We Break Down 26 High Quality Photos From The Outlander Season 2 Teaser

Written By: Blake Larsen

We're all excited about the season 2 teaser for Outlander.  We should be.  It's the first morsel of "official" information we've seen of any real value.  But - what did we ACTUALLY see?  Let's take a look at 26 high quality photos taken directly from the trailer.  The answer may surprise you....

The begins exactly where we left off.  The two star crossed lovers leaving the familiar shores of Scotland for the unknown lands and future of France.

Our hero Jamie with is flowing locks, some remaining scars from his encounter with Black Jack, and pointing a pistol at someone.  Perhaps a duel? But - already getting into duels in France?  That didn't take long to get someone angry.

Claire smiling to Jamie as  she walks ashore in France.  Or, is this on the ship going there?  She is wearing the same outfit that she donned as they departed Scotland.

Our first real footage from what appears to be Paris.  Someone is in that carriage and could it be  our favorite couple? But how and why would they get the royal treatment like this?  Notice the excellent costume work from the city-goers.  Details are not spared in this production.

Claire and Jamie mourn the death of someone.  Claire is visibly upset and she is not pregnant.  Perhaps this is AFTER she has the baby? Or very early on in her pregnancy.  Should we expect a death in France early on? And over whom would Claire be so upset? They don't know many people in France so this could mean that ::gasp:: Murtaugh dies?

This is Claire reminding Jamie what they are doing in France and what is at stake.  A very serious tone.  Perhaps after they have been gallivanting Paris too long with no results?  Jamie also suggests that they would have to lie to everyone.  I imagine this comes towards the middle of the series? 

Ah ha!  The money shot! Claire is in fact pregnant and it looks like she is relatively far along.  My guess (from my experience with Mary) is she looks to be about 8-9 months here.  Does this mean we will see baby Fraser this season too?  BTW - she looks FABULOUS for being that far into her pregnancy.

A non pregnant Claire walking into a fine dining situation.  Again - how do they find themselves in this fashionable state? Do they have a benefactor that allows them to go to these style parties and hob knob with the French elite?

And this may be your answer here as we get our first look at this party from afar.  Notice you will see Stanley Weber as St. Germain and Simon Callow as Lord Sandringham in attendance to this party.  Perhaps Sandringham is setting them up with all of these wealthy elite?

Jamie looks a little disheveled and appears to be staring up at something to which his is in awe or shock.

Claire at dinner with the same dress as seen in one of the above photos.  It may be opulent and gorgeous but she neither seems impressed or trustful of her guests.  Again, we see St. Germain on the left.  To be sitting that close to the head of the table and next to Claire? It means a seat of honor and praise.  It seems like he will have a special relationship with Claire and Jamie.  Which would also suggest that Claire and Jamie are HOSTING this party.  Is this their fist step of getting closer to the Bonnie Prince?

Claire looking very sad in her house.  It seems like a moment of truth and vulnerability as she reacts to something (perhaps a death) in just plain clothes.  It's an intimate moment.

Jamie looking rather angry and feisty in a duel.  But, I must say that it looks like Murtaugh that he is dueling.  Notice the beard, the hair and the coat (more on this later)  But why get so angry with Murtaugh? Did he do something to betray his godson? Or was this just practice for something to come?  (AN OUTLANDISH THEORY ABOUT THIS LATER)

An ambush of some sorts at night.  

A battle between Scots and Englishmen.  Is this Culloden? Does this mean that Claire and Jamie fail? Does this also mean that, "what happened, happened."? That time is immovable? It's destiny? (UPDATE: a reader made the important note that Rupert and Angus are also pictured above. Does this spell doom for our favorite scots?) 

Murtaugh and Claire looking very official.  Perhaps this is the carriage we seen at the beginning of the trailer?  And remember how I suggested Murtaugh was the person Jamie was dueling? Note the coat, the hair and the beard.  Seems like a fit to me.

Claire and Jamie leaving a garden with French troops behind them.  Also note the protection on Jamie's left hand.  His bandages are off and the still wears something to help.  Must be permanent damage from Black Jack.  Both emotionally and physically.  *side note: do think Claire's gloves look like those one would wear when they wash dishes? That's the first thing I thought of.

St. Germain is back.  Boy - he is going to be featured A LOT this season based on this trailer.  He seems to be walking a begging contingent of common folk.  What I can't tell is this guys is someone we should trust or not.  My instinct tells me no.

More high class life for the Frasers.

A stunning shot in a library with Jamie playing chess with who appears to be Lord Sandringham.  A big role is afoot for the former Black Jack benefactor.  (By the way, the detail again is stunning and the scouting for this set must have taken FOREVER.) 

Claire in a marketplace with common folk and seems to be hiding.  But from whom?  Does anyone else get a feeling of The Village from this photo?

Jamie looking over what appears to be training for Scottish troops? Notice the Scottish flag in the back, Jamie's hand is normal now, and he appears to be wearing a pinky ring.  What is the significance of the ring? Royal ties now?  Also - is that Willy in the background? Also does this mean that we will go BACK to Scotland to prepare for battle? 

Claire looking sad again and clutching a young child.  Is this her child? Will we have a time jump? 

Our hero upon his arrival in France

Another shot of our favorite couple as they arrive ashore in France.  Notice the same outfits and the bandages on Jamie's hand.

The King Of Men sending a witty quip to Claire and the viewers.  "You tell me Sassenach - you're the one from the future."

OUTLANDISH THEORY OF THE WEEK - Black Jack will be coming back to the show and he will duel with Jamie.Thus the practice scene with Murtaugh.  

What do you think of these photos from the season 2 teaser? Did you enjoy the first look at season 2 as much as me?


  1. Knowing that you haven't read the books (I have, many times), I find your comments highly amusing. Some are close to the mark, some aren't, but I love the perspective!

    Two additional comments:
    1) In the smoky battle scene, that's Rupert and Angus facing off against the British soldiers. I don't like seeing that! Love those guys.
    2) In the second photo, it seems to me that Jamie isn't actually holding a pistol but holding a woman's hand, helping her out of a carriage or down some steps. YMMV.


    1. My sentiments also Katie,had a bit of a laugh with your predictions Blake,as I have read all books twice now,so your a bit off the mark,but it'll all be shown in season 2!Thank You Blake for all this!

  2. I'll bet Mary is jumping around behind you Blake, mouthing..."ooo, ooo, I know, I know! BOOK readers know!!! LOL!

  3. I'll bet Mary is jumping around behind you Blake, mouthing..."ooo, ooo, I know, I know! BOOK readers know!!! LOL!

  4. I am afraid to say too much but I don't think that is a child Claire is comforting. (I am an avid book reader, like over 20 times so I won't say much!) but I think that is a woman in the picture not a child.

    1. 100% agree. Child-like, but not a child!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It could be Fergus telling Claire what happened with BJR. Claire's expression may be her realization of why Jamie broke his word and dueled with BJR.

    4. (Rosie Day confirmed on Twitter that it's her that Claire is comforting... shhh....)

  5. Remind me -- Blake has NOT read DIA, correct? Because I'm dying to SPOIL THE HECK out of your comments, but will refrain if this is a spoiler-free zone!

  6. You know nothing, Blake Larsen. :-)

  7. Blake, what's the deal? Read the books man! You marriage will improve along with everything else you post Outlander related. Just sayin'. ;)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oh My Gosh!!!! are you going to read the book Blake??? Did Mary laugh out loud or jump up and down biting her tongue while reading your comments? haha

  11. Great pictures Blake. You are gonna love Season 2. Looking forward to your outlandish theories during season 2

  12. I was confused with your comments at first Blake as I didn't realize you hadn't read the books. You have so much to look forward to in season 2 seeing as how you are unspoiled.

  13. Blake, Blake, Blake. You have so much to look forward to in S2. Your observations are highly observant and extremely entertaining! Although I don't understand your adversity to reading the books, I really hope you never do because your lack of ability to compare is what delights me about your podcasts and your blog. Keep up the good work!

  14. At least read the first book now that Season 1 is over...

  15. Please read the book before making comments that are totally wrong! I guess you think you're witty but it doesn't come across that way. Please read the book!

    1. The author is purposefully not reading the books to provide perspective on the show from a non-reader (and there are many). There's nothing wrong with that - it's actually highly entertaining.

  16. I can't see the entire image, or all of your comment text. Is there a way to remove the right-hand column, which seems to be blocking?

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