The Outlander Bit Player Who Stole Our Hearts

Written by: Denise Stewart

While everyone is OOOHING  and AHHING over the expanded television roles for so many of the minor characters in the books--Rupert, Angus, Ned--I am in awe with bit character Willie. OK, maybe, just maybe,  I even have a little crush on him. Why not? He’s attractive as, Highlanders go-his clothes aren’t all disheveled and his hygiene seems relatively in check.  He’s kind and thoughtful-I mean really, he’ll even go fifty yards and downwind if needed. And he is loyal-he’ll stand up for friends in the most harrowing situations. But who IS Willie?

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Written by: Anne Gavin

Whether it's a Birthday, Anniversary or just something for a Friend, we have the perfect Outlander-themed Gift for the Sassenach in your life.  Or, perhaps  you just want to drop a hint to your significant other about a "no-reason-in particular" Outlander-themed gift and need some ideas to forward along -- stealthily, of course!   Or, in that rare situation where your man is also a fan of our favorite series and you need ideas for a special gift for your OutMANder.  Well, we have your covered!  Here are some ideas for some of my favorite "Outlander-themed" gifts -- any of which are sure to inspire some Jamie-Claire style loving upon receipt!  Share this page with your partner or use it yourself to find your ideal Outlander-themed gift for your special someone.  Or, heck, just buy YOURSELF a present.  You deserve it!  So, let's SHOP!

YES, It's True! BRIANNA in the House!

Written by: Anne Gavin


It's been a long wait, Sassenachs, but looks like the torture has come to an end.  STARZ announced today that British actress Sophie Skelton will play Brianna Randall in its original and award winning series, "Outlander" set to Premiere Season 2 in April.  Click the jump to learn more about the long awaited casting.


East Coast Super Storm Crosses Atlantic -- OUTLANDER Crew Not Spared

Written by: Anne Gavin

This past weekend and first part of the week, the East Coast of the United States was bombarded by Storm Jonas, also known as #Snowzilla, #Snowpocalyse, #SnowNino or just plain #Blizzard2016.  For those not affected, 30 plus inches of snow piled up in parts of Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  Many local governments and schools were closed for days as was local public transportation and many state and local roadways.  Snow removal has been slow and many East Coast citizens still remain "snowed in" in their homes with nary a plow in sight.  But, what we might not know is that our Storm Jonas zipped across the Atlantic and created some awful weather there, as well.  This included torrential rain and large scale flooding.  And, unfortunately, our Outlander crew did not escape the carnage.


Top Ten Best Songs By Outlander Composer Bear McCreary

Written By: Blake Larsen

I've recently had the pleasure of binging Battlestar Galactica on the advice of my good podcasting friend Brian Davids of Film Schlubs.  BSG aired at a time when LOST and 24 were airing so it got lost in the mix of great television.  But, I decided to binge it because not only was Ron Moore the showrunner for BSG, but also because Bear McCreary was the composer.  So as I watched, I could hear the similarities between his work on Outlander, BSG, The Walking Dead, Black Sails etc.  Which, got me thinking - what are his top ten best songs he's created?  (BTW - if you want to hear me fanboy all over Bear, you can hear our interview with him here).  So, not only for your illumination about all of his work, but also mainly for mine, here are what I believe to be his top ten best songs he's ever created:


Outlander Cast chats w/ Director Anna Foerster - Episode 16

Transcribed by Denise Stewart
March 5, 2015

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things The Wedding and Both Sides Now with, Anna Foerster, director of both episodes.  Anna is a funny, intelligent, and charming director who is an absolute treasure to the Outlander franchise.  In this episode you'll learn all about Claire's troubles in the wedding, the steamy sex scenes, breaking down the science of film-making, emphasis on the nuances of acting, the Frank controversy, if Claire actually heard Frank at Craig Na Dun, how scary Tobias Menzies can really be, the infamous motorcycle drive-by, "in-camera" effects, Anna's favorite scene and much more!!

For the full audio of the episode Click Here
For a full transcription of the interview Click Read More


Celebrate Robert Burns - Honouring Scot Sam Heughan's Humanitarian Efforts

Written by: Holly Richter-White

He may have been overlooked in recent acting nominations, but I think Sam Heughan's charity work may become (brace for it Outlander fans) his greatest legacy over and above his role as Jamie Fraser.  And he's only just begun.

About Last Night...

Written by: Anne Gavin

What happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland.  Well, not really...


Top Ten Musical Moments of Season 1

Written by: Anne Gavin

Warning: Contains Spoilers

My obsession with all things Outlander runs deep.  The story fills my soul.  I laugh (a lot!) at Diana Gabaldon's witty dialogue in the Book Series and, at times, I cry -- bitter, sad and sometimes even happy tears.  I've also experienced a wide range of emotions while reading and watching the STARZ Television Series.  For someone who considers myself sort of "together" and not a particularly emotional or sentimental person, these emotions have surprised me to no end.  But, one thing that has absolutely knocked me off my feet is the amazing Outlander Series soundtrack composed and arranged by Bear McCreary.  Talk about the "feels."  Wow!  I still, to this day -- and no matter if it's the first or the 50th time I have viewed an episode -- suck in my breath, feel my eyes well up and certain points in the Series during one of Bear's magnificent compositions.  The man is a genius, really, and so passionate about his art.  That passion is inherent in his music and he makes me BELIEVE.  So, here is my tribute to Bear and the Outlander Soundtrack as I count-down my Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 1.

Latest Video! Outlander: The Next Chapter (Featurette)

Written by: Blake Larsen

STARZ has revealed it's latest featurette for Outlander called, "The Next Chapter."  Featuring Ron Moore, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Hueghan, it describes the basic premise for season 2 and includes TONS of new footage and lines from the show.  Hit the jump for the video and analysis.


LIVE from the Golden Globes...

Written by: Ashley Crawley

...or as live as we could have been watching the telecast on NBC from the comfort of my couch - stretchy pants on, feet up, wine poured, giddy to see our favorite Outlander stars included among Hollywood's finest!

Did you miss last night's Golden Globes? Have no fear, we've got you covered!   

All night, we brought you every glam-drenched moment of the three-hour (well, SEVEN if you count the all-important red carpet pre-coverage) broadcast with particularly biased attention paid to our little Scottish show that could.

Now let's get to the magic...


An Open & Honest Letter To STARZ (part 2)

Written by: Mary Larsen

CONTROVERSY!  Many Outlander fans have taken time out of their day to find ways to fault the PR campaigns you've been employing as of late.  In fact, my own husband has written an open and honest letter to you about that very subject.  If you have yet to read it, please click here to take a gander.

And while there are some extremely valid criticisms of your work that are certainly worthy of debate, my intent in this letter is to actually lend some support. People have their opinions, of course,  and they are totally entitled to them. Yes, even the haters. But, here's my opinion: I love you and I think you're doing the best that you can.  Let me explain why:


Roll out the Rhenish Carpet - It's Awards Show Week!

Written by: Ashley Crawley

This week marks a momentous, annual occasion in my household. One where schedules are compared, brackets are printed, food and drinks are flowing and I giddily count down the hours until I see my favorite team walk out for the kick off.  That's right - it's the start of the 2016 TV and film awards season!


Outlander Filming of Season 2 -- The End is Nigh...

Written by: Anne Gavin

Spoilers Galore in this Post!

Outlander's chattiest producer, Matt Roberts, has been quite forthcoming lately with regard to the rapidly approaching end to filming of Outlander Season 2.

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