We Break Down 24 HQ Photos From Outlander Season 2 Trailer

Written by: Blake Larsen

The entire Outlander community breathed a collective sigh of relief when the trailer for season 2 dropped last week. Not only did we get a date for the premiere (April 9) but we also got an even more in-depth/textured look into what appears to be a fantastic forthcoming season.  Hit the jump for an unspoiled SHOW ONLY analysis of 24 high quality photos from the latest trailer and an UNBELIEVABLE Sudden Theory Of The Week...

Please note - some footage in the trailer was already used in the season 2 teaser that came out two months ago.  If you notice some scenes not here, that's because we already broke them down in a previous article.

We start off with Claire walking down the hallway in the French library that was featured in the teaser (remember when Jamie was playing chess with the Duke of Sandringham?)  Clearly this is a place that she and Jamie frequent.  Is this a worried or determined look? Either way, keep this dress in mind as it will reappear later on in the trailer

The Godfather, Murtagh, looking dapper as he writing down some notes and speaks to Claire.  This also appears to be in the Fraser's apartment.  (Notice the same flooring and candle sconces in a photo with Claire from the teaser)  Servants in the background, too? Not a bad life for Les Frasers.

So this does appear to be the same desk as pictured above with Murtagh.  Notice the rounded top and the gold leafing facade on the front of the desk.  While I do think it's kind of weird for Murtagh to write down the years that Claire lived, maybe it's the only way he can wrap his head around the matter.  But here's the big news - Murtagh knows Claire's secret.  Holy crap, what!? Maybe Claire felt it necessary to tell Murtagh about her past (future?) in order to justify why they are trying to infiltrate Bonnie Prince Charlie's camp?

This is my second favorite shot of the trailer.  I have yet to determine if this 18th century or 20th century Claire.  If I had to put money on it, the stitching and type of fabric on Claire's dress appears to be 20th.  The bed sheet also feels 20th.  And unless something unconscionable happens in the 18th century (i.e. Jamie's death, losing the baby), I don't see Claire being this distraught or numb at that time.  She is obviously without hope here.  Something has seemed to bite a piece of her existence away at this point.  Now If I am to guess, this is probably when she first reappears in the 20th century.  Maybe she is in shock? Maybe the time travel messed her up a little bit?  Or, maybe she lost the baby due to time travel? Maybe she had the baby and is now separated from her? Maybe she goes back to the future (!) and realized that not only did she fail, but she somehow caused Jamie's death?  Lots of great potential in this shot.  Also - don't forget the style of this shot - it's twisting around like a clock to make her face go from upside down to right side up.  More clues about time, time travel, and when this probably happens.

Ah yes - the money shot again.  Just in case you didn't get it the first time, Claire is pregnant.  Majorly pregnant.  From the looks of it - I'd say about 6 moths.  This also appears to be in the 18th century too.  So we are going either see a fairly significant time jump(in the 18th century) early in the season, OR they are going to long play the pregnancy in the season and save Claire going back to Frank for the back third.  (Because as you will see, Claire is appears to not be pregnant in the 20th century)

Fear not ladies and gents (or should you?) we are definitely going to get a battle scene in this season.  You'll notice Jamie on the right riding a horse next to the column of men.  This would suggest he has a leadership role in the war, and the clothing of the men would also suggest this is back in Scotland.

Speaking of battle, here's our boy Bonnie Prince Charlie, as played by Andrew Gower - leader of the '45 Jacobite Rebellion and he's talking about how he's going to unite the clans to fight the British.  Good luck with that, bro.  And where is he? Notice all the oak barrels and bottles? Must be some kind of brewery, or (since it's France) most likely a winery.  And the red hair in the foreground? Is that one Jamie Fraser?

Back in the Fraser's apartment - it looks like we have Bonnie Prince Charlie in the foreground drinking a toast (notice the whig, the yellow coat, and the black tie), but Jamie doesn't look to convinced at what's happening around him.  Seems to be his reservation about, you know, lying to everyone.

We did include this in the last breakdown, but I wanted to include this to prove that the previous pregnant picture of Claire is based in the 18th century.  She is wearing the same nightgown and looks to be around the same term length of her pregnancy.  Perhaps even a little bit further along.  But they are definitely still in France.  They don't have this kind of opulence back in Scotland. So that means most of the pregnancy takes place in France because she arrives in France barely pregnant and here she is very far along.  Which is important because of the next photo.

This was my FAVORITE shot of the entire trailer.  Claire walking along the lines, obviously scared, shaken up, and worried as she flinches while walking past the row of shooters.  But, since we know we are going BACK to Scotland for some kind of fight in which Jamie will be, that means Claire is there too.  Now is she pregnant in this photo? I don't know.  But, it does mean we are going from France, to Scotland, back to the 40's.  At some point she has to have this baby.  And why the hell is she so upset? Did she get word that Jamie dies in battle? Does she choose to go back to 20th century upon hearing that news? Is this her on the way? The ultimate question here, is, when does she head back to the 40's? Because they're not going to have Claire go from France (where the season has to begin) to jump to the 40's, only to come back to Scotland.

UNLESS - OUTLANDISH THEORY OF THE WEEK HERE - they START the season with Claire and the jump to the 40's.  Then as she is in 20th century, she remembers back to her time in Scotland right before she jumped.  Because why else tip your hand about Claire going back to Frank before the season even begins? Because you WANT people to know she is back and you're using it as a device to help frame both timelines. Hmm...Oh, Ron Moore, you conniving man....

A quick look in the the Randall family tree.  This appears to be a book that Claire is reading back in the 20th century.  And if you look at the top, you'll find one Jonathan Wolverton "Black Jack" Randall having a baby with a woman who appears to be named Mary Hawkins(?).  Looks like Black Jack did have some kind of relationship, and they are aware of who the mother is.  It's even written down in a Randall family book - which means that, given the time and culture of England at the time, there was a public acknowledgement of John Randall and this lady Mary Hawkins.  Which, of course, would probably mean that they had some form of formal arrangement between them.  Hmm...very interesting.

This is obviously Claire in the 20th century - as I don't think they have too much wicker furniture in the 18th century.  Notice that she is wearing both rings still.  So that means she is wearing the ring in front of Frank, who is obviously going to want an explanation as to where the hell she has been for however long she has been gone for.  Another sudden theory here - not only is she looking back at the Randall family, she is looking to see what happened to all of her Scot buddies including Jamie.  And my guess is that she doesn't succeed at changing history.  Because as we all know from LOST, "what happened, happened."

OK so we've got Jamie in a leadership role here again and back in Scotland.  You can tell by the coloring of the shot, the clothing, and the fact that you see Dougal's big bald head on the right side next to Rupert, Angus, Murtagh and Willie.  Again, we're talking about going BACK to Scotland here to fight the good fight.  Something changes Jamie's perspective throughout the season to go from trying to STOP the Bonnie Prince, to then fighting for him.  Since we know Claire is in Scotland at one point, and she would NEVER leave Jamie unless she was forced to, it can't be Claire's going back to the 40's that makes Jamie want to fight.  And, if this were Jamie rallying AGAINST the Bonnie Prince, you know Dougal would never stay on the side and let that happen.  So, what changes Jamie's mind?

LIVING PROOF that Claire is NOT pregnant in the 20th century.  Or, she at least is not pregnant for some time of it.  And it also appears that Claire gets on a plane to travel somewhere on British European Airways.  Maybe to go back to Scotland to get back to Jamie? Or is this to another place? Because why fly to Scotland? You can drive.  It wasn't cost effective to fly to Scotland.  So, she has to be flying somewhere else - so it is cost effective.  Perhaps France to revisit her old stomping grounds with Jamie?  But I doubt she'd fly to France as a boat was probably more cost effective.  If I'm guessing anything here - Claire is flying to America.  I have no idea why, but it makes sense.  But, then again, why America?  Which then would mean we are spending a significant amount of time in the 20th century. And if this is a linear story - then this is coming towards the end.  But, why ruin the end with this kind of revelation - unless you plan on showing it in the beginning!  BOOM. Oh, the questions...

I put this here, because, well...you're welcome.

Beautiful fireworks over France.

Here's my boy Frank coming down the stairs all in a tizzy.  Is it because Claire has come back? Or is it because she's gone again?  Hmmm...

More proof of Claire wearing both rings in the future.  Remember that god awful cardigan from when she was reading the books on the wicker chair? Some shirt behind the hands.  Love this shot though.

More proof of Jamie in a leadership role back in Scotland.  It also shows Murtagh riding next to him along with Dougal in the background and NON PREGNANT Claire and some little boy. So there's definite proof that the baby either has to be born in France, OR early on in Scotland.  Lots to think about here - is Dougal no longer War-Chief? Why? What happened to the brothers McKenzie? Also, Murtagh makes it out of France alive.

Looks like Jamie is getting into a beef with someone in France.  Perhaps this is why they leave, go back to Scotland, and fight for the Bonnie Prince?  Or some gabrone told him that Claire looks fat.  Either way, there's a serious can of whoop ass here.

 Jamie whisking Claire away from a party in that hall she was walking in at the beginning of the trailer.  Is this his go-to Outfit in France by the way? The bluish green coat with that white scarf? He's wearing this in every scene in France.  My guess is that it has to do with the pregnancy because Claire doesn't look to good.  In fact, she looks downright pasty.  Maybe there are complications with the baby? Hmm...more to ponder....

A ship burning in open water.  My guess is probably the supposed reinforcements from King Louis XV that were SUPPOSED to go to The Bonnie Prince for the rebellion.  Which, if you had listened to our history of the Jacobite Rebellion episode, you would know is one of the major reasons why the rebellion failed - the Scots never got French reinforcements.

A beautiful shot of Jamie and Claire.  "In this I trust."  Again, you're welcome.

And here it is folk, the big enchilada.  The whole reason why we're here.  Claire goes back.  Again, she doesn't look pregnant - but it's hard to to tell since she has her arms wrapped around her belly.  Frank is grateful and were are solidly in the 40's.  Claire looks upset, hurt, and confused.  Probably because she had no other choice but to go back to the 40's and hates herself for it.

Well that's it ladies and gents.  Thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for all the Outlander season 2 news right here on the OC blog.

Did I miss something?  Do you agree with my Outlandish Theory Of The Week?  Sound off in the comments.


  1. Oh Blake! You are so cute. Just wait and see. Some of your theories are pretty close, others not so much, but they made me smile. And of course, as a book reader, I have to wait and see too, because Ron D Moore has surprised me a few times. Is it April yet???

  2. Dearest Blake, I cannot wait for you to see this season and hear your comments then. You have some pretty great theories, but time will tell. (no pun intended)
    My favorite scene here is the one of Claire lying down looking distraught. Thanks for the Jamie picture, too. Come on April 9!!

  3. Yesssssssss, every word of this post! So much fun to see it through your eyes. Plus, I read the books all in a row last year and can't remember all the intricate details like the rest of the Outlander fanatics. I snorted laughter at the cardigan comment. And this, for the prize: Because as we all know from LOST, "what happened, happened."

  4. I think you could use a library card...

    1. Blake has chosen not to read the books.

      Keep in mind . . . while it's based on previous source material, this is a television show. If reading the books were required for full enjoyment of the series, it'd be a pretty lousy show.

  5. My comment is about Frank's lukewarm comment about being "grateful" she's back. All I can do is remember Jamie's reaction in "The Devil's Mark" when Claire made the choice to stay with him. The tears on his face said it all! Definitely Team Jamie!

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  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. As a book reader you sure have some interesting ideas about the storyline. (😀That's great😄) Of course we will all have to see just how it's played out on the show. Comparing last season to the first book ...it seemed to me that producers kept fairly close to the storyline . Given that part of the challenge of putting a book like Dianna's into a tv show and they only have so much time for that. �� They did not really change the order of events but changed here and there how the characters dealt with what happened . Eg Jamie disciplines Claire for taking off and getting captured by the redcoats.
    I also wanted to mention that if you look closely at the clip of Claire walking past the shooters ... At the start of it Jamie is standing in the background. Can't wait for season two :)

  9. Love your musings Blake,yes Claire is pregnant when she goes back to the, 20th.century, how else will we have Brianna?,but do read at least Voyager now,you'll find it so much fun with guessing how it will be adapted!

    1. Ha! Your mind is twisting this story into a double helix. The truth is that any of your theories could pan out in RDM's hands. :)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. No, Blake did not read the books. I can't IMAGINE how he manages to avoid spoilers.

  11. When does the green dress show up later in the trailer? I haven't been able to find it.

  12. Ladies . . . comments containing plot-related spoilers will be instantly deleted.

    Blake has NOT read the books, and keeping him "unspoiled" is integral to the dynamic he has with Mary on the podcast. Spoil Blake and you spoil the podcast.

    Thank you!

    1. I had no idea. Sorry! I am deleting my own comment now.

  13. I realize Blake that you haven't read the book and your "theories" are interesting to say the least. You should at some point read the book...even if it is after the show airs. Have you read Book 1? You should start there. So much more than the tv series shows (the series is fantastic, but the book is more in depth). And "your boy" Frank...lol yeah...read the books. Let's just say Claire made the right choice to stay with Jamie in season/book 1. #Team Jamie.

    1. I agree. It would be amazing if Blake read the book after the corresponding season aired, and then get his take on the novel vs. the television show.

  14. Loved the podcast and hearing Blake's theories!! I am a long time book reader. He is always entertaining. I have to agree with him about the brown sweater...it is HIDEOUS!! Thanks for the wonderful podcasts. I love them!!

  15. this cracked me up - as a reader. you are spot on about a lot of things, which is amazing!!! but others.....why haven't you read the books? I can't imagine you run this fabulous blog and haven't read them?!!

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