News: Outlander gets 3 Nominations in the Golden Globes

Written by: Caroline Trevor

Caitriona, Tobias and Outlander get Golden Globe Nominations

Caitriona Balfe has been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series,

 Tobias Menzies has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and

 Outlander in the Best Drama Series.

But the startling omission is no nomination for Sam Heughan in Best Actor which was for sure he was a shoe in for that nomination.

Caitriona was outstanding in Season 1 of Outlander. She played some great scenes especially those in the back end of Season 1. The scenes in Wentworth prison are right on point but the ones in To Ransom a Man's Soul are also exceptional.

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Tobias Menzies deserves his credit for his fantastic acting in The Garrison Commander, Wentworth prison and To Ransom a Man's Soul. He is the essence of a bad guy in this series and also his ability to play a good guy in Frank Randall as well as Black Jack Randall in the series.

Outlander in Best Drama Series is also a recognition of the fine crew we have behind the scenes of the series. It is not only Ronald D. Moore and Toni Graphia but it's all the writing staff, the amazing Directors and all the other people who turn out in all the weathers of Scotland to film this amazing Series and to showcase the amazing talent of the one person who started it all in Diana Gabaldon.

Do you think the Golden Globes should have nominated Sam Heughan also?

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  1. Definitely thought Sam should have got a nomination as well, he is equally deserving.

  2. Yes Sam should have been nominated also,his work was outstanding in 15-16,it must be wrenching for him,not being recognized,Cait is very good,Tobias excellent in the dual role,but Sam acting proved for me,he is a very,very good actor in this role,but at least OL is also have been recognised, all of the cast&crew are doing a brilliant job!Well Sam's Jamie is just spot on,what else would they want,?makes me sad for him!

  3. Thank You Caroline for your article,am very happy for Cait as she was the main in season 1,Tobias did a wonderful job,but really if it was not Sam as Jamie,this show would not be as good as it was in s1.He really has made this show & in my eyes mind he is JAMMF personified,so he certainly is a very important lead actor for OL as Cait,so he should have had a nom.Not taking anything away fr Cait's performances as she is terriffic,but sadly the nom's for lead actors in TV was rather tough,so Sam should have been there!

  4. I have always thought Caitriona was better than Sam (sorry Sam - you are amazing too).
    It bothered me that the focus went away from Caitriona and she became invisible in conversations with women focusing on how hot Sam is. Forgive me but isn't the book mostly about the female focus, the intelligent woman, the strength of the woman? Doesn't Caitriona carry the scenes in an accent that is not her own unbelieveable well? Maybe she makes it look so natural that people don't see how good she is. Maybe it's the world that has always focused on the male actor and given him more attention. I know David Tennant's name but what is the name of the actress that plays Jessica Jones? Less talk of her but there should be more. That's how it goes. People are conditioned to it. Caitriona deserves this more. Truly.
    Well done, Outlander. Well done Caitríona, Tobias, and Sam. A production head and shoulders above all the rest.
    Even above the truly brilliant Jessica Jones. Be proud of yourselves Outlander crew!


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