An Evening with Diana Gabaldon (sort of)

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

It all started with a post on an Outlander Facebook page saying that Diana Gabaldon would be doing a Skype presentation at a local Michigan library “an hour south of Ann Arbor.” Given my proximity to Ann Arbor, I thought I should investigate further. In one quick Google search, I found that she would be Skyping into the Adrian library on Monday, June 26. This can’t just be for little ol’ Adrian I thought, so I did a few more Google searches assuming that I would find that this lecture was being broadcast to local libraries across the nation or, at least, the state. Imagine my surprise when I found that, indeed, Herself was appearing via Skype at only the Adrian, Michigan library. Here's what she had to say.

The Scotland Diaries: Farewell Arran, Island Hopping and an Outlander Surprise!

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This marks the sixth in Anne Gavin's travelogue through Scotland. If you missed any of her other posts, you can catch up at the bottom of this one with links. Are you settled in your armchair? Let the virtual travel begin!

As the sun rose on our final day walking The Arran Coastal Way, I felt ready to finish but also sad knowing our time on this beautiful and wild island was coming to an end. As usual, the distance of the day’s walk ahead was unknown but for some reason the thought of a 10- to 12-mile trek no longer gave me the shivers. That is remarkable in and of itself. I was still hurting although some of the blisters had started to heal over. We were starting off in Whiting Bay and would make our way to Brodick and the official end point of the 65-mile Arran Coastal Way. The time had flown by, yet this was only the beginning of my journey through Scotland. Some needed downtime lay ahead and a quick stop on the mainland, but more islands were in my future and I couldn’t wait. And, then there is always Outlander — popping up when you least expect it. Our last day on Arran and onward to more Scottish adventures. Let’s go!

Outlander's Makeup Magic: How Do They Make it Look so Natural?

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge

This 2017 Droughtlander has us all hanging by a teeny, tiny thread. Obsessenachs around the globe are trying to pass the time to the September premiere by:

• re-watching,
• re-reading,
• looking for other time-worthy books,
• hanging with the cast,
• celebrating World Outlander Day, and
• swigging every last dram on social media, desperate for any Season 3 tidbits like photos, fan art and the quacky—oops I mean wacky—video announcing that filming officially wrapped on June 16.

Re-watching (my solace of choice) led me for the umpteenth time to my favorite episode, Season One's “The Way Out,” which in turn led me to Claire’s surgery and the firelight-bandage-check-eye-sex scene. I was struck yet again by those simply stunning faces, seemingly with very little makeup—no small feat in HD filming—and up popped the memory of Mary and Blake's podcast with Krstyann Mallett, head of makeup and prosthetics for the show.

Those prostheses, particularly Jamie's back scars, started me thinking (you could smell my hair burning, right?) about how gorgeous almost everything else is on this show. It's all so unique—the locations, music, costumes and makeup. But it's the makeup thought that stuck with me for days. Predictably, down the Google search rabbit hole I went to learn more. 

Maybe you’re curious about what I found down this particular Outlander rabbit hole or maybe you simply agree that Jamie and Claire are JHRC gorgeous. Either way, come take the jump with me…

Fanwoman Update: Surviving Droughtlander with an Outlander Season 2 Re-Watch

Written by: Teddie Potter

Editor's note: If you missed Teddie's hilarious post on re-watching Season 1, catch up here. Trust us, it's worth it. 

A lovely friend who is in the business expressed exasperation with the term “Droughtlander.” Have patience—these productions take time, she said.  If patience is a virtue, then I’m in short supply when it comes to Outlander.  Fortunately, two recent events that took place in New York City helped to feed my cravings. I’m talking about the maiden voyage of the Outlander Cast Brunch, which was held on the same day as the fabulously-produced Outlander in The City event (read more on that here), making for a spectacular all-Outlander weekend.

The sad result is that after all that NYC fun, the only thing coming out of this fan woman’s Outlander wallet are those little comic strip flies. For consolation, I head straightaway to my very own mecca of merchandising where my money has been long-spent and, therefore, no longer counts as any kind of expense—my very own Outlander shrine. This is the place where I find my Outlander books and some of Diana Gabaldon’s “methadone list” titles, an unopened 2-year-old box of Outlander Walker’s Shortbread cookies, a nice box of Season 1 Outlander Trading Cards (also unopened), an official Season 1 Trading Card binder (empty), various bits of ephemera from past NYC Outlander events, scraps of the banners that once hung at the now-shuttered St. Andrews Pub, and—gloriously displayed—my Outlander Blu Ray disc sets for Season 1 and Season 2.  Time for an everything-old-is-new-again S2 re-watch!


The Scotland Diaries: The Arran Coastal Way, Part 2 – Succeeding at Survival

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This post is a continuation in Anne Gavin's series about returning to Scotland after her first visit last year. Read about why she, like Claire, had to go back.  And if you want to relive Anne's first trip last year, here's a link to get you started. Let the virtual travel begin!

After the longest day, I woke up to some sunshine and a new – albeit guarded – outlook on the day ahead. My blisters were raging. My feet and legs had been throbbing most of the night. But, besides all that, I felt pretty good and just decided that walk on, I must. I double Compeed-ed both feet, wrapped my right foot with tape, and waited until the last moment before we left the cottage for our start point to gingerly slide on my hiking boots. We were walking from Blackwaterfoot to our cottage at Lagg, which sat just above the Coastal Way. How convenient! I wasn’t entirely sure how I would fare given my blisters, but was anxious to get started and enjoy this beautiful, sunny day along the coast. So, I laced up my boots... 

We Love Davina Porter! A Talk with THE Voice of Outlander

Written by: Janet Reynolds

For many of us, life can be divided into two substantive periods: Before Outlander and After Outlander. Yes, other minor events may creep in—marriages, births, deaths, jobs—but in the course of what matters, Outlander looms large.

Before Outlander, for instance, I had never obsessed over anything—or at least not to the extent to which I obsess about this series and show I had also not been a member of anything you could even remotely suggest was a fandom since the days of the Monkees. That, um, has all changed. Just ask my family...or co-workers...or friends...or maybe even a random stranger I happen to begin chatting with while on line at Starbucks.

Before Outlander, I was also a book purist. Yes, electronic readers could be convenient for trips, but that's it. And certainly no audiobooks! No, I want to hold the book in my hand, to feel its paper between my fingers and smell its musty odor.

That, too, changed thanks to Outlander. Having re-read the series three times (I'm leading a read-along of Voyager on our Facebook page if you're interested), I was looking for a way to stay connected during the Longest-Droughtlander-Ever. My good friend who bullied me into watching the series (THANK YOU, SUSAN!!!) was an audiobook fan, and my sister-in-law and her partner only listen to the books because, as they said to me, the reader was THAT good.

And so, I took the leap to my first audiobook. And, like Claire's leap through the stones, my life has never been the same. Davina Porter, the reader for all eight Outlander books so far, is beyond amazing. I decided we needed to talk. I tracked her down via the wonders of the web—she lives on Fraser Road!—and knew as soon as she picked up the phone I had found her. Here's what she had to say about acting, recording books and, of course, our favorite subject, Outlander.

Outlander in the City: An Outlander Adventure

Written by: Nikki Gastineau

Before I tell you anything about Outlander in the City I need you to know two things: I am not a fan girl but I am an introvert with some anxiety issues. I don’t geek out over television/movie stars. That’s just not me. Also, I am a people watcher. I see stories in everything because observing the world around me is like reading a book that is being written in real-time. I don’t often “join in” groups at parties because I prefer to watch everything from a distance.

So by mid-week, my anxiety and introversion had set up shop in a rather large corner of my mind and they began to make me second-guess my decision to attend this huge party where I might be forced to interact with (gasp!) strangers. As per usual, my stubborn nature won the battle and I arrived in New York City on Friday with my family determined to have an amazing Outlander adventure and a family mini-vacation. Now, on with the story.

The Scotland Diaries: The Arran Coastal Way, Part 1

Written by: Anne Gavin

Editor's note: This post is a continuation in Anne Gavin's series about returning to Scotland after her first visit last year. Read about why she, like Claire, had to go back.  And if you want to relive Anne's first trip last year, here's a link to get you started. Let the virtual travel begin!

We survived Goat Fell. Barely. And, as hard at that was, we still had some roughly 57 more miles to go to complete the 65 miles of the Arran Coastal Way. Surprisingly, my knees that were screaming on our Goat Fell descent felt great the next day. The bad news was we woke up and it was pouring rain. Not regular rain, but Scottish rain. The skies had opened up and it was raining sideways and it was very cold. Sunny skies one day, rainy the next. That’s Scotland. No matter, though. Dave, our guide, would not be deterred by bad weather and we all knew that. No real Hill Walker would. And, we were at least attempting to act like *real* Hill Walkers. So, we layered up and headed out for the start point and hoped and prayed that we wouldn’t be walking in this dreich all day.

Is Outlander's Sam Heughan Headed to a Bigger Screen?

Written by: Holly Richter-White

As we gear up for a summer without Outlander, we're all just *patiently* waiting for news – anything – that offers something concrete regarding a premiere date, our stars, our show. So then, imagine fans’ delight when, on World Outlander Day, we saw this headline...
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