News: Richard Rankin Cast as Roger Wakefield

Written by: Caroline Trevor

*Spoiler Alert*

Richard Rankin has been cast as Roger Wakefield in season 2. This is a much anticipated casting and I'd expect a lot of people will be running out into the streets shouting Hallelujah and hugging strangers in reaction to pleased by this news.

Roger Wakefield is Reverend Wakefield's adopted son whom we first met in the episode Both Sides Now. In Dragonfly in Amber he is now an adult and is visited by Claire and Brianna.
Photo Courtesy: Radio Times
Richard Rankin's resume includes role in The Crimson Field, House of Him and Burnt.  He was born as Richard Harris but changed his name to Rankin to avoid confusion with Professor Dumbledore another well-known actor. Here is his IMDB profile for you to check out.

You demanded him . . . you got him!  Have you stopped squealing, yet? 

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  1. Wonderful casting news,not only he can act,but sings well!

  2. Welcome, welcome! Casting had DONE IT AGAIN! Green contacts? Yep!

    1. Green contacts? Nope. Lotte didn't have to wear them.


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