OUTLANDER Gift Guide: Part Two (Amazon)

Written by: Mary Larsen

Are you biting your nails trying to figure out what to purchase your loved one or friend?. It's ok. Don't be ashamed. It happens. Let's just fix the problem. Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom, or any woman (heck, even man) who loves Outlander? Are you one of those spouses who shops last minute and grabs a present at the local drug store before you hand it over? Or, are you scouring the interwebs trying to find the PERFECT Outlander present for that special someone? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. This article will not only save you money and time, but the following items will also let your spouse know how much thought you have put into their gifts. (And trust me, it's the thought that REALLY DOES count.) So let's find your perfect gift on Amazon....

All of the items in this blog post are currently listed on Amazon. 

I love Amazon, especially because I’m an Amazon Prime member, and my items appear on my doorstep in days, complete with free shipping.  

Also note, that I mention these gifts being perfect for a special someone, a gal pal, your main squeeze - etc - but any of these gifts would be great for whoever the special person is in your life ---- or even for yourself!

In no particular order - here are my recommendations that will help make you look like a gift giving hero!

Outlander: Season One - Volume One and  Outlander: Season One - Volume Two - If your Outlander fan does not already own the DVD sets for the complete first season, then you will truly make their heart swoon by purchasing them these fantastic DVD's/ Blu-Rays. There's never enough Outlander to go around - so this is their chance to keep the love firing on all cylinders.  There’s also a super special set - the Outlander Season One: The Ultimate Collection (Blu-ray + UltraViolet + Limited Edition Keepsake Box and Flask). This is my number one recommendation for ANY Outlander fan.

Dragonfly in Amber: A Novel (Outlander) - Is your special someone a super fan of the show who hasn't read the books yet? But they REALLY want to read ahead? Season Two of Outlander is based upon this book. If your gal pal hasn’t already read the full series, and is a new fan to Outlander, then picking up this book to keep he/she company during “Droughtlander” would be an excellent choice!

The Official Outlander Coloring Book - Is your friend someone who likes to be creative with art? Or maybe she is a child at heart. Then this fun gift would be a perfect pick! I know it sounds a little corny to get a coloring book - but this book is so detailed, so intricate that the pages are already works of art in and of themselves. I have it and have spent HOURS just coloring and loving every second of it.  

Outlander Season One Soundtrack Collection - Does your loved one LOVE music? Are they always humming the Skye Boat Song? This is the perfect pick. Bear McCreary’s score is, believe it or not, another independent character in the Outlander series.  The songs on this soundtrack are enchanting, exciting, romantic, and hauntingly beautiful.  This particular choice features the soundtrack pieces to both part 1 and part 2 of Season 1. Not everyone thinks to get the score of the show, and trust me this will totally surprise your love. This is my second favorite item on this list.

The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated): Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn - a perfect choice for your loved one if she is a devout Outlander fan (thats if she doesn't already have it!) There are some fans who need to know EVERYTHING about Outlander. Want to know the history of the Mackenzie's? What are the special herbs Claire works with? What was the name of that castle? Every fine detail about Outlander can be found here and it's worth hours of entertainment.

Outlander 2016 Wall Calendar or Outlander 2016 Boxed/Daily Calendar - 2016 has still just begun. So it's totally ok to get a calendar. Trust me - there is nothing wrong with planning your day/week/month to the beautiful sights of Sam/Jamie or Cat/Claire. The real gem is the boxed daily calendar. Every day features a new image and a unique fact about Outlander. Your love wants to go in-depth on Outlander? Here's their chance.

Outlander - Claire Randall Funko Pop vinyl doll - These dolls are so cute. Especially if your loved one works in an office or has a special area in the house where they like to keep little knick knacks. They're about four inches tall and it's the perfect accessory to any Outlander fan's collection of fun items they like to keep around.

Outlander - Jamie Fraser (Funko pop vinyl doll) - Yup, this may or may not be every girls favorite gift on this list. Again, so cute and lovable. I will admit that I got my husband, Blake, a Funko Pop doll and he was so proud to put it in our podcast studio. But, another admission - it's Han Solo from Star Wars. My god does he love it.

Sassenach Vinyl Window Car Decal  - Is your love not afraid to proclaim their love of Outlander to the world? Is she proud of her obsession and can't stop talking about it with her friends? Here's a favorite choice. I saw a woman driving on the highway with one of these on the back of her car and I thought it was the coolest freakin' thing I've seen in a while. It's a perfect small gift for your own Sassenach to display on her car.

Walkers Shortbread Outlander Assorted Shortbread, (Pack of 6) - These are the must have sweets for your Outlander lovin’ sweetie! Get it from the scrumptious shortbread inside or get it for the collectable box. Either way - you can eat the goodness or display it in your collection. Seriously - I can't think of a better gift for the Outlander fan because not only is specially dedicated to Outlander but it helps support a Scottish brand too.

Jamie Fraser Outlander Teddy Bear or Claire Randall Outlander Teddy Bear - Holidays are one of the few times that it is acceptable to give a grown woman a teddy bear as a gift. But these teddy bears, they are something very special. Dressed like our favorite characters of Jamie and Claire, this is my third favorite choice on this list. I'm not even a teddy bear person and I want one of these so bad. Here's to hoping Blake reads this post.

So that's it for now ladies and gents. I hope you found a favorite gift of yours here that can EASILY show up on your doorstep within a day or two. Trust me, if your spouse or significant other loves Outlander, then you NEED to buy one of these items for the next holiday.  

Not only does it show you took the time to get something fun, different, and special - but, most of all, it shows that you care about what THEY hold dear.

"It's the thought that counts," may be trite and over used. but I'm telling ya, it make sense.

Show your spouse that you thought of them and you got them something other than just chocolates at CVS, or a card that isn't personal.

PART ONE of this series focuses on ETSY. If you’re interested in purchasing something off of the website Etsy for your Outlander fan then Click here to see what you can find  


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