Season 3 #Outlander news: Jamie and Jack clash, welcome Fergus & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

When it rains, it pours. This time, though, the #Droughtlander showers were welcome indeed as we finally learned more details about Outlander's upcoming season 3. Not only did Entertainment Weekly drop a cover story with some hints of what's coming, but Starz announced the casting of adult Fergus.

The only cloud in this welcome storm? Nell Hudson, aka Laoghaire — perhaps the most hated character in Outlander — making a potential Twitter oops by posting a photo that showed her last name during a table-read, prompting some in the fandom to cry foul. What it prompted me to do is make a list of scenes I really don't want Ron D. Moore et al to put into Season 3. Hint: she's number one.

But before we get to that spoilery stuff, let's celebrate the raindrops EW tossed our way.

Welcome to Outlander, Young Ian and Joe Abernathy!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Assuming you're still on this side of the stones, you likely have heard that the Outlander family expanded this week with the announcement that young Ian Murray and Joe Abernathy have been cast. Murray will be played by John Bell while Joe Abernathy will be portrayed by Wil Johnson.

These two characters play pivotal roles in the upcoming seasons, Joe as Claire's medical school confidante and workplace spouse while young Ian is the reason a lot of the action that's coming occurs. (Book readers you know what I'm sayin', right?)

But while you may realize Bell and Johnson have been cast, you may not know that much about them. We've put together a fun little quiz to give you a bit of their history. Enjoy!

You know you're an Outlander Obsessenach when...

Written by: Janet Reynolds

You all know who you are. You've watched Outlander so much you can quote entire scenes from memory. If you're a book fan, you've likely read the books so often that they fall open to your favorite passages. Maybe, just maybe, you own a piece or two of Outlander gear (plaid kilt anyone?). In other words, if given a choice between A (as in anything) and Outlander, you pick Outlander. Simply put, you are an Obsessenach, loud and proud.

As we slog our way through #Droughtlander, we decided to pass the time celebrating Obsessenachs worldwide. So here, without further ado, are some sure signs you're an Obsessenach. Some are my own and some were added by members of our Outlander Cast Clan Gathering Facebook page. Have a few of your own? Please add them below or feel free to create your own meme and post it on our Facebook page. After all, we're all in this #Droughtlander together.


Keeping Faith: A nurse on the loss of a baby in Outlander

Written by: Denise Stewart

Episode 207, "Faith," is based on just that – faith. Faith in a couple, faith in the future, faith in a new life, faith in seeing each other again. But at the heart, the very core, is the story of a mother and her child. A mother and the loss of her only baby, Faith. Watching Claire’s heart-wrenching story unfold made me think a lot about how we approach the untimely departure of ones so small – how things were, how much they are the same, and how much they have changed. Why would I connect to a topic so emotionally difficult to stomach?


And the Winner Is... Results of THE CASTIES are in!

Written by: Holly Richter-White

Emmys schwemmys, seriously who needs them... and who cares. There’s no love quite like fan love, and boy did we show Outlander our devotion. Nearly 2,000 fans voted in THE CASTIES, the first-ever fan awards for Oultlander, and we announced the winners in all 22 categories via a LIVE Outlander Cast show on Saturday, Sept. 10. Weren't able to tune in? Dinna fash, we have you covered – results, analysis and all! And the winner is...

And the winner is... Join us for the LIVE Cast to announce winners of THE CASTIES!

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Oh Outlander TV series, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

Nearly 2,000 of you heeded our call to shower Outlander in a heap of fan praise by voting in THE CASTIES – the first-ever fan awards specifically designed for the Outlander TV series by the Outlander Cast Blog. As cast and crew have often said, who needs a stinkin' Emmy (okay, I made that part up), fan love is the BEST love of all!

That part's true, I swear.

You voted for everything from "above and beyond" individual performances and best supporting cast to favorite sets and costumes and so much more. Landslides? Near shut-outs? Some where only a few votes separated the winner from the others? Yep, we've got them all!  Drumroll, please...

And now it's time to reveal the winners of THE CASTIES in all 22 categories in a way totally fitting of the Outlander Cast podcast – with a LIVE cast!

The 13 best lines of dialogue in Outlander Season 2

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Ach, Droughtlander. That inevitable purgatory between Outlander seasons. What's an Obsessenach to do? (You know, besides obsessively stalking social media for even the slightest tidbit of what's happening in Scotland on set? Because, yes, the gods be praised, they are FINALLY starting to shoot season 3!)

Why, obsessively rewatch Season 2, of course, and create what is now officially my annual post on the best Outlander lines (or dialogue sections because this is not really a one-liner show). Season 1 was ripe for the picking IMHO. Season 2, which I didn't love quite as much, was a little trickier. But here, without further ado, are my picks. Let me know if you agree or if I left out one of your faves. After all, we're all in this Droughtlander together!


The Fraser Coat: One Key to Turning Jamie into the King of Men

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

A coat is defined as “an outer garment worn outdoors, having sleeves and typically extending below the hips.” It’s something you wear to protect yourself from the elements and – hopefully – look good while doing it. When Jamie puts on his father’s coat, however, a transformation occurs – more than just a barrier against the unforgiving elements of Mother Nature, it becomes part of his persona and helps him fill the roles he’s destined to play. But just how does our beloved King of Men become the equivalent of an 18th Century Superman just by donning this bequeathed cloak?

Forget-me-not: Outlander's Powerful Use of Flowers to Tell Stories

Written by: Anne Hawkinson

It’s summer, the heat index is unapologetic, and we’re in the very real throes of Droughtlander. What's an Outlander-obsessed gal to do but hibernate indoors and commit to re-watching every episode. . . again? I just hope my DVDs don’t melt in the player from overuse.

On one of my many viewings, my mind began to focus on one of the small, easy-to-gloss-over story elements I’d missed earlier - flowers. Such small, but powerful vital story elements that deserve their time in the sun. What specifically caught my eye was the one that started it all – the forget-me-not. Claire noticed them in the very first episode, the first day she and Frank visited Craigh Na Dun, but wasn’t sure of their identity. She goes back to the stones to collect some and, well, we all know what happens next. Wow. What a powerful flower! But what of the forget-me-not itself? Does it have a story of its own to tell?
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