Ashley Crawley
EDITOR IN CHIEF - I'm a public relations consultant by trade, a TV fanatic by choice.Throw in a love of all things active and outdoors, traveling internationally, cooking and - best of all - being a mom to my three-year old son, and you've got me in a nutshell (preferably roasted and salted). I was certain I had experienced all-consuming television obsession before, and then I found Outlander. Whoa, buddy. What's not to love? Between the magical cast (on and off the show!), superb writing, unmatched cinematography and incredible family of fans, I'm in. I'm ALL in. And I'm taking others all in with me.

Janet Reynolds
ASSOCIATE EDITOR - I was a "normal" middle-aged woman with a long career as a reporter, alternative newspaper editor, magazine editor and blogger. Then I discovered Outlander on Dec. 26, 2014 when I started the first book. I was immediately hooked, finishing number 8 at the end of April 2015. My family learned to leave me alone if they saw a book in my hand. I've already re-read the first three books because who can read them once? I can't even tell you how many times I've rewatched the Starz series. My Tumblr account is solely for following Outlander-related blogs and info. Same with Twitter. And I belong to an Outlander Fiber Arts group on Facebook because, let's face it, even the knitwear on that show is to-die-for! Some might say I have a problem. I have no interest in "fixing" it.

Kendra Spring Klasek
HEAD WRITER/CLAN GATHERING CHIEF - Kendra is a poet and actress, most notable for her work as a Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist. She loves storytelling in all its various forms and fell in love with Outlander 15 years ago, on the suggestion of a colleague. She grew up in south FL and currently resides in Lincoln, NE with her husband, Jordan, and son, Anton.

Star of the famous Outlander Cast segment, "The Kendra Thought Of The Week."

Anne Gavin
NEWS EDITOR / SENIOR WRITER -  I am a lobbyist for a multi-national technology company and work with politicians and government officials every day. I love what I do. I also love my horse, my dog and planning for my next trip to Scotland! But, love might not be strong enough a word to describe how I feel about Outlander. I am seriously obsessed with the show and the books and frankly, my work for the Outlander Cast Blog! The obsession was a total surprise to me, as I’ve never obsessed about a show or a group of actors EVER before. Being part of a “fandom” is completely foreign to me. But, the world of Outlander took me by storm in the Fall of 2014 when I first saw the Television Show and then began reading the books. I don’t really understand my obsession, but I embrace it and recognize that there are some things you just can’t explain.

Holly Richter-White
SENIOR WRITER - Canuck, wife, and mom of two sporty and creative kids. I'm a screenwriter of five original dramatic features & one TV pilot. I'm also Dudley Do-Right's researcher extraordinaire. Social issues and activism have always been a huge driver in my life as is music (new alt.), which I need for writing and overall life inspiration. I went looking for a strong female protagonist on TV and found Claire, so I'm a TV to book Outlander fan. 

Denise Stewart
SENIOR WRITER - I am a wife, mom, grandmother and a a NICU nurse. While my family and my career are my passion, Outlander has become my obsession! Talking about the series with my co-workers has become my favorite pastime, and to say we are fangirls would be an understatement. I was turned on to the story first by watching the TV show; by episode three, I started reading the first book. The descriptive writing style of author Diana Gabaldon keeps me reading for hours. For me, seeing the books come to life has only enhanced the writing and keeps me wanting even more! And with the beautiful cinematography, I would love a trip to Scotland. But for now I am included in this awesome writing team who keeps me thinking…...someday! 

Teddie Potter
I’m a ten-year Outlander book veteran, having had the good fortune to burn through the first six books without having to suffer the agony of waiting for the next. It's a level playing field now, and I share this unique pain known to Outlander readers everywhere. The agony has been greatly assuaged by Starz’ TV adaptation of Outlander. A long-time Registered Nurse with a recent master’s degree, I work for one of the top rehab hospitals in the U.S. as part of the pre admissions team, and speak locally and nationally on the topic of traumatic brain injury. Raised in Brooklyn New York, I live with my husband and adult son in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Karen Rutledge
After three years spent with my head buried in school books to complete a Master’s degree, in May I began reconnecting with the real world.  Many of you can likely imagine my absolute delight when I checked out what I’d been missing on TV and discovered "Outlander.”  Outlander has what every good story needs – compelling characters, romance, intrigue, plot twists, danger and kilts.  I fell in love - fast and hard. As love often does, it inspired me to change course and I bid a fond farewell (with a Celtic blessing) to my co-workers in the corporate world.I appointed myself the title of consultant, and moved from the slow-paced Southwestern US to the energizing East Coast with my hubs of 38 years. My new goal - be creative in helping make the world a better place to live.  

Jayne Coleman
Saffanach – i.e. South African Sassenach bookaholic and twenty odd years plus reader of Diana Gabaldon’s novels. I have become an avid Outlander viewer and clan member.  I teach Communication at my local college. I have always written, for my own pleasure and for work.  I have been conservationist, environmental educator, painter, tour guide, caterer, lecturer, land restitution researcher, project co-ordinator, development consultant, book seller….along the way I managed to study and now have a Master s degree in Environment and Development. I have a wonderful husband of 26 years, Mike,  whose sense of humour keeps me laughing and my proudest accomplishment, Christopher my beautiful 6 foot 4 inch son (Yes, he’s as tall as Jamie!).

Nikki Gastineau
I’m a Kentucky girl by birth but transplanted myself to Michigan twenty years ago to live among the people called mid-westerners.  I have found them to be a generally agreeable lot but, sadly, they don’t know much about chicken and dumplings.  I work on the administrative side of higher education and feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by smart and interesting people every day.  My daughter is in middle school which means that I spend lots of time moving her from one practice to another and then on to social events.  I found Outlander by accident on Starz.  After watching the first two episodes I had to stop so that I could read the books and now, six months later, I find myself a wee bit obsessed.  Rounding out my little family is my partner.  While he doesn’t quite understand my obsession he is wonderfully supportive in my desire to write about it.  

Andree Poppleton
An Australian (via England and Canada) with major Scottish/Outlandish yearnings. After a month in Scotland in 2016 I’m planning to return to live and work there for a year in 2017. I’m an occupational therapist and I’ve worked for many, many, many years (yep, I’m old!) in mental health. I have two brilliant daughters, one studying medicine in Australia, and one studying and travelling around in the Spanish-speaking world – last seen in Mexico. I’m a gardener, a vegan and I am actively resisting decrepitude. I walk a lot. Outlander is a MAJOR passion – big time. It is true to say that discovering Outlander (just one year ago) - and all that followed - has changed my life. I am so pleased to be a writer here and to join in the sharing of our stories.

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