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Written by: Caroline Trevor

 *Spoiler Alert*

It's a new week and new images have been released by Starz.  Once you've all finished re-watching the trailer for the 100th time, take a look at the latest images below.

Do I spy a certain Sassenach riding at the head of clan Fraser, here?

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Part of Starz' Thanksgiving week offerings, the staff at Jared Fraser's home are preparing for a feast.

Photo courtesy: Outlander Starz

This is most assuredly Scotland, but we're not all too clear what may be shot here.

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This is the Fraser family Motto, so we may either be looking at Lallybroch or the estate of the Lord of Lovat.

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Caitriona looks cheerful, if a bit chilled, in front of Culross Palace.  Any ideas?  The Duke's residence, perhaps?

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There are a number of battle scenes which might require the use of this cannon.  However, take a close look.  It's missing it's wheel.  Readers . . . you KNOW what scene this is!  Rock me, momma, like a wagon wheel!

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An ominous sign of the bloodshed to come.  I wonder how many gallons of this stuff they've gone through?

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Which Scenes do you think they have been filming here?

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