Written by: Anne Gavin

Whether it's a Birthday, Anniversary or just something for a Friend, we have the perfect Outlander-themed Gift for the Sassenach in your life.  Or, perhaps  you just want to drop a hint to your significant other about a "no-reason-in particular" Outlander-themed gift and need some ideas to forward along -- stealthily, of course!   Or, in that rare situation where your man is also a fan of our favorite series and you need ideas for a special gift for your OutMANder.  Well, we have your covered!  Here are some ideas for some of my favorite "Outlander-themed" gifts -- any of which are sure to inspire some Jamie-Claire style loving upon receipt!  Share this page with your partner or use it yourself to find your ideal Outlander-themed gift for your special someone.  Or, heck, just buy YOURSELF a present.  You deserve it!  So, let's SHOP!
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Online marketplace, Etsy, is a wonderful way to find handcrafted gifts and vintage items while supporting small and local business.  Most Etsy sellers are home-based businesses.  Their reputation means a lot to them so I have always found Etsy sellers to be very responsive and shipping to be extremely fast.  All you have to do is type in "Outlander" in the Search box at Etsy.com and will see a wide variety of Outlander related products including jewelry, knitwear, t-shirts, mugs, Christmas ornaments, car stickers  -- all with an Outlander flavor.

Some of my personal Etsy favorites include this  affordable Claire Ring

The ring is actually a bit of both the book and STARZ adaptation combining the Thistle filigree from the book and the "Key to Lallybroch" from the TV series.  I personally have this ring and can vouch for the quality.  Lovely, delicate ring and I always think about Episode 7 from the STARZ series when I wear it.

In addition, Etsy is awash with Dragonfly jewelry including this dainty necklace (which I also own).  With Season 2 set to begin in just a few months and based on Book 2 "Dragonfly in Amber" it would make a lovely gift for any Outlander lady.  Also love how the necklace incorporates the Celtic eternity knot into its design.  A real stunner.

Then there is the Knitwear.  We all love Claire's lovely shawls, chunky knit cowls and
fingerless long, knit gloves.   Etsy has many, many sellers who hand knit these items to perfection.  Given the cold winter in many parts of the world right now, it would seem these items might make a great gift right now with the added mystique of being just-like-Claire when wearing them!  Who doesn't want to look like Claire Fraser?!

There are also many beautiful prints and artwork -- some handpainted of scenes from the books and the TV series.  And, also fun, inexpensive items such as phone cases

On Etsy, you can find Outlander related gifts at really any budget.  Personally, I have never had a bad experience with an Etsy seller.  It's a great place to find a last minute gift as sellers can be flexible on shipping.  If you need it tomorrow, they can usually accommodate.  For the Outlander shopper, I highly recommend perusing Etsy.

Most women LOVE receiving jewelry from their man.  But, sometimes the man needs a little help when it comes to the good stuff.  So, for a slight upgrade from the Etsy jewelry, I recommend Hamilton & Young. Hamilton & Young is an Edinburgh based fine jeweler who has an entire line of Outlander inspired pieces.  Just recently, Hamilton & Young received the Best New Product Award for its Outlander Inspired Jewelry Collection  by the North American Celtic Trade Association.  One of my VERY favorites is Ellen Fraser's Pearl Necklace.   Inspired by Diana Gabaldon's description of the necklace that Ellen received as a wedding gift and later was passed along to Claire and then to Brianna -- "a string of small baroque pearls, those irregularly shaped productions of fresh water mussels, interspersed with tiny pierced-work gold roundels."  It's very reasonably priced, individually made and makes a very unique gift for an Outlander lover.  Absolutely lovely!  And, my own experience with Hamilton & Young is that they have remarkably fast shipping and careful packaging.  And, as part of a special Hamilton & Young collaboration with fan group "Heughan's Heughligans" if you use code "HEUGHANS" at Checkout, you'll get a special HH charm for your necklace and Hamilton & Young will give 10% of your purchase to one of Sam Heughan's favorite charities, "Youth Theatre Arts Scotland." A beautiful AND charitable gift!  As an added bonus, too, the owners of Hamilton & Young, Gordon Young and June Hamilton, are delightful.  True Scots, they regularly engage on social media and delight in Outlander visitors at their shop on Edinburgh's famed Royal Mile.  They appreciate Outlander fans and when they say they "guarantee your satisfaction" with their products.  I have no doubt this is the case.

The penultimate of Outlander inspired jewelry is the Diana Gabaldon approved *real* Claire's Ring from the book series made available through the Author's Attic.  This is the real deal, folks!

"Reaching, he took the package from my lap and tore away the wrapping, revealing a wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style, a small and delicate Jacobean thistle bloom carved in the center of each link." -- Outlander, Chapter 23 "Return to Leoch"

Apparently, several jewelry makers tried to make an authentic-to-the-books Claire ring but previous attempts were a disaster.  In 2006, Diana Gabaldon was approached for permission to try again with Claire's book ring.  Permission was granted and the result is this beautiful ring.  The ring can be engraved for a small fee with the same inscription as the book ring "Da Mia Basia Mille" which translates to "Give Me a Thousand Kisses," or with any inscription of your choice.  As in the book, there is such meaning behind this exquisite ring and it would make a spectacular gift.  Hint, hint, significant other!

Another unusual gift but brimming (literally) with meaning is some of the glassware used in the STARZ series.  Georgian Glassmakers is a UK based business that made all the goblets and glassware for the STARZ series and now sells all this hand-blown glass to Outlander fans alike.   The glassmakers at Georgian Glassmakers have been involved with their craft for over twenty years and are well known for their high quality reproductions of Roman and ancient vessels.  Their Georgian glass, made in lead crystal and using traditional English hand-working methods and techniques, captures the spirit of the 18th century, and extends their reputation for historical accuracy.  In 2013, Georgian Glassmakers was approached by Sony/STARZ and asked to make glasses for the set.  Sony/STARZ took three designs and some bottles.  These glasses are not inexpensive and may take some time for delivery once ordered.  But, they are really, really beautiful.  I've often admired the gorgeous glasses we see used on the show -- at Castle Leoch and later at Lallybroch.  How wonderful to own these exact glasses from the craftsmen who created them for the series.  An absolute HOME-RUN of a gift.

If the budget is tight, I might recommend a few fun but extremely evocative gifts for Outlander fans --  the Litograph t-shirts or tote bags.  These items are created using text from the first novel "Outlander."  From a distance, the artwork illustrates a theme, character, or setting from each book's pages.  In this case, we see the Stones at Craig na Dun.  Very, very unique item.  Conversation starter for sure.  I own the shirt and the cotton is very soft, stretchy and comfortable.

And, also for the budget conscious, some original t-shirts, mugs and other items from the Outlander Cast Mary & Blake Store Collection.   You won't find these tees anywhere else!

As much as we dream, it may not be possible for some Outlander fans to attend a book-signing with Herself, author Diana Gabaldon.  But, you can still purchase signed copies of the novels through Diana's local Scottsdale, Arizona book seller, "The Poisoned Pen" and their Online Store.   Diana regularly drops by The Poisoned Pen to sign books and also recently signed hang-tags for these cute Jamie and Claire Teddy Bears.  

But, what of our OutMANders?  It's a rare man who can appreciate the brilliance of Outlander the novels and the TV series.  So, might you be looking for a gift for that special Outlander guy in your life -- your Jamie, perhaps?  So, how about we start with weaponry!!  The Celtic Croft is famous for all things Celtic.  And, they have some killer Dirks and Daggers that your OutMANder might get a thrill from.  I could think of all kinds of cute notes you could write to accompany your gifts, such as "Is that a Dirk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  Happy Birthday, Anniversary, etc.!"  Or, "Size doesn't matter but the size of your Dirk does."  OK. Maybe not.  But, these are beautifully made knives and would make a really fun gift for any Jamie wannabe. 

Or, maybe your man might like a studly pair of Clan Crest Pewter Cufflinks.  Celtic Croft forges these links by hand with the crest of your man's family clan.  Over 300 clan crests to choose from.  How wonderful and special.  And, if your guy isn't of Scottish descent, just get him some links with the Clan Fraser crest and I'm sure he'll love being affiliated with the King of Men!

And, then wouldn't it be kind of sexy to call your man a "Laird" and have it be true?  You can purchase a "Laird" title for your OutMANder through several Scottish historical foundations.  Many of these -- such as at Castle Dunans offer ceremonial titles and actual plots of land on the castle estate.  Upon registering his gift, your man will own a genuine plot of land on the grounds of Dunans Castle in Scotland (located in County Argyll) and will become a Laird!  He will be sent a personalized land ownership certificate and a Proof of Title card making him eligible for all sorts of Laird-based perks including a personal tour of Dunans Castle if visiting.  This is a really fun, tongue-in-cheek gift.  Proceeds from sales of the ceremonial titles go to benefit restoration of Dunans Castle which suffered severe damage due to fire in 2003.  I can't think of a better gift for the Laird of your House...can you?

Or, perhaps your man is a fan of the drink -- Scotch Whisky that is.  If it's a dram he favors, how about signing him up for a "Scotch of the Month Club" such as the one offered by Taster's Club.  Starting at only $79/month, (you can also sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month memberships) your OutMANder will receive a fantastic Single Malt Scotch every month from one of Scotland's famous whisky regions -- Lowlands, Speyside, Highland Campbeltown and Islay.  All "Scotch of the Month Club" members are automatically enrolled in Taster's Club Whisky 101 course -- where your Highlander will receive plenty of rich, informational material including whisky profiles, tasting notes, production techniques and much more!   And, every month when he receives his Water of Life he'll be reminded of how much his lovely lassie loves him.  Winner!!!

Lastly, for the gentleman in your life, how about a custom made Kilt?  Most likely a bank breaker in terms of cost, but it would certainly be a grand gesture -- especially if you are planning a trip to Scotland soon.  Recently, our own Sam Heughan was gifted a custom kilt by a fan group from famous Edinburgh kilt maker, "21st Century Kilts."  21st Century Kilts seeks to put a modern spin on the traditional Scottish style kilt and bring back kilts as a realistic alternative to trousers.  If you and your man can't hop a plane to Edinburgh to be fitted then 21st Century Kilts also has a Ready-to-Wear Collection that can be purchased online.  Or, it turns out, that Howie Nicholsby, 21st Century Kilts renowned designer, will be taking appointments for fittings for custom kilts during NYC's Tartan Week -- April 7 and 8th at St. Andrews Restaurant in Manhattan.  Go here to learn more and find out how to make an appointment for a fitting during Tartan Week.  An outstanding gift for the Highlander in your life!!!!

So GET BUSY, Sassenachs!  Share these ideas with your significant other and/or click and buy for your man or yourself.  What better way to show your Outlander LOVE! 


Have you ever received an Outlander-themed Gift before?   If so, let us know so we can add it to our List!


  1. I have LOVED those glasses since I first saw "Castle Leoch." I'm thinking that just might be my gift to me! (Hubby doesn't shop online) Thanks for the links!

  2. Denise Stewart -- I know -- the glasses are TO DIE FOR! Need to get my order in SOON! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day but I might have to get something for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing.

    personalized gifts

    1. nancy john -- I LOVE that you are getting something for yourself. That is awesome. So many great Outlander themed gifts out there. Hard to narrow down. And, I am sure your Mom will love something from this list come Mother's Day. It's great that she is a fan of Outlander, too! Thanks for reading and commenting. Come back to the Blog again soon for more original content and Outlander news!

  4. I have zero adult need for those bears but I want them!!!!


    1. Devon -- Ha, ha...I know. They are AWFULLY cute. You are not alone in your shame... Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Would love to know where DG gets those gorgeous shawls, especially the blue butterfly one she wore at one of the early interviews.

    1. Peigi -- my guess is Diana has someone she likes in AZ who provides her with her rather distinctive look -- the shawls, long wraps, etc. But, I have also heard that fans send her things and wouldn't be surprised if some of what you see her in is from fans. You could always reach out and ask her on FB or Twitter. She often responds to questions. Thanks for stopping by the Blog. Come back again soon!

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