Love Is Worth Fighting For

Written By: Paige Contreras 

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh love! L-O-V-E. No, I'm not gonna start singing the song. It's been the subject many books and, towards the end of them, you sigh and hope you find the same thing one day. Movies have gone down in history for some of the most famous love scenes ever to grace the silver screen. Poems, sonnets, and plays have been known to make our heart go pitter patter ever since our first English Class.  It's such a small word, but the meaning of it can have an impact on rest of our lives and can affect the decisions we make. It packs a punch. Especially when it comes in book form. Now, for me, I was one of the girls who would read my favorite book late into the hours of the night, thinking "I'm not gonna find a better love story than this". But if other love stories packed a punch, believe me when I tell you, Outlander was a sucker punch.

How would you define love? Some would use a movie reference.  In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy helps out Elizabeth's family when Lydia runs away with Whickam. In Anne of Green Gables, Gilbert gives up his teaching position so that Anne can stay closer to home and be with Marilla. Noah builds a house for Allie in "The Notebook". Maybe you would say to that person "I would go to moon and back for you" or "I would take a bullet for you". Maybe it's the wife that goes to the game with their husband, or the husband going to a play with their wife even though they hate going to those things. It's not how they would ideally spend their time, but they do it because it puts a smile on their spouse's face and makes them happy.

However, love doesn't always have to be romantic.

Parental love is one that is extremely special between a parent and their child. Making sure they don't put their hand on the stove, kissing their owies and boo-boos. Even though that is a bond I only have only experienced from a child's perspective,  I see how it is from the parental view from many of my friends who do have kids. It's something that is indescribable to even view . . . the love between a parent and child. And you never stop being a parent or someones child, even after either has passed.

The love of friendships is a special bond. The dearest friends can tell if one another is angry, sad, happy, excited, tired with just one look. It's with that someone who you pour your heart out to and you know they won't laugh at you, unless it's actually funny. You are there for each other despite whatever it is you have going on. You are there for them in whatever decisions they make, in whatever pickle that they find themselves in.

That's what's so attractive about Outlander. Love comes in all shapes and sizes in this 800 + book. There's never not a sign of it. Claire and Frank ( don't give me that look some of you. As much as you like to ignore it, they did love each other), Jamie and Claire, Jamie and Jenny, Jenny and Ian, the Murray family as a whole, Claire's love of herbs and helping people. Even love of country. All throughout, they fight for it. And they do their best to keep a firm grip on it, nearly at the cost of their very lives.

As Jenny Fraser Murray said "Love forces a person to choose. You do things you never imagined you could do before".

If I could, I would list every single example of what these characters have done for their loved ones. But we would be here till Christmas. A couple do stick out in my mind right now.

Now, I mentioned friendships. Geillis and Claire had a very unique friendship.

They had a sense of trust between each other. They connect through their passion of herbs and medicinal uses. Even though they could tell there was something off about the other.

Claire had heard rumors about Geillis and Jamie had even warned her about visiting her home. Geillis was curious about Claire and her strange ways. All of it came to a head when they where both arrested and suspected of witchcraft. 

She already knew that Claire was from the future, but it only takes Geillis to say "1968" to Claire, to let her know she's from the future as well. 

In that moment, Claire decides to stick by Geillis. 

From the beginning, Geillis had been Claire's only female friend and she won't leave her alone. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand as we all know, Jamie swoops in and saves Claire from a fiery death.  Geillis takes attention aways from Claire and Jamie, takes full punishment and tells Claire to run. Throughout their story, an amount of trust was built between them. Yes, shaky at times, but nevertheless, trust was there. In my experience, when you have someone in your life who is willing to stick by your side when they are innocent, that is a person that is worth keeping in your life. Geillis, even though pregnant, was willing to save Claire from being burned. 

SIBLINGS!!! You love them. You hate them. It's a complicated relationship. I love Jamie and Jenny's relationship. We don't really see much of Jenny in the show. But when we do MAN!! What a powerhouse character and woman.  

They protect each other from harm, as we see from their first encounter with Black Jack.

Their relationship is strong. From their first encounter with Black Jack to when Jamie returns to Lallybroch and when Jenny goes with Claire to rescue Jamie. And even after their reunion from being apart for so long, they still know each other like the back of their hand. How to calm each other, how to tell if each other is happy

Sure enough, I was rewarded at once by a singularly sweet smile that lingered for a moment before the lines of his face relaxed once more into the rather stern expression he presented when asleep.

" I wonder why he does that," I said, watching him in fascination. Jenny shrugged and grinned at me.

" I imagine it means he's happy" - Diana Gabaldon, Outlander pg. 482

And what can rile one another up into an argument. When Jamie gets captured, Jenny does all she can to help Claire track and find him. Anyone who read the book or watched the show can see how much Jenny loves her brother and how far she is willing to go to get him back. And that bond is there through out the entire series. 

Even through their feelings of guilt and misunderstandings, they still find a way to forgive each other. 

"It looks as though it hurt"
"It did"
"Did you cry?"
His fists clenched involuntarily at his sides . "Yes!"
Jenny walked back around to face him, pointed chin lifted and slanted eyes wide and bright. "So did I", she said softly. "Every day since they took ye away" - Diana Gabaldon, Outlander pg. 433

But Jamie and Claire take the cake. 

When it came to the stones, how heartbreaking was it to read, and then to actually see it portrayed?

"There's nothing for ye on this side, lass! Nothing save violence and danger.  Go!" He pushed me slightly, turning me toward the stone circle. I turned back to him, catching his hands.

"Is there really nothing for me here, Jamie?" I held his eyes, not letting him tun away from me. - Diana Gabaldon, Outlander pg. 410

Letting someone go can be the hardest thing. Jamie didn't want Claire to go back to her own time and to Frank. But he wanted her to be kept safe. He knew that if she would stay with him, that more harm would come to her than it would in her own time. He would do anything to keep her out of harms way.

When that episode aired, it tugged my heartstrings. His internal conflict was written on his face. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do up until then. It took courage and strength for him to do that. They way he reacts when he sees her and realizes she didn't go through the stones, puts a smile on my face every single time.

But Jamie's ultimate sacrifice was in saving Claire at the cost of his body. Claire tries to save Jamie from the hands of Jack Randall, but her plan is foiled. In a last effort to save Claire, Jamie sacrifices himself to ensure Claire's safety.

"Do what ye wish to me. I'll not struggle, though I'll allow you to bind me if ye think it needful. And I'll not speak of it come tomorrow. But first, you'll see the woman safe from the prison" - Diana Gabaldon, Outlander pg. 532

It came at a cost. With the help of Murtagh, Angus, Rupert, and some cooos, Jamie is retrieved from his imprisonment and further torture from the hands of Jack Randall. But even though he's saved, Jack Randall still haunts Jamie and leaves deep emotional scars. A physical and emotional sacrifice. 

It took all of Claire's inner strength and love for Jamie to try to mend his wounds. Outer and inner.

(that's found on pg.592-597 of Outlander)

Reading it was one thing, but seeing it, just brought emotions from all over the spectrum. I compare it to the episodes of "Downton Abbey". The first was when Sybil died in childbirth, and the other when Anna was raped. BOTH had amazing acting!! Top notch! But I can't bring myself to watch them ever again. The same with this. Tobias, Sam and Caitriona where unbelievably brilliant in 1x15 and 1x16. But I don't think I can bring myself to watch them again. If I do, there will be alcohol, chocolate, tissues, my blankie and my dog.

What do we see from these examples?

For me, I see that when you have someone that you found that connection with,whether it be a friend, family member, or the person you want to spend the rest of your life with you don't want to let them go. You hold onto them. Yes, it's work. Yes it's hard. But it's worth it.

I see that it takes extraordinary measures and strength to fight for love.

So, out of the FIRST book and first season . . .

What is your favorite act of love? What would you do for someone you love? What crazy thing has someone done for you?

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  1. Amazingly enough the part I admire about how they both show love to each other is the same that's shown to me. And really their love blooms beautifully as the books go along, that Outlander is only the beginning. It only sets the stage - all the day-to-day (which to me is much harder than those exciting moments) living is yet to come. Oh boy - can't wait to see what the gang does with the next 7 (.....or maybe that's 8.....and possibly 9 by then) books. It's evident that Claire and Jamie have very strong personalities, and they both have a very strong idea about who they are and what they are to do (something I really admire). But, even though they may not agree with it, they allow the other to do what they know is right for their own personality and being, such as Jamie feeling a need to be a warrior - that he was "born to it", while Claire has a need to heal, even if the guy and his gang just raped her.

    My guy let's me take the big risk to allow me to make it on my own. He doesn't enable me nor does he stop me nor does he make my success his responsibility. He shares in my failures and my successes (cause failure and successes are nothing if they can't be shared) .

    I also love how Claire and Jamie nurture that greatness in the other. They allow the other to bloom without having to take the credit, and yet they are the first to take the responsibility. Claire won't let Jamie blame himself for the kidnapping of Ian, and Jamie won't let Claire sink away from him after her rape. Both are tremendous acts of courage - but I think that's what we all like about Claire & Jamie - they make us feel like we could be better people just for having known them.

    1. Claire, thank you so much for your thoughts and sharing your own experiences! We so appreciate you taking the time to read and provide feedback!

      I do want to caution against posting spoilers for anything that hasn't happened in book 1, however. It's okay to talk about, but if you could give a *spoiler warning* at the top, that would be fantastic!

      Thanks, again!

    2. Thank you Claire for that personal expression!!

  2. Very well put, Paige! Thank you! ... Personally, I think, whatever we do, or somebody does for us, that takes us/him/her out of our/their 'comfort zone' and goes 'the extra mile', is done in the name of love. And, mind that, this love can take very different shapes.
    Sometimes it means moving to another country, far away from your family - and then so very often it means 'little things' -- like getting up first and making morning coffee etc., so that your loved one can sleep an extra 20 min.
    In the end it should mean that we try to accept the other as he/she is - and not try to change her/him - and try to be a better person for each others sake.
    In this respect - having read all the a.m. examples - with Jamie and Claire (and many other characters) Diana Gabaldon has given us one of the most complex couples in literature - with all the hardship, challenges, loving dedication and determination humanly possible - that we can very well identify with and take as a 'little reminder' sometimes.
    The fabulously realized series gave unforgettably impressive faces to those characters, - and to people (who may not have read the book(s) a 'living' example of how love can be 'lived'.

    1. Thank you!! And i agree ; this couple is unique. They go through alot of hardships and situations that can relate to our own lives.

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