Graham McTavish is made a World Tartan Ambassador

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Graham McTavish has been confirmed as a World Tartan Ambassador in Edinburgh. Graham is often seen wearing a kilt so he seems a perfect fit for a tartan ambassador. 

Graham said “Earlier this year, I was honoured to be the Grand Marshall of the New York Tartan Day Parade and I became aware of the World Peace Tartan through talking with Scottish piper and World Peace Tartan Ambassador, Craig Weir, and with Scot Street Style founder, Gordon Millar."

“While I was still in New York, I received a tweet from World Peace Tartan founder, Victor Spence, who asked me if I would consider becoming an ambassador. I quickly replied that ‘I would be honoured’.
Graham McTavish added: “When I recently arrived in Edinburgh for Outlander filming in Scotland, Victor and I met up and he told me how the whole World Peace Tartan project began and the latest news. It’s a very inspiring and moving story.
“It’s a highly innovative use of tartan as one of Scotland’s great cultural icons to carry a global message of peace while also raising funds for good causes.
“The World Peace Tartan is truly a ‘Tartan with Purpose’ and I am honoured to support this. I’m looking forward to spreading the message that the World Peace Tartan carries and becoming one of it’s growing number of ambassadors.”

Graham is an iconic Scottish Citizen having been in a number of high profile shows including The Hobbit Trilogy, Outlander and Rome among others and should give the Tartan profile a boost being a Tartan ambassador.

Victor Spence, founder of the World Peace Tartan Initiative, said: “Having Graham McTavish on board as a new ambassador is fantastic news for this initiative.
“Graham is a very popular man with a substantial and growing presence in the world of film and TV.
“It was extra wonderful news that he is a keen kilt wearer. When he agreed to wear the World Peace Tartan kilt as an ambassador, we had him measured up fast and folks at the Tartan Weaving Mill put Graham’s kilt on urgent fast track and delivered the handmade kilt two days later.
“We are delighted to say that Graham McTavish will now join Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and award-winning Scottish piper, Craig Wear, as kilt-wearing international ambassadors of the World Peace Tartan Initiative.”
Spence added: “The World Peace Tartan was created to make a contribution from the heart of Scotland to building a culture of peace in the world and Graham McTavish has been attracted to this initiative to carry and promote the message of peace that this unique tartan carries.”
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Do you think Graham looks good in a kilt? 

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