Bill Paterson wins Lifetime Achievement award from BAFTA's Scotland

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Bill Paterson - AKA: Ned Gowan - has won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BAFTA's in Scotland. On receiving the award he praised the acting of the cast and the production values of the show.

Bill admitted he is bemused in regards to the snubbing of the show in Scotland's film and TV Oscars.

Outlander, the biggest inward investment in film and television in Scotland, has been shot extensively around the country over the last two years.


There was a major surprise when the Bafta Scotland nominations were announced when it emerged that Outlander had completely missed out.
It is yet to be shown on network television in the UK and has only been available to date via the streaming service Amazon Prime.

Its stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who have won a huge global fanbase since they were cast in the show, both being heavily touted for the Golden Globes.
Paterson, who plays lawyer Ned Gowan in the time-travel fantasy, said: “I am surprised and amazed it didn’t get any nominations. There is a huge amount of good acting in the show and great wonderful values in it. Sam Heughan is wonderful in it. It’s definitely not too American a programme, not to mention the fact of all the hundreds of people who must get work from it.”

Do you think Outlander should have had nominations for the BAFTA's?
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  1. Absolutely BAFTA should have recognized Outlander. The actors, writers & crews all deserve recognition for this excellent series. Additionally, so much attention has been focused on Scotland, the entire show is filmed there, a lot of Scottish people are employed in the crew or provide other services for the production, and tourism has increased. Shame on BAFTA

  2. Congratulations to Bill Paterson,shame on Bafta for not recognizing Outlander,Scotland is the main focus on that show & its history & its brilliantly adapted in the TV show !


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