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Written by Caroline Trevor


A BIG news update about certain characters appearing in season 2, festivals, tourism in Scotland and Outlander season 1 vol.2 DVD/blu ray release

Lord John Grey in Season 2

For fans of the books Lord John Grey is arriving in Season 2 (though no official announcement has been confirmed as yet) but no spin off is planned as yet but has not been ruled out so far but for fans of Lord John (including myself) he is set to play his key scene for Season 2.

Scottish Tourism Boost
Since Season 1 of Outlander has been aired, Tourism has been boosted in Scotland. Doune Castle which is Castle Leoch in the show has recorded a 44% increase, for more information about the castle go to this link.

Some interesting facts you should know about Doune Castle:

Doune Castle was built in the 13th Century, but was damaged in the Scottish Wars of Independence. Thus the castle was rebuilt in it's present form in the late 14th century by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (c.1340-1420), the son of King Robert II of Scotland. Afterwards, when Albany's son was executed, the castle was used as a hunting lodge (like in the gathering episode). Of course, the castle saw military action during the Jacobite Risings of the late 17th century and 18th century. By 1800 the castle was ruined, but restoration works were carried out in the 1880s. The Castle was used both as Winterfell in Game of Thrones and as a film location in 1952 for MGM's Historical film Ivanhoe which featured Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor.

Laphroaig Live 2015

Sam Heughan helped to celebrate 200 years of Laphroaig on the Isle of Islay on Thursday. They showcased 4 phenomenal whiskies as well as going behind the scenes of the distillery. Coming from Laphroaig famous floor maltings, one of only a handful left in the whisky industry, John Campbell and 5 prior managers were joined by 2 experts Bernhard Schafer -whisky journalist and Master of the Quaich and Emma Anderson, Editor of Allt Om Whisky.

TV Role for Cathkin High pupil

A Cathkin High pupil is set to be seen by millions on Outlander. She is in her 1st year at Cathkin High school and has landed a small part as a highland dancer in the upcoming season. The experience has given her a taste for acting. She said : "we were sitting in a tent in a field for the filming of the clip and were allowed to speak to the other actors as we were waiting for hair and make up".
She received a notification that the big budget series was looking to hire extras for the show. After auditioning she learned she was going to be a highland dancer in the show.

Outlander Full Season DVD

The full season of Season 1 is soon to be released on DVD. On September 28th it is to be released in the UK for the price of £35 or £42.99 on Blue Ray on Amazon. In the US it is split into half so Season 1 Volume 2 is to be released on September 29th for the price of $19.96 or $29.95 on Blue Ray. Some deleted scenes have been released prior to the DVD release. Also a special feature of Diana Gabaldon when she visited the set for the Gathering episode which is worth a look via the youtube channel.

Which Character are you looking forward to the most?


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