The Outlander Cast Blog is a venture created by Mary and Blake Larsen of the Outlander Cast podcast, to provide a forum for the fans of Outlander and the listeners of Outlander Cast to have their OWN voice as it relates to Outlander.

Everyone loves Outlander.  When you become enveloped with the books, or the show, you become as much a part of the experience as the characters are.

With this is mind, you have opinions, frustrations, deep rooted loves, horrible fears, and theories out the wazoo!  This is where you get to list them, talk about them, laugh about them, and relieve all the wonder of Outlander through the guise of the regular fan.

This blog is for the fans, and is by the fans alone.

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Are you a huge fan of the Outlander Series? Have you read all of the books, or are you a new fan who is thrilled beyond belief about the show on Starz?

Are you fantasizing about Scotland, and planning out your Saturday nights around the show Outlander?

Do you find yourself wanting to talk about the show, the cast, the music, the costumes, the plots?

Welcome to Outlander Cast.

 We are a married duo who are self professed geeks that love all thing Outlander too.  A completely spoiler-free podcast dedicated to the show Outlander, Outlander Cast serves as a jumping off point for those who have not read the books, but also as a reflective podcast for those who have read those fine books and want to share their wisdom.  

Trust us, we love it - we love all of Outlander and we hope that Outlander Cast helps you to love it as much as we do :)

The Outlander Cast Team:

Mary Larsen

Mary is a saxophonist, has worked in both the film and television industries, and tries to find ways to integrate quotes in her daily life from the Harry Potter books.

She has read the Outlander series, but promises to keep tight-lipped about ANYTHING spoilerific.

If you want to know more about Mary, you can find her at her blog:


Blake Larsen

Blake runs a business with his family, loves the Red Sox, motorcycles, anything with Benedict Cumberbatch or Michael Fassbender, and has the largest movie collection known to man. His Lost obsession bleeds through his life every day and he speaks with a rather thick Boston accent. You've been warned.

Blake has NOT read the Outlander books and will not read them as he wants the show to speak for itself.  And, why ruin a good thing when it comes to his Outlandish Theories of the Week, right?

Blake isn't as cool as Mary, so he doesn't have a blog like her. You'll just have to make do with the Outlander Cast site.

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