The Scotland Diaries: Trekking up Goat Fell

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This post is a continuation in Anne Gavin's series about returning to Scotland after a wonderful first visit last year. Read about why she, like Claire, had to go back and about her time exploring Glasgow. And if you want to relieve Anne's first trip last year, here's a link to get you started. Let the virtual travel begin!

We arrived the Isle of Arran full of anticipation but slightly WET. Too busy chatting away with locals on the boat, we had no idea that while making our 55-minute crossing from Ardrossan that the clouds had moved in. As we walked down the gang plank of the CalMac ferry, the skies had opened up. Typical Scotland. What is also typical Scotland is the wonderfully kind hospitality of those that live there. The effervescent Brian Deary of Corrie Cabs and Visit Arran was there to greet us and drive us the 30 minutes to our seaside cottage where we would stay for the week. I had been corresponding with Brian for several months regarding Arran and our need for possible rides to and fro while there. A wonderful Scotsman, indeed, Brian regaled us with many tales of the island and its history as he whisked us quite rapidly on a very narrow two-lane track towards the southwest side of the island and our cottage.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice as we drove out of the ferry terminal, however, was the very large and looming Goat Fell mountain dead ahead. I shuddered a little staring at it. It was hard to look away, actually. It looked foreboding – with dark, black clouds near the summit. It was my first up-close and personal view and did not seem at all as friendly as many of the photos I had seen. Quite shear and rocky, the mountain jutted upwards from sea level narrowing into an angular tip at the summit surrounded by boulders on all sides. This was our challenge, however, to make sure we got up Goat Fell at least one of the days we were on the island. I thought I was ready... but didn’t think it would be so soon. Here is our story of climbing the merciless Goat Fell.


Outlander Goes to the Dogs: A Look at the Breed Playing Rollo

Written by: Janet Reynolds

A few weeks ago, Starz threw us Outlander  fans a bone, almost literally, by announcing the breed of dog that would be playing Rollo. Two adorable Northern Inuit puppies are already in training to become Ian Murray's trusty canine sidekick come season 4.

Now book readers likely have an image of Rollo in their heads, thanks to Diana Gabaldon's wonderfully descriptive writing. And they also likely have some expectations of how Rollo should act. TV-only folks, though, only have the cute photos leaked by Starz PR. So we decided to find out a bit more about this breed, which is so new that it isn't even officially recognized yet by the American Kennel Club. We caught up with Sharon O'Garro, who is the first Northern Inuit breeder in North America and founder of the Northern Inuit Society of America. Here's what she had to say about this fascinating breed.

The Scotland Diaries: Waking Up in Glasgow

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This post is a continuation of Anne Gavin's first post about returning to Scotland after a wonderful first visit last year. Read about why she, like Claire, had to go back. And if you want to relieve Anne's first trip last year, here's a link to get you started. Let the virtual travel begin!

Despite an overnight flight, I felt none of the usual haze one usually feels after a long transatlantic journey. Just the opposite. I was in Scotland again and was ready to start what I knew would be an incredible three weeks of experiences with some wonderful people and in some extraordinary places.

It had been a year since my last trip here and so much had happened in that year. Another season of life, another season of Outlander and another very joyful year writing for the Outlander Cast Blog, building new friendships. Many of these new friends I had planned to meet this trip while also renewing bonds with others with whom I share some multiple interests—Scotland being the main! But, it was all to start in Glasgow, a city I had glazed over on my last trip to Scotland but only because of lack of time. However, this trip, I knew I needed to explore this colorful city and its history and experience some of what makes Glasgow such a wee jewel. Come along with me on my trip!

It's Not About the Vase and Other Outlander Life Lessons

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

I’ve got a confession to make. I read too much into things—everything really. That mole on your leg? I’m pretty sure that it has changed color and shape since yesterday and that you need to have it removed stat. Your kid’s runny nose? It’s your town’s first case of measles since 1968. I know they said it would only take three weeks to renovate the kitchen, but my gut tells me it's going to take a lot longer than that. And that waiter was totally just flirting with me. You saw it. Right?

Maybe it comes from my overactive imagination or maybe I’m always looking for a story to tell. Whatever the reason, I usually take more away from conversations, books, and movies than other folks. As I reflected on my first read-through of the Outlander series, I began to see many applicable life lessons. I will share them with you, but only if you promise not to make any actual life decisions based on them. If you promise, then please keep reading. If not, you need to take a few moments and ask yourself why you would accept life advice from a lady writing a blog post from her couch while her kid parades the cat around the house like Simba and Rafiki from the opening scene of The Lion King.

My Journey Through Time: the Outlander-inspired Hartwood Highlander Happening

Written by: Denise Stewart

I’d never been to an Outlander-inspired event. I mean, sitting at home texting your friend about the show while watching it simultaneously for the second…tenth who’s counting anyway...IS social and COULD be considered an event, but an actual outing? That had never been in my cards.

That changed when my local Outlander group posted an event that was going to be hosted about an hour from my house. I WAS IN! I texted said friend and asked if she was in too. But of course! So reservations were made, and we were set to go! Want to see what it was like? Come along with us for this virtual tour.


Walking the Way of Outlander: The Great Glencoe Challenge

Written by: Andrée Poppleton

People have many ways of dealing with Droughtlander. Some obsessively rewatch episodes, others re-read the books for the nth time, others have tiny forays into the world outside Outlander. Some decide to walk. Walk, trudge, march (caper about?) and just generally get moving in a forward direction. It gets the endorphins flowing and relieves some of the angst while waiting for our all-time favourite TV show to hit the screens again. Some of the NewGlasgowGirls – a group who met in Scotland, bonded over Outlander and have remained friends ever since – are doing just that. We are going to take a verra long walk together, specifically the Great New Glencoe Challenge, a 26.2 mile one-day hike through some of Scotland's most beautiful and challenging countryside.

And we're not just going to walk further than we have ever walked in our lives before, we are going to raise money for Caitriona Balfe's charity of choice, World Child Cancer.

Here's our story and we invite you to walk along with us.

"I Have to Go Back" – The Scotland Diaries: Part 2

Written by: Anne Gavin

“I have to go back.” – the haunting last line of Episode 13 of Outlander  Season 2, uttered by Claire Randall Fraser when she realized that her 18th century soul mate, love of her life, and father of her only child survived the Battle of Culloden. It’s also EXACTLY how I felt shortly after returning from my first trip to Scotland in the spring of 2016... although, unlike Claire, no soaring Bear McCreary soundtrack accompanied my revelation nor, unfortunately, visions of a tall, red-headed Scot!

The first time I traveled to Scotland, I thought I knew what to expect. For more than a year, I had looked at photos, read several books, re-watched episodes of Outlander  dozens of times and imagined what Scotland might be like. But, it completely and totally exceeded every expectation I ever had. I truly came alive there and, for those few weeks, found myself in a state of complete wonder and frankly – just plain happiness. It was the landscapes, the air, the sea, the mountains, and the hills that captivated me. But more than that, it was the people.

It might have been my love of Outlander  that compelled me to visit the first time, but it’s now Scotland itself that commands me to return. I know there is more to see, more to do, more lovely Scottish people to meet and more of my soul to fill. I journaled those amazing few weeks last year for the Outlander Cast Blog in a series called “The Scotland Diaries.”  I will do my best to do so again amidst dodgy Wi-Fi and cross-country travels with the hope of sharing my second go-around with this lovely and soulful country which serves as inspiration for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander  Series. Here is a little sneak peek of where my travels will take me as I head off in just a little over a week's time.


Droughtlander TV/Movie Recommendations: What's on Our Screens?

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

Earlier this month, the Outlander Cast Blog writers shared their favorite books with you to help ease those terrible symptoms of Droughtlander. We now turn our focus to television shows. Between the reading list and the show recommendations, we hope that this will keep your spirits high until the return of Outlander  in September. If neither of these work, try wine.

Two small disclaimers. One, the viewing recommendations are primarily based on what viewers in the United States have access to in the way of programming. We are aware that offerings vary by country, but there is just no way for us to know about all those variations. If you are aware of other ways to view the shows that we’ve listed, please let us know in the comments section. Two, yes – we are aware that some shows appear multiple times. They're just that good and, thus, we've left in our crew's shared enthusiasm for these shows. And with that, let's see what we're watching...


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Outlander's Opening Images

Written by: Holly Richter-White

Long lost Outlander title sequences that were never chosen by Ron D. Moore? A never-before-seen Outlander mood board used to inspire the Season One title design ultimately chosen by Moore? A new Season 3 Outlander title sequence envisioned by fan video creator Julia LeBlanc? We've got all this and more in this post. It's the time to drown our Droughtlander woes in a look behind the artistry, significance, and drama surrounding the Outlander Title Sequence.


Outlandish Locations: Discover the Bloody History & Haunted Towers of Blackness Castle

Written by: Anne Gavin

Scotland essentially serves as its own *character* in the Outlander  saga. Accordingly, the television series has showcased many of the country’s finest historical locations prompting thousands of visitors to flock in record numbers to visit. It’s called the “Outlander Effect” by those in the tourist and hospitality industry in Scotland. We like what we see on screen, but what do we really know or understand about the importance of these locations or the role they played in the history of Scotland?  We at the Outlander Cast Blog thought we would help out by bringing you a new blog series highlighting the history and the lore of Outlander filming locations around Scotland. We start with Blackness Castle, used as the gloomy and foreboding "Fort William" and also known in modern times for its unexplained paranormal activity. Catch the history bug and get ready for a few ghost stories as we explore this Outlandish Location.


What does Starz Season 3 Outlander Teaser Tell Us? Get ready for Jamie tragedy.

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Starz released its official Outlander  teaser (not to be confused with a trailer, which would be longer and perhaps really tell us something) right before its new show, The White Princess.  What did we learn in those 40 seconds about the upcoming Season 3? That we're going to need a lot of patience and hankies before we get what we all want—to see Jamie and Claire reunited.


Outlander Cast Blog Exclusive: An Interview with Diana Gabaldon in South Africa

Written by: Jayne Coleman

When I made plans to visit Cape Town for my vacation, I was so hopeful I’d be able to meet some of the Outlander  cast or crew, as well as area Outlander fans for a South African Outlander Cast Blog meet-up. Sure, Cape Town is a large city, but I was going to go to the studio where they were filming. Fans saw Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in Scotland. Why not South Africa?

Then I heard Diana Gabaldon was going to be in South Africa and Cape Town around the time I would be there. It is possible I could meet her? A fan can dream, right?

So I emailed her and asked. I still can’t believe how bold that was. I mean, why would Diana Gabaldon agree to meet with yet another fan? True, I write for a blog with a large readership, but so what?

Imagine my surprise when Diana said yes! I almost fainted dead away—especially because I got her response just after I had finished a 14-hour drive away from Cape Town and she wanted to meet the next day. The good news is this story ends well. Here’s our exclusive interview with—yes—Herself.

In Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, It’s a Matter of Trust

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge

Diana Gabaldon makes reference to “trust” more than 60 times in the first two books of the Outlander series alone. (Trust me, I used Kindle Search to count.) It appears in all manner of references, like this simple-yet-powerful declaration Jamie makes to Claire in Outlander:“I decided to trust you instead.”

Considering that trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone   could it be the secret ingredient in the Outlander series sauce? From the start, Ms. Gabaldon gains our trust as we eagerly embrace her sci-fi, romantic, historical, adventuress genius. She reaches into our chest, grabs our heart and holds it in her hands, pulsing and throbbing, as she takes us along on Claire’s implausible, magnificent journey.

Using not only the actual word “trust” but an Outlander lexicon of related words and phrases (like vow, truth, between us, believe, Faith), Ms. Gabaldon intertwines the relationships of our cherished Claire and Jamie  both their own special bond and the relationships each has with a host of others. Besides the trusting relationship that is built between Jamie and Claire, there are so many delicious and, yes, sometimes deeply disturbing ones. But which, if any, can pass the “trust test?”


Fall is coming... Outlander vs. Poldark, Literally.

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Remember the debate last fall? No, not those debates. I’m referring to the one where we reconciled our collective guilt for obsessing over Poldark in an Outlander-like fashion by comparing the two shows pecs-to-pecs head-to-head. Well, obsessenachs, that Outlander vs. Poldark scenario just got real—very real— with the announcement that Poldark will be back on U.S. screens starting October 1 at 9 p.m. Why? Because that’s the EXACT day of the week and EXACT time that Outlander will also finally be back on our screens. And the scheduling plot thickens…

Droughtlander Reading Recommendations: What's On Our Nightstands?

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

Droughtlander. Sigh. Will it ever be over? How does an Outlander-obsessed fan pass the seemingly endless days until September? The writers of the Outlander Cast Blog put our heads together to compile a reading list of our favorite books. As you might imagine, there is a pronounced bias toward history and the supernatural, but I was actually a bit surprised at the breadth of the recommendations. If you’re looking for some titles to add to your summer (or winter depending on your hemispherical status) reading list, I think you’ll find something that appeals to you. (We've included links in case you're inspired to buy and get going.) Without further delay, I give you the Outlander Cast Blog Writers' Droughtlander Reading List.

Outlander Cast Podcast Episode #78: Season 3 - What We Know So Far (with Special Guest Anne Gavin)

Written by: Blake Larsen

Let's face it, #droughtlander sucks.

But just because there aren't any new episodes to chat about doesn't mean there isn't ANYTHING to chat about.

In fact, there's plenty!

So while we haven't seen anything new on our screens, there are lots of things happening behind the screen to keep the Outlander train chugging.

That said, we thought we'd try something new – bring on some of the Outlander Cast Blog staff, who you read every day, to parse out all the latest goings on for our favorite show.

We were recently joined by Anne Gavin, senior writer and our Outlander Cast news editor, to discuss all the latest news related to season 3 we know so far.

In this episode, you'll learn all about: new characters, new actors, trailer date, premiere date, cast appearances at Emerald City Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con, social media updates from the major Outlander social media players (like Matt B. Roberts, etc.), episode counts, new writers and directors, and all the rumors swirling around Outlander season 3 production.

There is a lot of great information in this episode, and we had tons of fun too – talking about everything from how Sam Heughan hasn't eaten a cupcake in 2 years to why we would totally go to Comic Con if it weren't for all the lines and people bumping into each other, Jamaica, Sam's new gym, and much more.

So hit the jump to get up to date on all the latest Outlander news!


An Outlander Wrap-up: Sun, Sweat & Scots Weather in Cape Town

Written by: Jayne Coleman

The Outlander  cast and crew have had a busy start to their South African stay. After the Scottish cold, wet and grey days, they’ve had to adjust to bright, sunny and very hot days. Gin and tonics have helped keep them cool, along with sunglasses and SPF factor 50 sunscreen protection.

So what exactly have they been doing? And where? Most of their time has obviously been spent at the studios preparing to start filming. Thanks to Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis, we’ve been kept in the loop and have a few pics to give us a feel. In case you haven't been able to keep up, here's a quick round-up of what our favorite Outlanders have been up to when they're not hard at work on season 3.


The Five Stages of Droughtlander Grief

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

I’m not a therapist. I thought it would be helpful to get that out in the open right now so that you can take everything that follows with a grain of salt or an excellent single malt whisky. Hey, I’m not here to judge how you process your information.

With the recent announcement that Outlander  will premiere in September we’ve all been in various states something. The reactions have run the spectrum from understanding ("I’ll just be happy to have a quality show whenever it airs") to hostile ("What the hell is Starz doing?!") and everything in between. 

I thought it might be helpful for us all to think of this recent announcement and its aftermath in terms of the stages of grief that we’ve all come to know. I know that many professionals take issue with these stages because they make people feel that grief is a linear process but, like I said earlier, I’m not a therapist. I’m just trying to bring a little levity to these dark days of #Droughtlander by discussing grief. Trust me. It’ll be fun.


Outlander, Catriona Balfe & Emerald City Comicon — A Fan's Revealing Journey

Written by: Erika Schmale, Guest Contributor

Attending a Comic Con is not something I thought I would EVER do. For one, I’m borderline claustrophobic and panic at the mere thought of crowds and lines. When “forced” to be part of either, I tend to get anxious and dizzy, my hands get sweaty and I feel light-headed. If it becomes too much, I emotionally turn in and shut down. Additionally, I am not very creative when it comes to costumes, and I don’t really enjoy standing out in that way. Most of all, there is nothing that I am that passionate about that I would want or be willing to commit the time, money or effort that is required for a Comic Con. But, this was before Outlander  came into my life...


Outlander Cast Blog Scoop: Sam Heughan's arrival in South Africa

Written by: Jayne Coleman and guest contributor Maralyn Goldsmith

We have a saying in South Africa — ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan — i.e., a farmer makes a plan. Well, two South African Sassenachs did just that to scoop Sam Heughan’s arrival at the Cape Town airport.

We Facebooked, tweeted and watched the Emerald City ComiCon panel with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, listening super-carefully for any small hint we could use to make a plan. I checked airline departures, arrivals, travel times. We worked out when Sam might be arriving in Cape Town — sometime Monday morning, between 11 and 3, we thought. Maralyn was the Outlander Cast Clan Gathering member on the spot and she was super excited to see if we could make this plan come together. And we DID! Hannibal of The A Team would be proud of us. Here’s more about our sleuthing...


Fanwoman Without a Show: Living through Droughtlander AGAIN!

Written by: Teddie Potter

Without revealing one smidgen of partisan detail, I will simply say that these past few months in the U.S. have been supremely distracting. After getting sucked into the quicksand of current events, I needed a break and I needed it bad. I needed the kind of distraction that could literally take me away to a different time and a different place. I needed — you know where this is going, friends — OUTLANDER — and I needed it now! It was time for an Outlander Starz redux — again.

In my world of WithOutlander, any official re-watch worth its whisky always begins with season 1. Season 1 isn’t “old news;” for Outlander fans, it’s THE news — at least it is at my house. My focus on S1 mirrors my Outlander book-reading style; despite having read the entire series of novels and all of the offshoots and novellas, I always go back to the beginning. An Outlander reread is a sacred undertaking; it’s a gift I give to myself. Whether I’m reading, listening, or now, gloriously viewing Outlander on screen, starting all over again is like what Madonna sang: I'm touched for the very first time.

So, without further ado, here are my observations from my most recent rewatch. Let's see if anything rings true with you.

Outlander From Book to Screen: Favorite Lines of Love

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

I love love. There I said it. When I was younger, I was in love with the fairy tale kind of love; the kind where the prince swoops in at the last second to save the day, kiss the princess, and carry her away to their happily ever after. What my naive self did not realize at the time is that we never got to see the “happily ever after” and if we had, it probably wouldn’t have been quite so happy. Would the sequel to Cinderella have included a scene where Cindy throws a plate at Charming’s head? I’d like to think so because, let’s be honest, even Prince Charmings can be total jerk-faces sometimes.

With some age and a great deal of life experience I find that my love of love has moved beyond princes and fairy tales to well, everything. I love music for the way it makes me feel. I love places for the inspiration that they stir in my soul. I love people for the varied experiences that they have brought to my life. I love books for their ability to transport me to different places and times. And yes, I still love love but it’s a different kind of story that I seek out now. I love to read about hearts that are covered in scars, yet still beat furiously. I love to read about lovers who survived the storm because they held fast to each other. You know where I’m headed with this right?

Outlander, at first blush, seems like a fairy tale with a handsome young warrior saving his fair maiden but it’s so much more. It’s about love of place, love of a moment, love with battered and bruised hearts, selfless love, selfish love, and everything in between. For those of you who have only watched the show, you’ve seen many of these things on screen. However, there are a few moments from the books that made big impressions on my soft heart. Here are some of my favorites.


Outlander in South Africa: A behind-the-scenes look at Cape Town from our local blogger

Written by: Jayne Coleman

I live in the beautiful country of South Africa, so as an Outlander fan, I am super excited about the filming due to take place in and around Cape Town. I’ve been digging around for the past couple of weeks for ideas on what the cast and crew can do on their off days, and to give you all a better feel for this lovely part of the world. Join me in this armchair view of South Africa and what the cast and crew can expect.


Outlander Cast Podcast: The Five Love Languages Of Outlander - Episode 77

Written by: Blake Larsen

Inspired by Janet Reynolds' article, and all the fun that is Valentine's Day, the Outlander Cast podcast hosts, Mary, and Blake, bring you our version of the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES of Outlander.  In this episode, we discuss what "love languages" actually mean, what our languages are,  the languages of Colum, Letitia, Frank, Dougal, Jenny, Ian, Suzette, Murtagh, and of course, Jamie and Claire.  We also have a special guest on that you cannot miss, and we are starting a giveaway of FOUR Outlander season 2 Blurays!

We had A LOT of fun with this episode, and we laughed and joked throughout most of it. Especially when we posited why Alex Randall would have the most beautiful Instagram feed full of food and fancy lattes with artsy swirls in the foam if he were alive today. But, also why he is TOTALLY in the friend zone. We also discuss why Mary was in the friend zone growing up, why no one thought she was a good "high school" or" college" girlfriend, but that she would be the best "real life" girlfriend, and why we think the character that completely matches that same characteristic is Jenny Murray!

All the fun aside, there is some really great character analysis and we dive deep down to figure out who these people are, what they are motivated by, and what is most important to them through the lens of all things love.

Hit the jump to listen to the audio right in your browser, and learn more about how to enter the giveaway!


Droughtlander for 6+ More Months!? Starz, It's Time to Show More Love to Outlander Fans

Written by: Ashley Crawley

I’m not one for math, but here’s a biting number for you — 419. As in, the total number of days — at a minimum!!!Outlander fans will have trudged through #Droughtlander before finally seeing a new episode of our favorite show. This week, Starz confirmed via EW pal Lynette Rice that season 3 will not premiere until sometime in September, thus setting into motion a collective “That’s too long! OH MY GOD WHYYYY” reaction across the Outlander-obsessed interwebs.  

Starz, seemingly, has some logical reasons for the 14-month airtime hiatus. The channel needs to space out fresh programming (Black Sails, The Missing, The White Princess) in a manner that sustains it through 2017. It’s also moving Outlander to Sunday nights, prime competition time on TV that has long been dominated by HBO, so the channel needs to do it right. In addition, Voyager’s high production value boasts lengthy shoot times that must be factored in, although our OCB resident expert and screenwriter, Holly, offered a compelling argument for how they might accommodate for that by splitting the season into two, ala season 1.

Intellectually, we get it… sort of. But emotionally? Not so much. With nearly seven more months (*gasp*) of Droughtlander still ahead of us, one major question (beyond the obvious HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?) keeps rattling through my brain. What is Starz going to do to help already fatigued fans through this dismal time? If they’re listening (and I hope they are), I’ve got some thoughts.


The Five Love Languages in Outlander

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Gary Chapman's wildly popular book, The Five Love Languages, has been on the bestseller list since 2009. The basic gist of the book is this — we all give and receive love differently. The key to success in maintaining a relationship, he says, is to know how you and your partner like to give and receive love and then — wait for it — actually let each other know that and then do it. He's been married 45 years, so I think we can all agree he's on to something.

Anyway, we decided to apply the five love languages to our favorite Outlander couples. After all, this series is nothing if not an epic love story. Were couples like Ian and Jenny, and Jamie and Claire, love languages experts before their time?


Outlander's Claire Fraser: Queen of Women and the Ultimate Badass

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser: King of Men, ovary exploder, giver of smoldering looks, and the one responsible for the shortness of breath among so many Outlander fans. I get it. Book Jamie is hot. Screen Jamie is hot. The man is like a greatest hits reel of women’s dreams around the world. But what about Claire?

If I’m being honest here (and I am, because I’m among friends), I have as much of a crush on Claire as I do on Jamie. She is equal parts damsel in distress, action hero, lover, mother, and healer/surgeon (depending on which century she’s living in). As much as Jamie is the embodiment of the perfect man, Claire, for me, is the embodiment of every woman trying to balance life, love, career, family and doing so with a wicked tongue. Like all of us modern ladies, she doesn’t always get it right and she occasionally mucks it up terribly. And like us, she wakes up every day and tries once again. What follows are my favorite examples of Claire being the ultimate badass. Let's see if you agree.

Outlander Cast Chats w/Outlander Costume Designer: Terry Dresbach - Episode 76 #Gonelander III

Written by: Blake Larsen

Outlander Cast Host (and my darling wife) Mary had the awesome opportunity to attend the Thru The Stones conference in Iowa this past December.  If you were not able to attend, fear not! We at Outlander Cast are excited to share with you Terry Dresbach's keynote speech from that event. In this episode, you'll hear for yourself how funny and off-the-cuff Terry can be, learn some minor costume spoilers from season 3, get a feel for her many dinners with her husband (Outlander showruner Ron Moore) and the cast, and much more!

Hit the jump to listen to the audio right in your browser!


"Goodbye Scotland!" – Outlander Wraps Filming in Scotland for Season 3

Written by: Morag Wright, Guest Contributor

I have been to the small Ayrshire village of Dunure many times in the past 20 years – always with my husband, Sandy, and my two boys in tow.  It was a great place for paddling, fishing in rock pools and generally running the boys' energy off before a picnic followed by pokey hats, also known as ice cream cones to you non-Scots!  This week, though, I saw it in a totally different light as it was turned into an 18th century fishing village with all the colour and effects that would make you believe it was me who had gone back in time.  Join me as I recount my day watching some of the final season 3 Outlander  scenes to be shot in my beloved Scotland...

Outlander Action around Scotland - On the Hunt for Season 3 Filming

Written by: Andrée Poppleton

You might recall that I had the great opportunity to travel back in time to the 1940s, all thanks to the magic of Outlander season 3 filming.  If you missed my first post detailing my day on the set in Glasgow last September, you can catch up here before continuing on my Outlandish adventure with me.

All caught up? Wonderful! Now where were we?  After that great day in Glasgow, we finished up just a little cold, damp and tired, but hungry for more. Naomi flew back to England that night and Ren, Dora and Morag went back to their daily lives in Glasgow and Edinburgh. But Sabrina and I were still on vacation, and up for as many Outlander adventures as we could cram in to those next couple of weeks. It excitedly felt a bit like Thelma & Louise, except minus all the violence and the unhappy ending. We knew our calling was to hit the road for an Outlander road trip, and so we did just that. So while you won't be traveling back in time to the 1940s, travel back in time to last September with me as we wind our way through the World of Outlander...

Outlander in Ayrshire: Season 3 Filming & a little Scottish History

Written by: Anne Gavin

Usually, Outlander shooting locations are a well-guarded secret. But, of late, it’s been hard to hide when scenes were recently shot along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and in the well-traveled closes (or alleys) along the Capital City’s main drag. It is rare Outlander fans get wind of upcoming film sites. Therefore, it was somewhat surprising when Scotland’s Daily Record  newspaper announced several weeks ago that Outlander would be filming some Season 3 scenes along the Ayrshire coast of Scotland. Specifically, it mentioned that Dunure and Dunure Harbour would be used.

As we wait for filming to begin, we thought you might enjoy learning a bit about this tiny town and its equally tiny harbour. There is much fascinating history along this rocky outcrop overlooking the Firth of Clyde. Come along with us as we set the scene and get ready to see what Outlander has in store for this small hamlet...

Black Jack Randall: The Perfect Outlander Antagonist... But Why He Has To Go

Written By: Blake Larsen

In New England, where I live, we have a saying about someone (usually a sports figure) who can do no wrong in your eyes, and who you support no matter what. We call that person a "binky." For example, Tom Brady is totally my binky.

Well, I can honestly tell you that Tobias Menzies is definitely my Outlander binky.

Most of our listeners from Outlander Cast are already well aware of my love for Menzies and his characters in Outlander  Frank and Black Jack Randall.

Despite my (self-admitted) overwhelmingly biased love of his acting and how well I think his characters in Outlander are written, I truly do believe Menzies plays an amazing antagonist in this show. In fact, I would argue that Black Jack is the perfect antagonist for Outlander and the show would be nowhere near as entertaining, or engaging, without him.

Better yet, Outlander would NOT be a success without Black Jack.

But before you click off this page and dismiss all of my credibility, please allow me to give you an honest and educated opinion on why the show needs BJR. And fittingly enough, why it's also time for the show to move on from him after season 3...


Outlander Action in Glasgow – the day I traveled back in time to the 1940s

Written by: Andrée Poppleton

It was 8:30 am on a crisp and sunny September morning in Glasgow. And there I was, at an Outlander film shoot. I could scarcely believe that all my planning, and a fair measure of good luck, had brought me here. I’d arrived in Scotland from Australia only two weeks before, and by now I was right into the swing of it, immersed in everything Scottish and yes, I could even understand the Glasgow accent! Handling the currency was another matter, but that’s a particular problem of mine.

I reflected back on my first two weeks, spent in the northern parts of Scotland. I had walked the Scottish Highlands, experiencing those landscapes that had me enthralled. I’d spent a week at the Findhorn Foundation, and visited the Outer Hebrides. At Findhorn, I spent a very engaging and open-minded week with people from all over the world – many of whom it turned out, shared my Outlander passions. But my northern Outlander experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a real live circle of standing stones, now would it? And by week three, I was ready for the real launch of my Outlandish adventures...

Outlander on Break - Rounding up the Cast and Crew's Holiday

Written by: Anne Gavin

Do you remember in elementary school when you returned from a blissful couple of weeks of freedom from homework assignments, annoying teachers and the daily academic routine to find your school chums buzzing loudly in the hallway about what they did over winter break? Commonplace were conversations about new toys received at Christmas or the hours spent playing Atari Pong (dating myself!), trips to Grandma’s house and/or the family ski cabin or beach house. Then there were those really annoying kids who havered on about their trip to Disneyland where they rode every ride (5 times) whilst simultaneously becoming besties with Mickey and Minnie. I can say now that my winter breaks are decidedly boring compared to days-of-auld. But, given how hard our Outlander Crew works, I am happy to report that they made the best use of their seldom-free time over the holidays.

For most of the month of December, the cast and crew were working 6-day weeks. These are long, 12-15 hour days in the bone-chilling cold and wet of Scotland. Just a day or so before Christmas, the cast and crew took off for a well-deserved two-week winter break! So, what did they do? Where did they go? We have some clues... and we even threw in a few #Gonelanders for good measure, just because we remain ever devoted!  Read all about it after the jump...


Stylist for the Day – What Outlander's Caitriona Balfe Could Wear to the Golden Globes…

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: 

This weekend, amidst the parchedness of #Droughtlander, we will be granted a tiny drop of relief. No, it's not a trailer (note to Starz: come out with it already!).  No, it's not anything related to Outlander  season 3 whatsoever.  It is, however, an opportunity to see our stunning and oh-so-talented leading lady, Caitriona Balfe, in the global spotlight! It's the Golden Globes... otherwise known as the film industry's pre-party for the Oscars and the television industry's after-party from the Emmys... and it's airing LIVE this Sunday at 8pm EST on NBC!

This is Cait's second nomination in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Drama category, and her star power and persona as a woman of fashion has only grown since last year. It's left us pondering what one-of-a-kind frock Cait might don for her strut down the red carpet. But before you squeak out a feminist cry about how she's a real artist who should be asked questions about her performance and worldly issues rather than those about her fashion choices, take a breath.  We know, and we agree.  And so does Cait, who told the world as much in an interview with Vanity Fair  titled, "This Sunday, Caitriona Balfe Would Like You to Ask Her About Something Other Than Her Dress." Noted, Cait. NOTED. We won't ask you... we'll just ask each other!

So even if glitzy awards shows aren't your thing, indulge with us in the frivolous fun of playing stylist for a day.  Our very own Anne Gavin wrote the below post for last year's Golden Globes and we thought you'd enjoy a second serving of it ahead of this year's show. Enjoy!


What Outlander's Jamie Gives Claire: Roots and Wings

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge

Depending on the moment, our Outlander hero Jamie Fraser has been called many things — outlaw by those on both sides of the Jacobite cause, laird by the tenants he so lovingly serves, and, by Claire, the love of my life. Here in the 21st Century, many of us — including the writers of the Outlander TV show — simply call him King of Men.

But what is it, exactly, that makes him so special? Why do both readers and TV-show fans (me!) adore Jamie with such ardor and passion?

Maybe it's the way he easily transitions between his worlds, from a courtly gentleman dressed in his jacket and breeches, to a manly man rocking that kilt while galloping across the countryside trying to save Scotland and all he holds dear.

Could it be because he's a whisperer of fish, fowl, horse and lass, paying attention to every little thing about Claire, making him possibly the first feminist of Scotland? Is it because he claims Claire as his love of a lifetime? 

Frankly, it's all those things that make fans call Jamie sexy, gorgeous and perfect, and make him THE love women secretly long for (well, some not so secretly). Yet, there's still more — he gives Claire everything she needs.

Quick question — are you with me?


Getting to Know #Outlander's Annette Badland: 10 Questions

Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Annette Badland (Mrs. Fitz) on Outlander Cast for our Christmas Special. Our episode with Annette is the second installment of a new series for the podcast and Outlander Cast Blog we're calling "Gonelander" — a celebration of all the actors and characters from Outlander who we fell in love with but who won't be part of the story in Voyager and beyond. You can find the audio interview here.

But as we've done in the past, we wanted to bring you an exclusive to the blog exploring 10 personal questions with Annette that were not included the original interview. Read on to find out more about Annette Badland the person, including her favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush, and much more.

How “My Peak Challenge” Became Sam Heughan’s “Field of Dreams”

Written by Holly Richter-White
Peaker: 2016/2017

"People will come, Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it....

Because, if you believe the impossible, the incredible can come true."

That quote was from Field of Dreams, but it could have just as easily been talking about Sam Heughan's My Peak Challenge. In 2016, its first year, MPC gained a whopping 3300+ members. And it seems as if for this year (2017), that number could double!

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