Ready to cry? Outlander's Matt B. Roberts on the print shop & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Let's be frank: The Outlander Twitterverse can be a dangerous place for cast and crew to enter. While predominantly a forum for happy sharing and announcements and fan love, it periodically swirls into a toxic soup of some fairly strange behavior where people forget that if you wouldn't say it to the person's face, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't type it either.

Given the inability to gauge on any given day exactly which fans you're dealing with and how they might actually respond to something you type, I remain amazed and appreciative that Outlander folks still jump in to the Twitter feed on a fairly regular basis. We had two recent brave souls: Caitriona Balfe, who celebrated reaching 200,000 Twitter followers with a one-hour #AskCait Twitterfest, and a few days before that, writer extraordinaire and co-executive producer Matt B. Roberts. In case you missed it, here, without further delay, are 10 things we learned from Roberts' tweets about Season 3.


Outlander Inspired Halloween Costumes

Written by: Mary Larsen

Most of the listeners of Outlander Cast know that I am a massive Christmas elf. You should just consider me Buddy The Elf's biological sister, in fact. BUT, there are some parts of life that come in a very close second. First and foremost of those parts – Halloween. Perhaps it's the kid in me, or the fact that I refuse to ever truly grow up – but there is something quite magical about All Hallow's Eve that almost rivals even St. Nick's night. Which is why I suppose one of the greatest mash up movies of all time is A Nightmare Before Christmas – thank you, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, thank you so much for that beauty of a film. I digress.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of TV too. And with that in mind, I am slave to world-building in television too whether it be Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and yes, Outlander.  Being enveloped in a completely different and well-fleshed-out world is so enthralling to watch.  Again, is that the kid in me talking? Perhaps.  But either way, these worlds sweep me off my feet for an hour at a time, or at least the small amount of time I need to recapture my sanity after being with my children all the time.

Considering my love of all things Halloween, and the vast worlds that have been built by the likes of Robert Kirkman, George R.R. Martin, or Diana Gabaldon, I thought it would be fun to explore some costumes made by fans just like you and I that were inspired by Herself and her Outlander universe...

#AskCait Q&A on Twitter -- Everything you want to know about Outlander's Caitriona Balfe!

Written by: Anne Gavin

Caitriona Balfe served up a whopper of a Q&A on Twitter today.  She promised to do so when she reached 200,000 followers on Twitter, and keep that promise she did!  For more than an hour, Caitriona generously answered questions from eager Outlander fans and was joined by a few other cast members.  Gee, I wonder who?  Check out some of the more interesting questions (and answers) below... 

Fairies, Folklore, Witchcraft & Waterhorses – The Symbolism & Superstitions of Outlander

Written by : Anne Gavin

Samhain is fast approaching.  Known as the Day of the Dead – Samhain marks the ancient Celtic holiday when spirits are free to roam amongst the living. In addition to alluding to a number of Gaelic feasts, Outlander is full of references to many Highland myths, symbols and superstitions passed down over generations of the Celtic people. Mythology and folklore touch every aspect of Claire and Jamie’s adventures and many of the colorful characters they encounter along the way. So, as we observe Samhain, held annually from sunset on Oct. 31 to sunset on Nov. 1, what better day to examine a few aspects of Outlander’s rich world of symbolism and imagine how life must have been when medicine and science were often cast aside for demons and superstition.  Let's begin...


Out of Faith: Fan uproar over an extended scene

Written By: Holly Richter-White

So, a clandestine un-aired extended version of Season 2 EP. 7 "Faith", written by Toni Graphia was released into the fandom ahead of the DVD release. I saw it when it was retweeted by episode’s director Metin Huseyin, with immense praise for Sam. And then Diana got involved, as how could anyone seriously not love that performance. And from it all, fans cried foul. “Why was it cut?” This scene was perfect! We NEEDED this!”

After seeing Season One’s edits, and discussing their rationale, irate book-fans mostly understood what was necessary for adaptation to a visual medium. These cuts made sense.

But this time, this particular edit bleeds particularly deep among fans- both book but now, also TV-only fans. And of course, some fans went all personal in their criticism, which really wasn’t constructive. Thankfully, there were more than enough fans with respectful critique.

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First up, we are giving away a copy of The Making of Outlander, and there are SEVERAL ways to enter.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn how!

In the Company of Women: Friendships as seen through Outlander’s Claire Fraser

Written by: Anne Gavin

There is something mystical yet earthy about our friendships with women.   Oftentimes our girl friends are so like us in many ways, but just as often they are so very different.  Throughout a woman’s lifetime, we may discover friendships that enrich a specific time in our lives or fulfill a particular need.  Those friendships might be fleeting but it doesn’t matter because they were there when we needed them and perhaps, when they needed us.  And, then there are those of us fortunate enough to have life-long friends unearthed perhaps as far back as the paddling pool or the playground or sitting across from each other on our mothers’ laps.  Those friendships are rare and prized.  

I identify with Outlander’s Claire Fraser in many ways, especially when it comes to her female friendships and the seasons of her life that find her wanting and needing different things from very different women.  We see in Claire a fiercely independent woman, raised essentially without a mother figure and surrounded by strong men most of her early life. However, when Claire pierces the veil of time, she encounters several women in her 18th century life that profoundly impact her.  And, it can certainly be said that Claire’s female friends find their friendship with Claire life-changing in many ways as well.  Let’s see if you can relate to the various friendships that Claire discovers in Scotland and throughout her travels as we seek to explore her friendships with women and the transitional moments she shares with them.


May I Speak Frankly? Our Love-Hate Relationship with Outlander's Mr. October

Written by: Teddie Potter

Please do NOT leave this page; not just yet.

Yes, this piece is about the F word, so sit down and bear with me because I just had to run the gauntlet of the bored expressions of the first class passengers as I headed to my tiny space allotment in coach, measured in mere inches, to seat 32C.  I, too, hope to be bored someday.  Meanwhile, I pray that United doesn't yet again change the Frequent Flyer rules, spiraling the miles redemption process into a pattern of a Franz Kafka novel.

On this flight to the West coast, I am pondering Frank Randall.  Maybe it's because I just finished watching Money Monster on the big big screen on the economy seat back in front of me, and Caitriona Balfe's luminous face brought Outlander to mind.  Who am I kidding?  Outlander is ALWAYS to mind round here. TBH, I switched to the "classics" offerings after Money Monster, and chose Viva Las Vegas, which I would have stuck with, but my whoops of laughter were becoming uncontrollable, and people were sleeping.  And those were the serious scenes of that old Elvis film.

Should you be in possession of an itchy Amazon finger for all things Outlander, you likely own the official 2016 Outlander Starz Calendar and have already flipped the page to October.  Here, in splendorous 1940s garb, are Claire and Frank Randall.  Feast your eyes, friends of Frank!


Outlander vs. Poldark: breaking down your conflicted 18th Century guilty pleasures

Written by: Ashley Crawley 

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’m an Obsessenach. I imagine you are too, and it feels so warm and fuzzy to be among such wonderful friends. While we’re sharing, a quick question — are we in the tree of trust? I think we are, so here goes… *deep breath*

Confession: I might have a tiny crush on Poldark. Okay, FINE — it’s a ginormous, unabashed, unrelenting, must-have-more type of crush on Poldark. Yes, the period drama on BBC (PBS here in America, Sundays at 9:00 pm). And let’s be clear — yes, Poldark the MAN. It’s a fixation that is making me question my professed loyalties to Outlander and our beloved King of Men, Jamie Fraser. Or maybe it's Aidan Turner versus Sam Heughan. Or maybe it’s our delicious show versus this other delicious show? Or maybe not. Ah hell, what a good problem to ponder. Amirite?   

But before you judge me, let me explain…

The Kids Are All Right: More Outlander Season 3 Casting News!

Written by: Teddie Potter

There’s something evil about Droughtlander. The more we get, the much, much more we terribly crave. Even as winter in the Northern hemisphere draws closer, there is no settling down for a long winter’s nap in the Outlander world, because, well; Outlander. It’s a pathology, for sure; maybe a syndrome, or perhaps just a happy affliction of sorts. Any way you look at it, I am under its power and happy to be there.

"I hear ye, lass... have a wee bit more?"

Each new nugget of intelligence sent rolling down the Interwebs creates excitement, new speculation, and also serves to remind us how near, and yet how very far away, the premiere of Season 3 truly is. Wait. I said "PREMIERE"! That very word strikes terror in my shriveled up NYC heart. I don't rightly know if I can survive another. Let me refresh your memory. I digress.

But what's the latest flowing from the news pipeline?

Last week, we learned that 26-year old French actor Cesar Domboy was cast as an all-grown-up version of the beloved Fergus, bringing a Parisian swagger and dark good looks to the adult version of the clever and mischievous lad born in a brothel and informally adopted by Jamie Fraser in Season 2. Readers may find Domboy a near perfect vision of Diana Gabaldon’s description of Fergus. Well, he’s pretty danged close to my idea of Fergus Claudel Fraser in the flesh!

Ooh la la! 

We were all still celebrating this latest casting home run when Starz came forward this week with its official (I mean, it felt pretty official already in my book) casting confirmation for Domboy as Fergus, while also announcing the casting of UK-born actress and relative-newcomer Lauren Lyle as Marsali, another new character to join the recently cast actors playing Young Ian, Joe Abernathy and Lord John Grey. For a refresh on those announcements, check out our coverage here and here.

Non-book readers, remain patient. There is a cast of what seems like thousands in these novels, and nearly each of them serves a purpose in the ever-evolving world of Outlander. The good part is that you can probably pronounce their names, unlike those in a Dostoevsky novel.

The lovely Lauren plays Marsali, the daughter of the thing-that-won't-go-away, AKA Laoghaire (pretty much known as LegWhore or Leghair in the fandom, depending on who you are talking to). One of the credits to Lyle's name is an ensemble role in The Crucible, opposite the formidable Richard Armitage. How fitting, considering the source material's reliance on the historical record of jealous girls crying, "witch". Sound familiar? Sounds like Mommy Dearest. And speaking of which, is there an actors' chromosome pool out there reserved just for film adaptations of books? Because, look:

Poor Nell Hudson and her damned fictional character, Laoghaire, are forever relegated to The Dark Side, likely with Tobias Menzies as a cell mate – a vision shared by many, but not by moi. These characters make the Outlander story what it is and can't be erased, and therefore deserve their glorious minutes of screen time, regardless of how long and loudly we may piteously howl.

Anyhoo, let's test your knowledge on this latest character announcement to help you ready for Season 3!

First up, a little Q&A for our non-bookie Obsessenachs:

Q: What kind of name is Marsali?
A: A Scot's name for a lassie.

Q: How do you pronounce it?
A: Let's go to exhibit A for this one.

Exhibit A

Q: When did Leghair get married?
A: Wait and see.

Q: Who is Marsali's father?
A: You will find out.

Q: Should I care about Marsali?
A: Eventually.

As it turns out, there's not much we can reveal to non-book readers that won't give away a major plot point in Season 3, so you'll just have to stay patient!

***POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD... If you can read between the lines. But a warning, nonetheless!***

Now a Q&A for our book-reading Obsessenachs: 

Q: What kind of name is Marsali?
A: It's Scots, you numpty!

Q: How do you pronounce it?
A: Forget the evidence, I'll pronounce it anyway I choose.

Q: When did Leghair get married?
A: I don't give a crap. I just wish she would get lost.

Q: Who is Marsali's father?
A: It's not JAMMF, that's for sure.

Q: Should I care about Marsali?
A: Eventually.

As it also turns out, we book readers get our own special set of rules when it comes to determining our feelings about Leghair and any casting announcements or plot developments that hinge on her presence. Sue me.

What do you think about this latest round of casting? Did the casting team nail it yet again? And who do you think will be next? Sound off below and in our Outlander Cast Clan Gathering on Facebook!

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