trip. It turns out – I really needed  to write this unbelievable experience down and share it. This Scotland Diary entry was the 6th of 7 diary entries through my two-plus week trip. It’s my favorite in many ways – not the least of which is I felt transported immediately before, during and after those days on Skye. The words just poured out of me and I was really, really REALLY  happy then. It’s so hard to explain or put into words, but I tried... although not sure I completely captured the feeling. I spent my first week in Scotland traveling Jamie and Claire’s path. But, ironically, it was Skye that really made me fall deeply in love with Scotland and with that part of my Celtic heritage. It’s always been about the sea for me. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time near the sea when in Scotland and, in particular, those three days spent traveling the roads of Skye. Skye is spectacular and truly breathtaking, and I experienced all emotions there. I laughed, I cried, I was happy and I was sad. It was EVERYTHING to go there and be a part of that beautiful island for even just a moment in time. I hope you enjoy re-living my experience there and please check out the rest of my Scotland Diary entries. And, bonus – I am always available to answer Scotland travel inquiries!

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Holly Richter-White, Senior Writer
The Casties

Janet Reynolds, Anne Gavin and I had fun devising the categories and the nominees.  I was forced (FORCED!) to re-watch Outlander  episodes over and over, just to catch all the little details I had missed. While I still lament the lack of romantic scenes and emotional connection between Jamie and Claire, I came away with a whole new appreciation for the costumes, the set, the dialogue, and the nuances of the acting. Then as a total treat, I got to go live with Mary and Blake to announce them. Not bad for an introverted writer!

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Denise Stewart, Senior Writer
Keeping Faith: A Nurse on the Loss of a Baby in Outlander

Writing for the Outlander Cast Blog has been a great adventure for me.  I had never considered myself a writer, but the team told me to write what I know.  That came to me in Episode 2.07, "Faith." I knew I had to write about it, but wasn't sure how.  The loss of a child is not something I have ever had to endure personally, but being a caregiver of the most tiny of patients and their parents has allowed me the inside view of how painful it can be and how beautiful life is.  This piece is near and dear to my heart.

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Teddie Potter, Staff Writer
May I Speak Frankly?

Christmas is over, and the day to unwrap the 2017 Outlander calendar draws near. Before leaving this year behind us, I recall that Frank Randall's October 2016 calendar page inspired a host of Outlander fan emotions. Love him or hate him, season 3 of Outlander on Starz promises to bring us more of Frank Randall, as the story of Voyager  unfolds. Let's not exit 2016 without one more chance to speak frankly...

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Nikki Gastineau, Staff Writer 
Into the Darkness: Finding Personal Light through Outlander

There are several reasons that this is my favorite, but I'll go with the top two. It dealt with the topics of brokenness, healing, and redemption, which are themes ever-present in both my life and the Outlander  series. While I'm not especially fond of the breaking process, I'm amazed at the beauty that often awaits on the other side of it. This post was about discovering that beauty and how life-changing it has been. The second reason this post is my favorite is because it gave me the opporunity to interact with other fans. I connected with lots of new folks on Twitter and I've really enjoyed reading all of their Outlander-inspired tweets and memes. The one with Murtagh as Secret Santa makes me laugh every time I see it!

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Jayne Coleman, Staff Writer
The Need To Belong: Jamie and Claire as Outsiders Looking In

What a year! December, in particular, has been an exciting month for me... my first posts were published on the Outlander Cast Blog! My series on "outsiders in Outlander" was the culmination of almost a quarter of a century love affair with Outlander, Claire and Jamie. I was thrilled to become a staff writer and even more so to see this first article of mine out in the public arena. It was also nerve-wracking waiting for comments – social media stage fright, if you will. So I was very thankful to receive positive comments and engagements with my work. These are the reasons why I rank this my favorite authored post of 2016. I hope those of you who haven’t read it will take the time to do so now.

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Anne Hawkinson, Staff Writer
The Role of a Staircase
The sensuous, curvaceous staircase in Jared’s Paris apartment had a role to play, along with the actors who interacted with that gorgeous set piece. We, the viewers, looked (up or down) upon the actors as they moved through the space. It provided a sense of dominance or submission – and interesting juxtapositions – without uttering a single word. The steps allowed us a long, leisurely look at Claire’s red dress – her skirt brushing each one as she descended, and it transformed into a stage as she presented herself to Jamie and Murtagh. Contrast that with the gorgeous filigree that supported the heavily pregnant, descending Claire and the barren emptiness Jamie ascended after being released from the Bastille. It was silent, stationary, and oh, so powerful.

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Karen Rutledge, Staff Writer

2017 will kick off with a bang for me – my first published post for the Outlander Cast Blog will go live in the first week. But it was my fellow staff writers who, in 2016, inspired me to take the leap from obsessed fan to obsessed fan with a vehicle to write about said obsession! 

When I read this post by Janet Reynolds, I knew I'd found my Clan. Hardly anyone I knew was watching Outlander,  and even those who were didn't seem to "appreciate" it as we do. Thank you to Ms. Gabaldon for creating this epic saga, to the cast and crew for bringing the characters to life, and to all of you Obsessenachs around the world! Cheers to our  Clan in 2016!

Remember all the excitement when the Scottish BAFTA awards night was held in Glasgow in November? Outlander fans were filled with anticipation, because the show was nominated in three categories: Best TV Drama, Best Actor in a TV Drama, and Best Actress in a TV drama. When the nominations were announced, the New Glasgow Girls swung in to action and planned to attend the event and get as much Outlander fan action as they possibly could. Of course the thrills were tempered with disappointment. While Caitriona Balfe won the award for best actress (so well deserved), both the show and Sam Heughan, unfortunately, missed out.

If you missed it, or to relive the fun, check out Naomi Booker's story of all the action that day in this guest post she did for the Outlander Cast Blog.  As a fellow New Glasgow Girl, it's what made me realize I could be a part of that group and  be part of the OCB Blog team.  I'm looking forward to publishing my first posts for you in 2017!

A final note from the entire team: 

Most importantly, we want to thank YOU for your loyal readership of the OCB throughout this past year. Like you, we are just fans who love (LOVE!) to gab about our shared obsession and greatly appreciate you nestling in our safe, humble corner of this giant Outlander universe to gab right along with us.  We raise a glass and offer a cheers to you and yours for a very healthy and happy 2017!

Cheers, Obsessenachs! 


Outlander Cast Blog Exclusive - Annette Badland's (Mrs. Fitz!) Favorite Holiday Recipe

Written by: Blake Larsen
We are so excited to bring you the second installment of #Gonelander, our new series where we interview cast and crew who are no longer part of the Outlander series, but who we miss terribly. Mary and I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with actress Annette Badland, who you'll remember as the beloved Mrs. Fitz from season one of Outlander. 

You can find the full audio interview here.  

In an exclusive piece reserved just for the fans of the Outlander Cast Blog, we asked Mrs. Fitz herself to provide for us her favorite holiday recipe so we could share it with you and give you the opportunity to make it for your family.
In the fantastic interview that I really recommend you listen to (because she provides some interesting and unheard behind-the-scenes content), she revealed that her favorite recipe is a traditional Scottish dessert known as Black Bun.  
Click "read more" for the recipe and, thanks to Rampant Scotland, a little history behind the exceptionally unique pastry that Annette truly loves...

Get To Know Them: 13 Personal Questions With Outlander Actor Scott Kyle

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Scott Kyle (Ross) on Outlander Cast. Our episode with Scott kicked off a new series for the podcast and Outlander Cast Blog we're calling "Gonelander" – a celebration of all the actors and characters from Outlander who we fell in love with, but who won't be part of the story in Voyager and beyond. You can find the audio interview here.

But as we've done in the past, we wanted to bring you an exclusive to the blog exploring 13 personal questions with Scott that were not included in the original interview. Read on to find out more about Scott Kyle the person,  including his favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush, worst mistake of his career, where he sees himself in five years and much more.


'Twas the Night Before Outlander Christmas

Bastardized by: Nikki Gastineau and Janet Reynolds

Editor's Note: Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it's almost impossible to walk in a public space in much of the consumer world and not be bombarded with "Deck the Halls" and other sounds of the season. Meanwhile, on our TVs and streaming services, holiday show "best of" lists crop up every time we click. It is, indeed, a wonderful life.

Now we know Christmas itself was not as popular in Jamie's time as it was in the 1940s. Claire references that wryly when she asks Jamie if they hang the stockings with care by the fire and he responds with, "What? To dry them you mean?"

But we couldn't resist taking a shot at that tried-and-true seasonal Christmas story, "The Night Before Christmas" aka "A Visit from St. Nicholas" — with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. We hope you enjoy it and to those of our readers who celebrate the season, we wish you a Merry Christmas indeed. Here's to a wonderful 2017 with, of course, Outlander season 3.


Outlander's Diana Gabaldon on Lord John Grey, her fave sex scene & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

It was a big day in the Big Apple yesterday as Random House held its annual open house with authors that included Jodi Picoult, Trevor Noah, Fannie Flagg, and, yes, Diana Gabaldon. The event, which included author panels and a gift bag filled with free books — be still my beating book lover's heart! — was wonderful. And that was before Diana even took the stage.

A few of us Outlander Cast Blog writers were there. So for those who weren't, here are a few of the tidbits Gabaldon shared during the Q&A. Consider it an early holiday present.


"In Case You Missed It": Outlander News Round-Up -- #Droughtlander Edition #2

Written by: Anne Gavin

I wake up some days and think, when will it end?  Can I endure?  When will it stop, the wanting you?  It’s interminable.  I don’t entirely understand this level of torture.  I mean – are we not just all devoted fans looking for the good (mostly!) in this enterprise known as “Outlander?”  All we want is a reasonable amount of time to pass before we see our story back on the air and in all its glory.  We try to be good.  We vote online for awards for our Outlander crew until our fingers bleed.  We open our wallet continually to purchase trading cards, t-shirts, multiple copies of Season 2 DVDs, tickets to fan events and replay the latest season’s soundtrack until we literally can sing the Skye Boat Song in an almost perfect French accent.  Yet, here we are.  Still deep, deep, deep into the #Droughtlander with no real end in sight.  Instead, we must content ourselves with snippets of fan goat food dribbled into our trough. We wait in our pen... for any morsel to come our way.

So, with that, we will try our best at the Outlander Cast Blog to help you stave your hunger by catching you up on the ALL the goat food and offer you our semi-regular Outlander News Roundup  – just in case you missed anything!  And, if you know it all, then just re-read it and weep or take solace in knowing that perhaps we are just that much closer to the misery that is #Droughtlander coming to an end...

The Need to Belong: More Outsiders in Outlander

 Written by: Jayne Coleman

Outsiders don’t fit in. That is their key characteristic. They fly solo through life. As humans, we conform to the expectations of the group(s) we belong to as this makes it easier to fit in and be accepted. But not everyone does so successfully. Like a dark thread in the weft of a plaid, outsiders pick their way through life – sometimes part of the pattern and sometimes not, but always distinguishable.

As a follow up to my first post about "Outsiders in Outlander,"  it's time to take a closer look at some of those dark threads and how they bring character, conflict and interest into the Outlander series. And since we're talking about dark threads, I mine as well start with the darkest thread of all – Black Jack Randall, the key villain of Outlander and Dragonfly In Amber...


Yes, I'm a Man and I Love Outlander: One OutMANder’s Perspective

Written by: Glenn Gotling

Editor's note: Isn't it pretty much every Outlander-obsessed woman's fantasy to find a man who loves the show and books as much as she does? I mean, beyond having Jamie show up IRL at your door step what could be better? And so we introduce this guest post by Glenn Gotling, a regular reader of and commenter on our blog. We don't know his wife, but I think we can all agree she's lucky.

When I was asked to submit a guest post about a man’s perspective on Outlander — an “outMANder’s” view, so to speak — I started jotting down things I thought men would like about Outlander. And then I realized I can’t speak for all men. I can only speak for myself.

So I dropped the universal man idea. Instead here’s why Outlander has rocked my world. Feel free to share it with your husband, significant other, office colleague you’re trying to impress — and you’re welcome.

Into the Darkness: Finding Personal Light through Outlander

Written by: Nikki Gastineau  

I discovered Outlander this spring when my family moved to a new house.  On the day of the move, I went to the house early to wait for the cable installer.  My partner was coming later with the movers. After the cable was installed, I had a TV but no furniture and really nothing to do for the next two hours.  I clicked around on Starz (a bonus of the new cable package) and came across Outlander.  My reading passion has always been historical fiction and nonfiction and my taste in television has tended to follow in that vein as well, so I thought that I would give it a try.

After watching the first episode in a completely spellbound state, I immediately went in search of the source material.  I realized quickly that there was a bigger story behind those onscreen looks and I had to be a part of it.  I thought that I had stumbled onto a series that I could watch in my occasional free time and that I could neatly tuck away during other moments (I'm looking at you, Downton Abbey).  Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional journey I was about to take...

The Need to Belong: Outlander's Jamie and Claire as Outsiders Looking In

Written by: Jayne Coleman

The heart of Outlander is Claire and Jamie’s story, but it is also the stories of outsiders — those who find themselves through circumstance, birth, character or social position outside of society. The need and drive to belong — to a family, a home, a place — and to feel loved is a deep-rooted human imperative. We all know or have personally experienced the cold and darkness outside the family hearth. It’s a lonely place. In their own ways, both Jamie and Claire are outsiders, living outside the bonds of Clan and family. And as we all saw, two outsiders can most certainly band together to create their own sense of home, but let's dig a little further into how they got there...

Get To Know Them: 14 Personal Questions With The Making Of Outlander Author Tara D. Bennett

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Tara Bennett on Outlander Cast recently. You can find the audio interview here.  But as we've done in the past, we wanted to bring you a completely separate post exploring 14 personal questions with Tara that were not included in the original interview.  Click "read more" to find out more about Tara Bennett the person  including her favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush, worst mistake of her career and much more.


Travel Your Way Through Droughtlander and Beyond - A Round-up of Outlander Fan Events

Written by: Denise Stewart

As we are thoroughly into yet another Droughtlander, I am wondering what many of you are doing to get through.  Starz has yet to send any tidbits out to satiate our hunger and thirst for our most beloved series, so I resort to other means.  I begin browsing the internet for anything and everything Outlander.  I frequent Etsy shops, peruse family tartans, and pick out what could be my Christmas tree this year – a Fraser fir? Why not?  But one thing that has caught my attention is the planned outings and events for the Outlander community for 2017.   I have seen that many of you in so many of the social media groups are making plans to travel. And since there is no definitive release date for Season 3, travel may just be what is needed to capture what is missing in this time of famine. Well, travel is the basis of this story, now. Isn't it?

Maybe you are thinking of making that trip of a lifetime to the Motherland to walk in the glens, scour the lochs, bag a munro, or just tip a pint at a pub. You may be looking into doing something stateside, like a convention, a gathering, an award show or even a book signing by Diana Gabaldon herself.  So it got me thinking – where and when are all of these events? Can I go? Is it logistically possible?  Can I manage a weekend here to meet a star? Or a few weekdays there to gather with some other fans? That lead me to a hot search for all events Outlander.  Here is some of what I have found.  Maybe you will find what fits for you, or suggest some new events that we can add to this calendar of sorts.  Either way, I hope you enjoy perusing these events. And should you find yourself going to any of them, let us here at Outlander Cast know! We love to hear and talk about all things Outlander… or even kinda, slightly related to Outlander! So let's get travelin'...


Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 2

Written by: Anne Gavin

Ah, #Droughtlander. You sap my strength every day when there is not some new tidbit or piece of Outlander news to sink my teeth into.  I search for Outlander joy in the little things like Sam Heughan giving sweet love to Outlander fans on the BAFTA Red Carpet and Caitriona Balfe’s BAFTA Scotland win (read all about Naomi's experience from the red carpet!).  Or the recent Critics Choice Awards nominations for both Sam and Cait. Even a Barbour video featuring Sam can carry me through multiple days but just as surely, I fall into despair soon again.  I get some satisfaction cheating on Outlander with Poldark every Sunday night, but as with most affairs, the momentary high inevitably leads to guilt and deep feelings of regret.

 It’s daunting to think about how far we may actually be from the Season 3 premiere.  Four episodes filmed but still 9 more to go and Scottish winter is nigh.  But, when I am feeling shades of Outlander blue, I now have a sure-fire remedy.

Thank God for Bear McCreary and the Season 2 Outlander Soundtrack!  Bear does it again with a compilation of hauntingly melodic tunes that take us on a glamorous journey from the palaces and salons of Parisian aristocrats back to the blood, mud and dreary moors and mountains of Scotland and our doomed Highlanders.  McCreary’s talent shines to a high gloss in this latest release of the music of Outlander – as integral to the production as the actors themselves.  The mark of a good composer is that the music enhances the storytelling but doesn’t distract from it.  McCreary is a master of this.  The music of Outlander Season 2 punctuates many scenes and provides for highs and lows that add to the glorious emotions we witness as Jamie and Claire navigate their final year together before the tragedy at Culloden force them to part.  So, working my way up from #10 to my #1 favorite, I give you the Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 2...


Surviving Loss and Claire's Second Chance

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

In the Season 2 finale ("Dragonfly in Amber"), Roger asks Claire, “How do you say goodbye to that one person you’ve loved most in the world?” Claire answers, “Whether you want to say goodbye or not, they’re gone and you have to go on living without them.” Roger is referring to Reverend Wakefield and assumes Claire’s response is about Frank. It’s 1968. Frank and Jamie are both dead, but the heart-wrenching grief she carries is reserved for Jamie. She tells Roger she’s never been very good at saying goodbye. She’s putting on a brave face, but she’s still carrying the devastation of leaving Jamie atop Craigh na dun.


Behind the Scenes at the BAFTAs: Outlander Up Close and Personal

Written by: Naomi Booker, Guest Contributor

Who knew that on the 21st September 2016, I would meet my BFF Outlander friends on a West End Street in Glasgow.  Andree, Dora, Morag, Ren, Sabrina and I started the day as strangers with a mutual interest (or should I say obsession?) and ended the day as friends, having spent all day together watching the Boston scenes being filmed, sharing Outlander stories and discussing when our next Outlander adventure would be.  From this day forward, we proclaimed ourselves the "New Glasgow Girls."

We decided on a group trip to The Gathering convention in Germany next year but then along came BAFTAs in Scotland, and we thought, "why wait until next year?" What's a few Outlander-obsessed pals to do but start plotting our latest behind the scenes with Outlander adventure! And here's how it happened that we found ourselves on the red carpet of the BAFTAs meeting our favorite stars of the show only a few weeks later...


Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 2 (Review) Long In Detail - Short on Journey

Written by: Blake Larsen

Every once in a while, there comes along a soundtrack that provides the very definition of how a show can be watched, interpreted and experienced.  

In other words, this is when a show cannot exist without its soundtrack, and obviously, the tracks wouldn't be the same without the show.  They define each other simultaneously.  This kind of perfect symbiosis exists with shows like ABC's Lost and Michael Giacchino, AMC's Halt and Catch Fire and Paul Haslinger, and, yes, even Starz' Outlander and Bear McCreary.  

But McCreary's third go-round with the music from Outlander is different. The Outlander Season 2 soundtrack feels meatier, more detailed, more cinematic, and, yet, more personal than both his soundtracks for Season 1 of Outlander.  Consequently, this is his best effort for Outlander (and maybe of all his soundtracks) so far.

Despite how great this effort is, however, McCreary's renowned attention to detail is both his savior, and also his burden.

Read on to see why it's his best, but also a behemoth that nearly collapses under its own weight, and why you should compare it to The Beatles' Abbey Road... 

Outlander Casting News! We Have Geneva, Isobel and Young Jamie!

Written by: Kendra Spring Klasek

In the vast sea that is Droughtlander III: Attack of the Obsessenachs (more on that in a later post), we welcome casting news announcements like Kate Winslet clinging to that door . . . as if our very lives depend on them. Perhaps no casting was as nervously anticipated as Geneva Dunsany. Geneva is the tricky step that will make your presence known if you're trying to sneak quietly through Voyager without any disturbance. In casting her and in choosing how her storyline plays out, Ron D. Moore has to hit that step just right, or risk waking the whole house.


Dinner with Ron: Sharing our hopes, dreams and fears with Outlander's Ronald D. Moore

Written by: Janet Reynolds and Anne Gavin

We’ve all played this game: if you could invite three people to dinner, who would you invite? Usually people cite celebrities or historical figures such as Jesus, Michelangelo or Margaret Thatcher.  The list varies, depending on the kind of dinner party you would like to have.  But right now we’ve got one person we want to invite to dinner and one person only: Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore.

It’s not that dinner with those other folks wouldn’t be fascinating, but let’s get real  Outlander Season 3 is in the works and we have things to say!  Decisions are being made and, as avid TV-show fanatics and book readers (can we ever thank Diana Gabaldon enough?), we are obsessing over what may or may not be happening in Scotland as they film and adapt Voyager, the book that is our – and for many fans – the favorite (or maybe second behind the first book) in the Outlander book series. No pressure, Ron and crew. But, rather than wait around to see if Ron adds us to his dinner party list, we decided to invite Ron to dinner ourselves.  Yes, it’s a fantasy dinner, but get excited — we’re inviting you to listen in to our chat.  Our Uber just arrived and we are off to meet Ron...


Written by: Holly Richter White

This article is so spoilery, it spoils the spoiler! You know the drill.

Seriously, though . . . major spoilers after the jump, so if you have not read ALL of Voyager, stop reading RIGHT NOW.

Still with me? Okay . . . let's hit the jump and get into this, shall we?

What Starz pulling out of the TCA press tour means for Outlander

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Things that have me going hmmmm: Starz announced last week that it was pulling out of the Television Critics Association annual winter press tour. That's the one where the various cable and TV networks — and now online streaming channels — announce what's coming and show trailers to the press to get them pumped about the upcoming content.

Starz wasn't the only substantive group to pull out. Netflix also announced it was staying home. While I know we all care about what's on Netflix's horizon (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards anyone?), let's get real about what we all care most about: what does this mean for Outlander Season 3? Most importantly, does this mean anything at all about when the season will actually launch, thus ending #Droughtlander?


The day I met Diana Gabaldon, the woman who gifted us Outlander

Written by: Julie Roberts, Guest Contributor

When friends posted on Facebook that Diana Gabaldon would be speaking and signing books at the Entertainment Weekly PopFest in Los Angeles, I didn’t hesitate for a minute to whip out my credit card and pay for a VIP ticket.   In fact, my credit card may have left a skid mark on the leather of my purse, if not a trail of smoke.  Why the enthusiasm to part with money?  The same reason I went all the way to Scotland from San Diego last May to go on an Outlander tour in the Highlands  Diana Gabaldon, of course!

Diana Gabaldon, through her skillfully written and beautifully orchestrated series of Outlander books has led me to a love for Scotland and its rich history, its beautiful landscapes and a connection with my own ancestry.  The joy of reading and living inside the lives of Jamie and Claire is uplifting and reminds me to embrace my own husband, children and life.  I have also made new friendships from a common love and interest in all that is Outlander.  Important side note: I also have no complaints about having a television portrayal of all this magic before my eyes – drool, sigh, hope, wait, drool, cheer, oh yeah!

So on to the EW PopFest in Los Angeles...

Ready to cry? Outlander's Matt B. Roberts on the print shop & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Let's be frank: The Outlander Twitterverse can be a dangerous place for cast and crew to enter. While predominantly a forum for happy sharing and announcements and fan love, it periodically swirls into a toxic soup of some fairly strange behavior where people forget that if you wouldn't say it to the person's face, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't type it either.

Given the inability to gauge on any given day exactly which fans you're dealing with and how they might actually respond to something you type, I remain amazed and appreciative that Outlander folks still jump in to the Twitter feed on a fairly regular basis. We had two recent brave souls: Caitriona Balfe, who celebrated reaching 200,000 Twitter followers with a one-hour #AskCait Twitterfest, and a few days before that, writer extraordinaire and co-executive producer Matt B. Roberts. In case you missed it, here, without further delay, are 10 things we learned from Roberts' tweets about Season 3.


Outlander Inspired Halloween Costumes

Written by: Mary Larsen

Most of the listeners of Outlander Cast know that I am a massive Christmas elf. You should just consider me Buddy The Elf's biological sister, in fact. BUT, there are some parts of life that come in a very close second. First and foremost of those parts – Halloween. Perhaps it's the kid in me, or the fact that I refuse to ever truly grow up – but there is something quite magical about All Hallow's Eve that almost rivals even St. Nick's night. Which is why I suppose one of the greatest mash up movies of all time is A Nightmare Before Christmas – thank you, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, thank you so much for that beauty of a film. I digress.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of TV too. And with that in mind, I am slave to world-building in television too whether it be Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and yes, Outlander.  Being enveloped in a completely different and well-fleshed-out world is so enthralling to watch.  Again, is that the kid in me talking? Perhaps.  But either way, these worlds sweep me off my feet for an hour at a time, or at least the small amount of time I need to recapture my sanity after being with my children all the time.

Considering my love of all things Halloween, and the vast worlds that have been built by the likes of Robert Kirkman, George R.R. Martin, or Diana Gabaldon, I thought it would be fun to explore some costumes made by fans just like you and I that were inspired by Herself and her Outlander universe...

#AskCait Q&A on Twitter -- Everything you want to know about Outlander's Caitriona Balfe!

Written by: Anne Gavin

Caitriona Balfe served up a whopper of a Q&A on Twitter today.  She promised to do so when she reached 200,000 followers on Twitter, and keep that promise she did!  For more than an hour, Caitriona generously answered questions from eager Outlander fans and was joined by a few other cast members.  Gee, I wonder who?  Check out some of the more interesting questions (and answers) below... 

Fairies, Folklore, Witchcraft & Waterhorses – The Symbolism & Superstitions of Outlander

Written by : Anne Gavin

Samhain is fast approaching.  Known as the Day of the Dead – Samhain marks the ancient Celtic holiday when spirits are free to roam amongst the living. In addition to alluding to a number of Gaelic feasts, Outlander is full of references to many Highland myths, symbols and superstitions passed down over generations of the Celtic people. Mythology and folklore touch every aspect of Claire and Jamie’s adventures and many of the colorful characters they encounter along the way. So, as we observe Samhain, held annually from sunset on Oct. 31 to sunset on Nov. 1, what better day to examine a few aspects of Outlander’s rich world of symbolism and imagine how life must have been when medicine and science were often cast aside for demons and superstition.  Let's begin...


Out of Faith: Fan uproar over an extended scene

Written By: Holly Richter-White

So, a clandestine un-aired extended version of Season 2 EP. 7 "Faith", written by Toni Graphia was released into the fandom ahead of the DVD release. I saw it when it was retweeted by episode’s director Metin Huseyin, with immense praise for Sam. And then Diana got involved, as how could anyone seriously not love that performance. And from it all, fans cried foul. “Why was it cut?” This scene was perfect! We NEEDED this!”

After seeing Season One’s edits, and discussing their rationale, irate book-fans mostly understood what was necessary for adaptation to a visual medium. These cuts made sense.

But this time, this particular edit bleeds particularly deep among fans- both book but now, also TV-only fans. And of course, some fans went all personal in their criticism, which really wasn’t constructive. Thankfully, there were more than enough fans with respectful critique.

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In the Company of Women: Friendships as seen through Outlander’s Claire Fraser

Written by: Anne Gavin

There is something mystical yet earthy about our friendships with women.   Oftentimes our girl friends are so like us in many ways, but just as often they are so very different.  Throughout a woman’s lifetime, we may discover friendships that enrich a specific time in our lives or fulfill a particular need.  Those friendships might be fleeting but it doesn’t matter because they were there when we needed them and perhaps, when they needed us.  And, then there are those of us fortunate enough to have life-long friends unearthed perhaps as far back as the paddling pool or the playground or sitting across from each other on our mothers’ laps.  Those friendships are rare and prized.  

I identify with Outlander’s Claire Fraser in many ways, especially when it comes to her female friendships and the seasons of her life that find her wanting and needing different things from very different women.  We see in Claire a fiercely independent woman, raised essentially without a mother figure and surrounded by strong men most of her early life. However, when Claire pierces the veil of time, she encounters several women in her 18th century life that profoundly impact her.  And, it can certainly be said that Claire’s female friends find their friendship with Claire life-changing in many ways as well.  Let’s see if you can relate to the various friendships that Claire discovers in Scotland and throughout her travels as we seek to explore her friendships with women and the transitional moments she shares with them.


May I Speak Frankly? Our Love-Hate Relationship with Outlander's Mr. October

Written by: Teddie Potter

Please do NOT leave this page; not just yet.

Yes, this piece is about the F word, so sit down and bear with me because I just had to run the gauntlet of the bored expressions of the first class passengers as I headed to my tiny space allotment in coach, measured in mere inches, to seat 32C.  I, too, hope to be bored someday.  Meanwhile, I pray that United doesn't yet again change the Frequent Flyer rules, spiraling the miles redemption process into a pattern of a Franz Kafka novel.

On this flight to the West coast, I am pondering Frank Randall.  Maybe it's because I just finished watching Money Monster on the big big screen on the economy seat back in front of me, and Caitriona Balfe's luminous face brought Outlander to mind.  Who am I kidding?  Outlander is ALWAYS to mind round here. TBH, I switched to the "classics" offerings after Money Monster, and chose Viva Las Vegas, which I would have stuck with, but my whoops of laughter were becoming uncontrollable, and people were sleeping.  And those were the serious scenes of that old Elvis film.

Should you be in possession of an itchy Amazon finger for all things Outlander, you likely own the official 2016 Outlander Starz Calendar and have already flipped the page to October.  Here, in splendorous 1940s garb, are Claire and Frank Randall.  Feast your eyes, friends of Frank!


Outlander vs. Poldark: breaking down your conflicted 18th Century guilty pleasures

Written by: Ashley Crawley 

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’m an Obsessenach. I imagine you are too, and it feels so warm and fuzzy to be among such wonderful friends. While we’re sharing, a quick question — are we in the tree of trust? I think we are, so here goes… *deep breath*

Confession: I might have a tiny crush on Poldark. Okay, FINE — it’s a ginormous, unabashed, unrelenting, must-have-more type of crush on Poldark. Yes, the period drama on BBC (PBS here in America, Sundays at 9:00 pm). And let’s be clear — yes, Poldark the MAN. It’s a fixation that is making me question my professed loyalties to Outlander and our beloved King of Men, Jamie Fraser. Or maybe it's Aidan Turner versus Sam Heughan. Or maybe it’s our delicious show versus this other delicious show? Or maybe not. Ah hell, what a good problem to ponder. Amirite?   

But before you judge me, let me explain…

The Kids Are All Right: More Outlander Season 3 Casting News!

Written by: Teddie Potter

There’s something evil about Droughtlander. The more we get, the much, much more we terribly crave. Even as winter in the Northern hemisphere draws closer, there is no settling down for a long winter’s nap in the Outlander world, because, well; Outlander. It’s a pathology, for sure; maybe a syndrome, or perhaps just a happy affliction of sorts. Any way you look at it, I am under its power and happy to be there.

"I hear ye, lass... have a wee bit more?"

Each new nugget of intelligence sent rolling down the Interwebs creates excitement, new speculation, and also serves to remind us how near, and yet how very far away, the premiere of Season 3 truly is. Wait. I said "PREMIERE"! That very word strikes terror in my shriveled up NYC heart. I don't rightly know if I can survive another. Let me refresh your memory. I digress.

But what's the latest flowing from the news pipeline?

Last week, we learned that 26-year old French actor Cesar Domboy was cast as an all-grown-up version of the beloved Fergus, bringing a Parisian swagger and dark good looks to the adult version of the clever and mischievous lad born in a brothel and informally adopted by Jamie Fraser in Season 2. Readers may find Domboy a near perfect vision of Diana Gabaldon’s description of Fergus. Well, he’s pretty danged close to my idea of Fergus Claudel Fraser in the flesh!

Ooh la la! 

We were all still celebrating this latest casting home run when Starz came forward this week with its official (I mean, it felt pretty official already in my book) casting confirmation for Domboy as Fergus, while also announcing the casting of UK-born actress and relative-newcomer Lauren Lyle as Marsali, another new character to join the recently cast actors playing Young Ian, Joe Abernathy and Lord John Grey. For a refresh on those announcements, check out our coverage here and here.

Non-book readers, remain patient. There is a cast of what seems like thousands in these novels, and nearly each of them serves a purpose in the ever-evolving world of Outlander. The good part is that you can probably pronounce their names, unlike those in a Dostoevsky novel.

The lovely Lauren plays Marsali, the daughter of the thing-that-won't-go-away, AKA Laoghaire (pretty much known as LegWhore or Leghair in the fandom, depending on who you are talking to). One of the credits to Lyle's name is an ensemble role in The Crucible, opposite the formidable Richard Armitage. How fitting, considering the source material's reliance on the historical record of jealous girls crying, "witch". Sound familiar? Sounds like Mommy Dearest. And speaking of which, is there an actors' chromosome pool out there reserved just for film adaptations of books? Because, look:

Poor Nell Hudson and her damned fictional character, Laoghaire, are forever relegated to The Dark Side, likely with Tobias Menzies as a cell mate – a vision shared by many, but not by moi. These characters make the Outlander story what it is and can't be erased, and therefore deserve their glorious minutes of screen time, regardless of how long and loudly we may piteously howl.

Anyhoo, let's test your knowledge on this latest character announcement to help you ready for Season 3!

First up, a little Q&A for our non-bookie Obsessenachs:

Q: What kind of name is Marsali?
A: A Scot's name for a lassie.

Q: How do you pronounce it?
A: Let's go to exhibit A for this one.

Exhibit A

Q: When did Leghair get married?
A: Wait and see.

Q: Who is Marsali's father?
A: You will find out.

Q: Should I care about Marsali?
A: Eventually.

As it turns out, there's not much we can reveal to non-book readers that won't give away a major plot point in Season 3, so you'll just have to stay patient!

***POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD... If you can read between the lines. But a warning, nonetheless!***

Now a Q&A for our book-reading Obsessenachs: 

Q: What kind of name is Marsali?
A: It's Scots, you numpty!

Q: How do you pronounce it?
A: Forget the evidence, I'll pronounce it anyway I choose.

Q: When did Leghair get married?
A: I don't give a crap. I just wish she would get lost.

Q: Who is Marsali's father?
A: It's not JAMMF, that's for sure.

Q: Should I care about Marsali?
A: Eventually.

As it also turns out, we book readers get our own special set of rules when it comes to determining our feelings about Leghair and any casting announcements or plot developments that hinge on her presence. Sue me.

What do you think about this latest round of casting? Did the casting team nail it yet again? And who do you think will be next? Sound off below and in our Outlander Cast Clan Gathering on Facebook!


Season 3 #Outlander news: Jamie and Jack clash, welcome Fergus & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

When it rains, it pours. This time, though, the #Droughtlander showers were welcome indeed as we finally learned more details about Outlander's upcoming season 3. Not only did Entertainment Weekly drop a cover story with some hints of what's coming, but Starz announced the casting of adult Fergus.

The only cloud in this welcome storm? Nell Hudson, aka Laoghaire — perhaps the most hated character in Outlander — making a potential Twitter oops by posting a photo that showed her last name during a table-read, prompting some in the fandom to cry foul. What it prompted me to do is make a list of scenes I really don't want Ron D. Moore et al to put into Season 3. Hint: she's number one.

But before we get to that spoilery stuff, let's celebrate the raindrops EW tossed our way.
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