Outlander From Book to Screen: Favorite Lines of Love

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

I love love. There I said it. When I was younger, I was in love with the fairy tale kind of love; the kind where the prince swoops in at the last second to save the day, kiss the princess, and carry her away to their happily ever after. What my naive self did not realize at the time is that we never got to see the “happily ever after” and if we had, it probably wouldn’t have been quite so happy. Would the sequel to Cinderella have included a scene where Cindy throws a plate at Charming’s head? I’d like to think so because, let’s be honest, even Prince Charmings can be total jerk-faces sometimes.

With some age and a great deal of life experience I find that my love of love has moved beyond princes and fairy tales to well, everything. I love music for the way it makes me feel. I love places for the inspiration that they stir in my soul. I love people for the varied experiences that they have brought to my life. I love books for their ability to transport me to different places and times. And yes, I still love love but it’s a different kind of story that I seek out now. I love to read about hearts that are covered in scars, yet still beat furiously. I love to read about lovers who survived the storm because they held fast to each other. You know where I’m headed with this right?

Outlander, at first blush, seems like a fairy tale with a handsome young warrior saving his fair maiden but it’s so much more. It’s about love of place, love of a moment, love with battered and bruised hearts, selfless love, selfish love, and everything in between. For those of you who have only watched the show, you’ve seen many of these things on screen. However, there are a few moments from the books that made big impressions on my soft heart. Here are some of my favorites.


Outlander in South Africa: A behind-the-scenes look at Cape Town from our local blogger

Written by: Jayne Coleman

I live in the beautiful country of South Africa, so as an Outlander fan, I am super excited about the filming due to take place in and around Cape Town. I’ve been digging around for the past couple of weeks for ideas on what the cast and crew can do on their off days, and to give you all a better feel for this lovely part of the world. Join me in this armchair view of South Africa and what the cast and crew can expect.


Outlander Cast Podcast: The Five Love Languages Of Outlander - Episode 77

Written by: Blake Larsen

Inspired by Janet Reynolds' article, and all the fun that is Valentine's Day, the Outlander Cast podcast hosts, Mary, and Blake, bring you our version of the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES of Outlander.  In this episode, we discuss what "love languages" actually mean, what our languages are,  the languages of Colum, Letitia, Frank, Dougal, Jenny, Ian, Suzette, Murtagh, and of course, Jamie and Claire.  We also have a special guest on that you cannot miss, and we are starting a giveaway of FOUR Outlander season 2 Blurays!

We had A LOT of fun with this episode, and we laughed and joked throughout most of it. Especially when we posited why Alex Randall would have the most beautiful Instagram feed full of food and fancy lattes with artsy swirls in the foam if he were alive today. But, also why he is TOTALLY in the friend zone. We also discuss why Mary was in the friend zone growing up, why no one thought she was a good "high school" or" college" girlfriend, but that she would be the best "real life" girlfriend, and why we think the character that completely matches that same characteristic is Jenny Murray!

All the fun aside, there is some really great character analysis and we dive deep down to figure out who these people are, what they are motivated by, and what is most important to them through the lens of all things love.

Hit the jump to listen to the audio right in your browser, and learn more about how to enter the giveaway!


Droughtlander for 6+ More Months!? Starz, It's Time to Show More Love to Outlander Fans

Written by: Ashley Crawley

I’m not one for math, but here’s a biting number for you — 419. As in, the total number of days — at a minimum!!!Outlander fans will have trudged through #Droughtlander before finally seeing a new episode of our favorite show. This week, Starz confirmed via EW pal Lynette Rice that season 3 will not premiere until sometime in September, thus setting into motion a collective “That’s too long! OH MY GOD WHYYYY” reaction across the Outlander-obsessed interwebs.  

Starz, seemingly, has some logical reasons for the 14-month airtime hiatus. The channel needs to space out fresh programming (Black Sails, The Missing, The White Princess) in a manner that sustains it through 2017. It’s also moving Outlander to Sunday nights, prime competition time on TV that has long been dominated by HBO, so the channel needs to do it right. In addition, Voyager’s high production value boasts lengthy shoot times that must be factored in, although our OCB resident expert and screenwriter, Holly, offered a compelling argument for how they might accommodate for that by splitting the season into two, ala season 1.

Intellectually, we get it… sort of. But emotionally? Not so much. With nearly seven more months (*gasp*) of Droughtlander still ahead of us, one major question (beyond the obvious HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?) keeps rattling through my brain. What is Starz going to do to help already fatigued fans through this dismal time? If they’re listening (and I hope they are), I’ve got some thoughts.


The Five Love Languages in Outlander

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Gary Chapman's wildly popular book, The Five Love Languages, has been on the bestseller list since 2009. The basic gist of the book is this — we all give and receive love differently. The key to success in maintaining a relationship, he says, is to know how you and your partner like to give and receive love and then — wait for it — actually let each other know that and then do it. He's been married 45 years, so I think we can all agree he's on to something.

Anyway, we decided to apply the five love languages to our favorite Outlander couples. After all, this series is nothing if not an epic love story. Were couples like Ian and Jenny, and Jamie and Claire, love languages experts before their time?


Outlander's Claire Fraser: Queen of Women and the Ultimate Badass

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser: King of Men, ovary exploder, giver of smoldering looks, and the one responsible for the shortness of breath among so many Outlander fans. I get it. Book Jamie is hot. Screen Jamie is hot. The man is like a greatest hits reel of women’s dreams around the world. But what about Claire?

If I’m being honest here (and I am, because I’m among friends), I have as much of a crush on Claire as I do on Jamie. She is equal parts damsel in distress, action hero, lover, mother, and healer/surgeon (depending on which century she’s living in). As much as Jamie is the embodiment of the perfect man, Claire, for me, is the embodiment of every woman trying to balance life, love, career, family and doing so with a wicked tongue. Like all of us modern ladies, she doesn’t always get it right and she occasionally mucks it up terribly. And like us, she wakes up every day and tries once again. What follows are my favorite examples of Claire being the ultimate badass. Let's see if you agree.
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