"I Have to Go Back" – The Scotland Diaries: Part 2

Written by: Anne Gavin

“I have to go back.” – the haunting last line of Episode 13 of Outlander  Season 2, uttered by Claire Randall Fraser when she realized that her 18th century soul mate, love of her life, and father of her only child survived the Battle of Culloden. It’s also EXACTLY how I felt shortly after returning from my first trip to Scotland in the spring of 2016... although, unlike Claire, no soaring Bear McCreary soundtrack accompanied my revelation nor, unfortunately, visions of a tall, red-headed Scot!

The first time I traveled to Scotland, I thought I knew what to expect. For more than a year, I had looked at photos, read several books, re-watched episodes of Outlander  dozens of times and imagined what Scotland might be like. But, it completely and totally exceeded every expectation I ever had. I truly came alive there and, for those few weeks, found myself in a state of complete wonder and frankly – just plain happiness. It was the landscapes, the air, the sea, the mountains, and the hills that captivated me. But more than that, it was the people.

It might have been my love of Outlander  that compelled me to visit the first time, but it’s now Scotland itself that commands me to return. I know there is more to see, more to do, more lovely Scottish people to meet and more of my soul to fill. I journaled those amazing few weeks last year for the Outlander Cast Blog in a series called “The Scotland Diaries.”  I will do my best to do so again amidst dodgy Wi-Fi and cross-country travels with the hope of sharing my second go-around with this lovely and soulful country which serves as inspiration for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander  Series. Here is a little sneak peek of where my travels will take me as I head off in just a little over a week's time.


Droughtlander TV/Movie Recommendations: What's on Our Screens?

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

Earlier this month, the Outlander Cast Blog writers shared their favorite books with you to help ease those terrible symptoms of Droughtlander. We now turn our focus to television shows. Between the reading list and the show recommendations, we hope that this will keep your spirits high until the return of Outlander  in September. If neither of these work, try wine.

Two small disclaimers. One, the viewing recommendations are primarily based on what viewers in the United States have access to in the way of programming. We are aware that offerings vary by country, but there is just no way for us to know about all those variations. If you are aware of other ways to view the shows that we’ve listed, please let us know in the comments section. Two, yes – we are aware that some shows appear multiple times. They're just that good and, thus, we've left in our crew's shared enthusiasm for these shows. And with that, let's see what we're watching...


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Outlander's Opening Images

Written by: Holly Richter-White

Long lost Outlander title sequences that were never chosen by Ron D. Moore? A never-before-seen Outlander mood board used to inspire the Season One title design ultimately chosen by Moore? A new Season 3 Outlander title sequence envisioned by fan video creator Julia LeBlanc? We've got all this and more in this post. It's the time to drown our Droughtlander woes in a look behind the artistry, significance, and drama surrounding the Outlander Title Sequence.


Outlandish Locations: Discover the Bloody History & Haunted Towers of Blackness Castle

Written by: Anne Gavin

Scotland essentially serves as its own *character* in the Outlander  saga. Accordingly, the television series has showcased many of the country’s finest historical locations prompting thousands of visitors to flock in record numbers to visit. It’s called the “Outlander Effect” by those in the tourist and hospitality industry in Scotland. We like what we see on screen, but what do we really know or understand about the importance of these locations or the role they played in the history of Scotland?  We at the Outlander Cast Blog thought we would help out by bringing you a new blog series highlighting the history and the lore of Outlander filming locations around Scotland. We start with Blackness Castle, used as the gloomy and foreboding "Fort William" and also known in modern times for its unexplained paranormal activity. Catch the history bug and get ready for a few ghost stories as we explore this Outlandish Location.


What does Starz Season 3 Outlander Teaser Tell Us? Get ready for Jamie tragedy.

Written by: Janet Reynolds

Starz released its official Outlander  teaser (not to be confused with a trailer, which would be longer and perhaps really tell us something) right before its new show, The White Princess.  What did we learn in those 40 seconds about the upcoming Season 3? That we're going to need a lot of patience and hankies before we get what we all want—to see Jamie and Claire reunited.


Outlander Cast Blog Exclusive: An Interview with Diana Gabaldon in South Africa

Written by: Jayne Coleman

When I made plans to visit Cape Town for my vacation, I was so hopeful I’d be able to meet some of the Outlander  cast or crew, as well as area Outlander fans for a South African Outlander Cast Blog meet-up. Sure, Cape Town is a large city, but I was going to go to the studio where they were filming. Fans saw Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in Scotland. Why not South Africa?

Then I heard Diana Gabaldon was going to be in South Africa and Cape Town around the time I would be there. It is possible I could meet her? A fan can dream, right?

So I emailed her and asked. I still can’t believe how bold that was. I mean, why would Diana Gabaldon agree to meet with yet another fan? True, I write for a blog with a large readership, but so what?

Imagine my surprise when Diana said yes! I almost fainted dead away—especially because I got her response just after I had finished a 14-hour drive away from Cape Town and she wanted to meet the next day. The good news is this story ends well. Here’s our exclusive interview with—yes—Herself.

In Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, It’s a Matter of Trust

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge

Diana Gabaldon makes reference to “trust” more than 60 times in the first two books of the Outlander series alone. (Trust me, I used Kindle Search to count.) It appears in all manner of references, like this simple-yet-powerful declaration Jamie makes to Claire in Outlander:“I decided to trust you instead.”

Considering that trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone   could it be the secret ingredient in the Outlander series sauce? From the start, Ms. Gabaldon gains our trust as we eagerly embrace her sci-fi, romantic, historical, adventuress genius. She reaches into our chest, grabs our heart and holds it in her hands, pulsing and throbbing, as she takes us along on Claire’s implausible, magnificent journey.

Using not only the actual word “trust” but an Outlander lexicon of related words and phrases (like vow, truth, between us, believe, Faith), Ms. Gabaldon intertwines the relationships of our cherished Claire and Jamie  both their own special bond and the relationships each has with a host of others. Besides the trusting relationship that is built between Jamie and Claire, there are so many delicious and, yes, sometimes deeply disturbing ones. But which, if any, can pass the “trust test?”


Fall is coming... Outlander vs. Poldark, Literally.

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Remember the debate last fall? No, not those debates. I’m referring to the one where we reconciled our collective guilt for obsessing over Poldark in an Outlander-like fashion by comparing the two shows pecs-to-pecs head-to-head. Well, obsessenachs, that Outlander vs. Poldark scenario just got real—very real— with the announcement that Poldark will be back on U.S. screens starting October 1 at 9 p.m. Why? Because that’s the EXACT day of the week and EXACT time that Outlander will also finally be back on our screens. And the scheduling plot thickens…

Droughtlander Reading Recommendations: What's On Our Nightstands?

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

Droughtlander. Sigh. Will it ever be over? How does an Outlander-obsessed fan pass the seemingly endless days until September? The writers of the Outlander Cast Blog put our heads together to compile a reading list of our favorite books. As you might imagine, there is a pronounced bias toward history and the supernatural, but I was actually a bit surprised at the breadth of the recommendations. If you’re looking for some titles to add to your summer (or winter depending on your hemispherical status) reading list, I think you’ll find something that appeals to you. (We've included links in case you're inspired to buy and get going.) Without further delay, I give you the Outlander Cast Blog Writers' Droughtlander Reading List.

Outlander Cast Podcast Episode #78: Season 3 - What We Know So Far (with Special Guest Anne Gavin)

Written by: Blake Larsen

Let's face it, #droughtlander sucks.

But just because there aren't any new episodes to chat about doesn't mean there isn't ANYTHING to chat about.

In fact, there's plenty!

So while we haven't seen anything new on our screens, there are lots of things happening behind the screen to keep the Outlander train chugging.

That said, we thought we'd try something new – bring on some of the Outlander Cast Blog staff, who you read every day, to parse out all the latest goings on for our favorite show.

We were recently joined by Anne Gavin, senior writer and our Outlander Cast news editor, to discuss all the latest news related to season 3 we know so far.

In this episode, you'll learn all about: new characters, new actors, trailer date, premiere date, cast appearances at Emerald City Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con, social media updates from the major Outlander social media players (like Matt B. Roberts, etc.), episode counts, new writers and directors, and all the rumors swirling around Outlander season 3 production.

There is a lot of great information in this episode, and we had tons of fun too – talking about everything from how Sam Heughan hasn't eaten a cupcake in 2 years to why we would totally go to Comic Con if it weren't for all the lines and people bumping into each other, Jamaica, Sam's new gym, and much more.

So hit the jump to get up to date on all the latest Outlander news!

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