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Written By: Janet Reynolds

Time for this week's Outlander social media wrap-up, that post we're doing semi-regularly to help free up your lives from A) obsessive behavior B) getting fired from your job because you're trolling Tumblr etc. on your phone when you should be writing some verra critical TPS report and/or C) ensuring you don't miss the critical social media moments in between rewatching episodes. Here's what happened...

If you've come here looking for more on the William Shatner Twitterverse debacle, you'll be disappointed. If you missed what happened (i.e. don't have a Twitter or Tumblr account), consider yourself lucky. It was embarrassing at best and ugly at its worst, and illustrates the ways in which fandoms and social media can ignite like a keg of dynamite on a hot summer's day. (If you're curious, read this brilliant and hysterical summation by That's Normal, who started their blog recap with a headline I will envy forever: Shatlander. Read it. And then come back here, of course.) I will only add this: Fandoms gone awry (and that's putting what happened this week nicely) can make it easier for the powers that be, including actors fed up with being harassed and publicly castigated, to decide to move on to something less fraught with minefields. Take note, fandom. If you want more than 4 seasons of Outlander, then the time to take a deep breath and step back a bit is now, not when you're whining the series has been cancelled.

On to happier things...Outlander is hoping for Emmy nominations in more than the music category composer Bear McCreary was (justly) nominated for last year. But the competition is stiff. You've likely heard of a few of the shows competing for Best Drama Series. Game of Thrones anyone? So what's a cable channel to do? Why rally the fandom of course and use Twitter to try to raise the TV Academy's awareness of Outlander awesomeness.
The tweeting #EmmysforOutlander continue until June 27 if you want to get in on the action.

It's very possible that Angus/StephenWalters may make it into just about every social media round-up we do — and I type this without apology. People could take a lesson or two from this tweeting tyro. The man has such fun and seems to understand that using Twitter this way as an actor is A) safe (see above debacle) and B) fun.

Even as he knew his end was coming he created a couple of gems that he posted before "Prestonpans." This one on "Graham McTatty" aka Graham McTavish/Dougal, for instance.

Or this one on Duncan LaCroix/Murtagh:

Book readers know that Rupert dodged a bullet here — literally. Apparently Angus got the nod to die because the actor who played Willie couldn't make the second season. (RDM was not happy.) Walters, in what seems to be his general self-effacing style, saw the upside in the moment, though. Rather than dying anonymously in the upcoming Battle of Culloden, he got his own death, a chance to really shine and stand out as an actor. And stand out, he did, even in his tweet thanking fans for their responses to him.

All we can say is tweet on, Angus! We'll follow your pithy posts anywhere!

In other SM news, Caitriona Balfe took over the live tweeting reins from Matt Roberts, who live tweeted during "Je Suis Prest." (You can catch up on what he said in last week's post.) Here are a few tweets from Cait during "Prestonpans."

• First this exchange with Walters:

• And not to be outdone, Walters' response:

• On McTavish/Dougal, who showed his best and worst sides in this episode for sure:

• On that moment when (not)Bonny Prince Charlie tries to tell Jamie to pull his wife into line at the hospital and treat the English soldiers first. If we ever thought he had a chance to win, this moment sealed the deal about his lack of ability to read reality.

 And finally we end on these two happy season 3 twitterverse moments:

From Cait, a RT from Matt Roberts:

And from Jon Gary Steele:

With season 3 well underway behind the scenes, this year's #Droughtlander may not be long. Now that's news we can all love!

What were your favorite moments on social media this week? What did you think of Shatlander? 


  1. Stephen Walters is hoot! Will miss his little impish face on the small screen.

  2. This series you're doing is my new favorite because of the content and the Janet spin. Keep it coming!

  3. Bad fan behavior made Tom and Lorenzo drop Outlander. I miss those guys.

    1. Joyce. I didn't realize that about Tom and Lorenzo. A faction of the fandom certainly has behaved badly. Not good for Outlander overall....


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