Outlander Cast: The Clan Gathering - LIVE STREAM - Season 2 Premiere Pregame Show - Episode 42*

Written by: Blake Larsen

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things Outlander Season 1 and 2 with some of the Outlander Cast Blog writers for the first ever Clan Gathering.  Featuring Kendra, Denise and Holly. This was our LIVE STREAM episode right before the premiere started!    In this episode, you will learn all about the marketing of season 2, the trailer, casting decisions, what we expect for season 2, the final countdown, and what we think they need to do to improve from season 1.   It's raw, uncut, and a completely genuine podcasting experience.  *Please note that we had minor techinical difficulties with the Bloggers audio within the first 5 minutes.  But they do appear after the 5 minute mark

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