Yeah!!! Arghh!! F^&**&^%%$%&&!!!! Golden Globes.

Written by: Holly Richter White

Ashley Crawley (author of the "Managing Expectations: Outlander's Shot at Golden Globes Glory." and I agreed that the awesome Caitriona would get a nomination, but really no one predicted that Tobias or, Outlander in general, would be on the Globes radar.  Certainly, not to the sole exclusion of our beloved Jamie, played by Sam.  I have such mixed feelings- so happy for the show which will get tremendous press from this (for Season Two) yet sad for him.  But such is dichotomy of award season life.  Click "read more" to witness my rant about this....


But how could the Globes have missed Sam Heughan's pivotal performances?  It's easy to see but difficult as a fan to acknowledge.

1. He had such a minor role really in the first 6 episodes (wasn't Cait in every scene?), and when he does "break out" it's in a role where people, (men voters) may be really uncomfortable watching him go, without their own emotions disrupting logic.  (Now that they're over the shock, perhaps now the next male to do this will be glorified).

2. This point relates back to what Terry has said.  There are not a lot of woman directors, women producers, woman-led shows (with substantial roles for women), so Caitriona's odds were always better, and Sam's made worse by sole virtue of his gender.

3. The upwards of 400 scripted dramas and comedies this year means that this unprecedented amount of shows makes it hard to get any nomination, so kudos to those who squeaked through.


But there's more... so far, Outlander missed on recent nominations for the Emmys, SAG's, and Scottish BAFTA awards as you know.

But they ALSO missed out on TV Critics, Casting (the ARTIOS), Cinematography (my mind is baffled on this one as Scotland IS a character), and the Saturn awards.

Upcoming though is Costume Designer (Outlander submitted for this, I know), and Critics Choice award nominations (they are accepting fan art of favourite shows so see link below to submit it!).

BRIGHT LIGHT (with major spoilers)

But we have Season Two coming, and as Ron said today the role that Sam plays is incredible.  Contrary to the two episodes where Jamie's character is utterly devastated and tested, there is more relatable and frankly (meant as pun and literally) better material for the character (and Sam) in S2: as a man who...

-copes with an astute, bold, but also pregnant wife,
-learns to maneuver politically,
-must cope with the aftermath of his torment,
-deals again with new psychological torture,
-kills and saves,
-leads men into battle,
-and will accept defeat (in all ways but one) and die with honor... but not before sending his beloved, his reason for everything he has done, away permanently to safety.

I loved Outlander as a base story, but DIA and Voyager will be AMAZING!!!

I'll leave you with these three tidbits on DIA, total hunches, but I may be right on at least one:

1. Now this in french, because "je suis bilingue" and DIA starts off in Paris et quand à Paris ...


En utilisant toutes les informations partagées par Ron et Maril, le fait qu'il ya treize épisodes à être affichée en permanence, sans interruption, Outlander Saison Deux débutera le 2 avril et se termine le 25 juin. Cela permettra pas de perturbations causées par de Pâques et de la volonté conclure à temps pour des considérations par les Emmys.

2. Brianna is a baby in S2 and Roger is like 7 years old or so. (they won't cast big people)...

3. Because the last scenes of S2 will be of "death and birth".  The TV viewer will see Jamie die, BJR's last act, Claire returning, giving birth, finally mourning for her dead husband, and the surprise reveal of Jamie, barely alive in a cave. (combining the end of DIA with Voyager)

I am so excited and future-focused.  Onward and upwards Outlander fans!

Submit your fan art here- why not put Outlander on the Critics radar while they're mulling over the nominations:

Do you want more Outlander chat? Get your fix by listening to The Outlander Cast Podcast with detailed show discussion and amazing interviews with cast, crew, writers and directors of Outlander on Starz.


  1. I disagree, I think we'll get to see grown up Brianna and Roger in season 2. I'm still desperately hopeful they'll start the season the same way the book does. They've specifically said they're not filming Culloden this season, so I think our last view of 1746 will be Claire heading to the stones and Jamie fighting off redcoats. I think the show will end with Roger telling Claire that he believes Jamie failed, that he didn't die at Culloden.

    1. My understanding of Culloden was that they wouldn't show the actual battle. Just the aftermath. They'll show us Prestopans in all its victorious glory instead.

      As for the rest, I've written before about S2 and from a screenwriter's perspective linear storytelling is easier for a viewing audience.

    2. Yep, I think you're right on the money about the linear storytelling. In fact, I can't remember where... but I recall Ron D. Moore alluding to the fact that he wasn't planning to do S2 in the chronological order it appears in the book because of the difficulties of translating that hopping from book to screen.

    3. Yes,thats what I read also,I feel DIA has been a lot harder to adept.Love DG's books,but I couldn't come at the beginning of the book,really hope RDM will do justice to the book,&live in hope,that STARZ will do VOYAGER as well,now that will be hard going to adept with so many things going on!So glad about the nom's in GG.just sad for Sam as He was very deserving of a nom,his acting in 15-16 was brilliant!

  2. Besides the fact that the lead actor field is just so damn competitive, my theory on the Sam snub is that the HFPA got sentimental and tossed some votes Jon Hamm’s way because of Mad Men’s final season. I love me some Don Draper and the brilliant series is one of my all-time favorites, but why now? They’ve barely paid attention to Mad Men in recent years (Hamm didn’t even receive a nod in 2014 and 2015), so it’s obvious that they are throwing the show’s swan song a bone.

  3. I agree. I hope season 2 starts out the same as book. I know those who haven't read book will be in for a big surprise like I was when I opened the book.

    1. I think new viewers, and we must assume that there will be people who haven't seen S1, would be confused by opening with 1968. You have 5 minutes max. to impress or they'll turn it over.

    2. I agree with Holly that they will probably start S2 with the continuing story of C & J landing in France - I heard Ron Moore say something about having to change the sequencing of DIA. But it looks like Brianna and Roger will be seen in the final episode(s) as at the beginning of DIA, with Claire in Scotland asking if there is any info about Jamie and the others after Culloden. Ron Moore said yesterday in an interview that they are very close to casting Brianna and Roger (as adults).

    3. I think new viewers, and we must assume that there will be people who haven't seen S1, would be confused by opening with 1968. You have 5 minutes max. to impress or they'll turn it over.

  4. either way, can't wait to see the next season!!!

  5. Spoiler Nazi, here! Please post spoiler warnings as this is a spoiler-free blog! Thank you ever so!

  6. SPOILER WARNING. DINNA READ IF YOU DIDNA READ DIA. As for the start of Season 2, I will be surprised if it begins in the same time and setting as in the book. Diana pulls it off in the novel (that woman is a miracle of a storyteller), but how can you keep viewers engaged in the machinations that happen in France when they already know the ultimate outcome? You have to keep the stakes high for your main characters and Jamie and Claire are in no jeopardy no matter what gets thrown at them with viewers knowing their fates. Not to mention that with the way they are marketing the show, the hook seems to be “Can you change the future?” That would be a pretty lame way to promote the second season if we find out “no, you can’t” in the first 5 minutes of episode one.


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