Full Season 2 Outlander Episode Titles Released! What DO they mean? ***SPOILER ALERT!!***

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Outlander fans have been playing "What's Next" about season two ever since the last credit rolled on season one. What will happen when Jamie and Claire arrive in Paris? Will they be able to change history and save Highland culture from decimation by the Brits? And, more importantly — at least to the diehard romantics among us — will Jamie and Claire the couple really be able to recover (aka have glorious sex again) after Jamie's torture by Black Jack Randall?

It's a game where book readers, in theory anyway, have the upper hand. We know what Diana Gabaldon actually wrote. But as we all know from having watched season one, TV is a different medium and executive producer Ron Moore is a tricky guy. He played a little loose (to some book purists anyway) with the facts fiction Gabaldon created. It all worked out, of course. The Starz show and its stars have won numerous awards and viewers, finally making it onto the mainstream media's radar with daytime talk shows, Saks windows etc.

But now, thanks to Outlander Italy's Tumblr announcement, we have access to the full season two titles and the real conjecture can begin. TV-only Outlander fans who don't want to know another thing about what might be coming should probably go read any one of our blog's other posts right now. And book people who would prefer to be surprised should click somewhere else, too.

But if you've been mapping out Dragonfly in Amber in your head in the shower for the last 9 months — an entirely theoretical example — wondering what parts will make it to TV and what parts won't, then this post is for you. We're going to play What's in a Name? and try to guesstimate what will happen in each of these episodes. All theories — conspiracy or otherwise — are welcome, but consider yourself warned. Once you click, there's no going back. You can't unread this.

                           Spoiler Alert......Spoiler Alert.......Spoiler Alert......Spoiler Alert


Here's to You, Mrs. Fitz!

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, the long-awaited return of Outlander is finally within our grasp - days, mere days. In the meantime, we have scantily clad, much-buzzed about photos of our stars.  And trailers that we can analyze frame by frame with giddy anticipation.  And Sam Heughan parading through the streets of New York, including a little coffee talk with Kelly and Michael (read here). And enough social media fan banter to make The Interwebs implode.

Between all of the publicity engine efforts and the much-awaited announcements about the casting of Brianna and Roger, the past few months have been wholly consumed with speculation on season two – from the actors that will portray pivotal new characters to how the show will bring to life Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful storytelling in Dragonfly in Amber, and everything contained therein. Season two, season two, season two. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

What more could we want?

*NEW* Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Sam & Caitriona

Written by: Anne Gavin

And the hits just keep on coming this week...

We find out that Sam and Caitriona are gracing yet another COVER of popular American magazine -- TV Guide, albeit much more covered up than their Entertainment Weekly cover!  Check out the gorgeous photos after the jump and learn a little secret about the dress Caitriona is wearing.

In Nod to Outlander Fandom, STARZ Reveals NEW Logo and Tag Line

Written by: Anne Gavin

It was reported in Variety on March 28th that American cable network Starz -- home to original series, Outlander, of course, but also popular series, Black Sails, Ash vs. Evil Dead and Power will be getting a major image makeover.  Read past the jump to see how Outlander  fans influenced the new look...


Outlander Book 10? A Prequel? Why Diana Gabaldon needs to take verra good care of herself!

Written By: Janet Reynolds

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon spilled a few beans recently for the Herald Scotland and what beans they were! Book nine won't be the last Outlander book! The series will likely end at book 10! She's going to write a prequel about Jamie's parents, Brian and Ellen. And, yes, it's "likely" season three of the show is coming. All of which means we need to put Gabaldon in bubblewrap at least until she's done with book 10. No, I'm not kidding.


Outlander goes daytime: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe hit NY TV!

Written By: Janet Reynolds

About the only things getting obsessed Outlander fans through the final ridiculously long days leading up to the April 9-10 season two premiere are the tidbits we scarf up on social media as if we were scrambling for the small piece of moldy bread tossed to Claire and Geillis in "The Thieves' Hole" episode. A blurry photo of Sam in an Australian airport? We'll take it. Yet another fan photo with Sam smiling (BTW this man deserves sainthood for how willingly he poses with the multitudes). We'll take that, too. We'll also hover over our phones listening to the various snippets and interviews Sam has singled-handedly done in his one-man Outlander world press tour, doing flyovers in Australia and Japan. Sam, we bow to you.

But now the latest happy news! Outlander is finally going mainstream in the U.S. While American fans have been wondering for over a year why Entertainment Weekly seems to be the only major media outlet that "gets" Outlander, finally someone on the East Coast has woken up. Sam is going to be a guest on Live with Kelly and Michael show April 8 and Caitriona Balfe is scheduled to be a guest on the Today Show April 6.


Calm Down Everyone - Season 3 Of Outlander Is Coming

Written by: Blake Larsen

Everyone has been FREAKING out asking about when season 3 of Outlander will be announced.  I get the worry - you want your favorite show to keep going.  But, listen everyone, take a chill pill.  Season 3 is going to be announced soon.  No, I don't know this to be an absolute fact, but given the history of how the television industry works, the season 3 renewal should be announced relatively soon.  Don't believe me? Let's take a look at when recent decisions to renew some of television's best shows have gone public...


Spanking vs Beating: An Honest Historical Look at the "Strapping Scene"

Written by: Kendra Spring Klasek

I'll say right off the bat, I'm going to anger a bunch of fans.  Lest you make the incorrect assumption that this somehow makes me less of a fan, consider that I devote much of my free time to this blog.  Please also note the only cover that is curling in the above photo. But my love for all things Outlander aside, I'm going to anger you because I'm going to criticize both the book and the show.

Simply put, in 18th century Scotland - especially in the upper-echelon of the clans - it was uncouth to beat your wife.  Nevermind beating your wife publicly.  I'm sure it happened on occasion, but it was not something men like Dougal MacKenzie, or especially Ned Gowan, would have encouraged. Those who DID beat their wives in the 18th century were much like those who beat them now.

That is to say, they were nothing at all like Jamie Fraser. Here's why...

The Starz PR Train Rolls Down the Track... Literally.

Written by: Ashley Crawley

In case you've been living under a standing stone, we are less than three weeks away from the official end of Droughtlander and the April 9th premiere of Outlander season two. That means Starz is down to the wire for a final blitz to lock in viewers - old and new - to its flagship show.  The pressure, oh the pressure.  What's a network PR engine to do?

Run over them with a train.  Nearly literally.


What's the Best Season One Outlander Episode?

Written By: Janet Reynolds

The premiere of season two of Outlander is less than one month away according to the calendar, but obviously something weird has happened with time. Because the days until the April 9 premiere in the U.S. are clearly no longer just 24 hours each. Just pointing that out.

In the meantime, what's an irrational devoted fan to do? You know, beyond the obsessive checking of various online sources for the tiny tidbits that get thrown our way periodically by Starz? Why, rewatch season one, of course.

Note, I did not say rewatch for the first time; I just said rewatch. It's between you and your confessor how many times you've seen certain scenes, and for the record, I am not judging. For this particular rewatching, I told my husband, who not-so-secretly thinks I may have a bit of an Outlander problem, that I was doing research. I was deciding, I told him, which was the best season one Outlander episode — all for the good of this blog and fellow fans of course. He may or may not have smirked. Anyway, after much obsessive watching thoughtful research, I have made my choice. Hint: It's NOT "The Wedding."


Get To Know Them: 9 Personal Questions With Raya Yarbrough (OC Blog Exclusive)

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Outlander vocalist Raya Yarbrough on Outlander Cast recently.  You can find the audio interview here.  But this article is  completely separate as we explore nine personal questions with Raya that were not included in the original interview.  Click "read more" to find out more about the person Raya Yarbrough - including her favorite movie, her latest Netflix binge, celebrity crush, her little known guilty pleasure, favorite music to perform, and much more. 


Get To Know Them: 12 Personal Questions With Richard Kahan (OC Blog Exclusive)

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Outlander writer's assistant/ writer Richard Kahan on Outlander Cast recently.  You can find the audio interview here.  But this article is  completely separate as we explore twelve personal questions with Richard that were not included in the original interview.  Click "read more" to find out more about the person Richard Kahan - including his favorite show, dream job, celebrity crush, his little known sock fettish and much more.


NYC Tartan Week and Outlander Part II: So Much Fun It Hurts

Written by: Teddie Potter

Part I of this series touched on how Tartan Week and Outlander go so well together, by way of a bucolic stroll through the history of NYC Tartan Week and the Outlander fan’s love of all things Scottish, even if you are not Scots by birth. 

Newsflash, people:  it's been one tough week for Outlander fans planning to attend the festivities during NYC Tartan Week. The focus of the fandom over the past seven days has transitioned from simple logistics to that of world domination serious strategic planning. This week, I am wearing my game face.


Spill the Tea, STARZ!

Written by: Anne Gavin

UPDATE: Several hours after this post was published yesterday, STARZ informed some Facebook Outlander fan groups that the event on April 4th in New York City would be a "private" screening for Media, industry and contest winners and not open to general fans.  Let us know how you feel about this turn of  events in the comments section below.

Occasionally I write news pieces for this Blog in addition to original content.  You can't imagine how much fun it is to be able to obsess over my favorite television series (and books) and then have a forum on which to report on the latest casting or production news or expound on all my deepest, darkest Outlander musings, feelings and expectations.  But, with less than a month now until Season 2 premieres, I find myself breaking into a cold sweat, experiencing heart palpitations and regular outbursts of anger and anxiety.  Because the Outlander Cast Blog is written by fans for fans, I am guessing many of you feel the same.  Droughtlander taking its toll, you say?  Well, not quite.  Read more about the reasons for my anxiety after the jump...


Going For Baroque: The Sounds of St. Germain

Written by: Kendra Spring Klasek

Recently, Bear McCreary sat down with Adam Chitwood over at Collider.com to talk Outlander season 2, more specifically, the drastic tonal shift the music will take.  We're heading to the 18th century Parisian court, dear readers, and as a musician myself, this gets me really excited.  Don't get me wrong, I love some good bagpipes as much as the next wannabe Celt (I'm actually German and Norwegian), but nothing gets under my skin like the decadence of the harpsichord and, unless I'm totally off-base, I'm guessing we're gonna get oodles of it in season 2, while Jamie and Claire play deadly cat-and-mouse with international politics in silk-walled salons. Additionally, nothing underscores the coy flitting of a fan and a cutting side-eye like the keening of violins. I'm kvelling already!

Diana Gabaldon Offers Surprising Take On EW Cover And Blake Reacts

Written by: Blake Larsen

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the Entertainment Weekly cover that featured a scantily clad Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. While everyone is entitled to their opinion about the nature of the cover shoot, this humble podcaster believes that everyone needs to chill the heck out. But, really, what does my opinion matter? I talk into a microphone in my studio with my wife about this show and while I absolutely adore my listeners/readership, my pull in the Outlander community can only go so far. The one opinion about the cover that actually mattered, however, was that of Diana Gabaldon herself - and she made sure people people knew she was going to weigh in on the controversy.

Weigh in, she did, and it really surprised me. Hit the jump to find out what she had to say and why I was ready to pounce ALL OVER her - but couldn't.

Wrapping Season 2, Covergate, Tweed Suits and Hangovers...

Written by: Anne Gavin

Last weekend marked a momentous occasion in the Outlander Universe,  The filming of Season 2 finally wrapped and the show now heads into post-production editing, etc., with exactly 7 weeks left until the April 9th broadcast premiere.  A few other notable things occurred.  Check them all out after the jump.
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