*NEW* Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Sam & Caitriona

Written by: Anne Gavin

And the hits just keep on coming this week...

We find out that Sam and Caitriona are gracing yet another COVER of popular American magazine -- TV Guide, albeit much more covered up than their Entertainment Weekly cover!  Check out the gorgeous photos after the jump and learn a little secret about the dress Caitriona is wearing.

I never get tired of looking at these two.

I hate to say it (really, I do) but these Behind-the-Scenes photos of our couple will stir the Shippers into a frenzy, I fear.  They sure do look like they like each other...A LOT!

And this HAS to be my favorite.  Caitriona's face and Sam's eyes...

And, what is this I hear?  This gorgeous Royal Purple confection that Cait is wearing is NOT a Terry Dresbach creation?   How could that be?  Check out Terry's reaction from Twitter when asked about the dress.

Hmmm.  It's a mystery, but it IS a beautiful color.  However, doesn't EVERYTHING look good on Caitriona??!!

Photographs by: Geraldine Agoncillo

We are also treated to a fun little video from the shoot where we find out that the photographs were taken in Prague when the cast and crew were there last year to shoot many of the outdoor Paris scenes.  Check out Sam and Caitriona answering a few questions about Season 2 and other things!

I can't WAIT to see what the rest of this week brings us from STARZ Outlander PR-Land!  11 more days until the end of Droughtlander!

What do you think about these Behind the Scenes Photos and Video?  Any guesses on who made Caitriona's beautiful purple dress? 


  1. Loved this Anne,they are just two naturally beautiful,charming people,& seem like the best of friends, just having great fun even with a photoshoot,amazing chemistry,which is so good for the show!Never believed they are together as they seem so different in real life.I so love the lavender colour on Claire!Terry D.is the wizard of costumes,although this is not her colour(she said).

    1. zsuzsip -- Can you imagine if Sam and Cait did NOT like each other as much as they apparently do? You are right -- first and foremost for the SHOW we are SO fortunate that they are such great friends and enjoy each other so much. They are a delight to see together. Just makes you smile. And, I am SO curious about that dress!!! As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Anne, thank you for sharing these photos. Sam and Cait are such a delight together,both on and off the show.Is Sam sneaking a peek of Cait's cleavage in that one pic? Hilarious! You are so busted, Sam!
    As for the dress....it's gorgeous, and Cait is gorgeous, as always,in it. I have no idea who designed this one, but I read somewhere that her sister works in the costume department for the show...maybe the sister had a hand in it?? No matter, it's just lovely.I haven't watched the video yet, but will.

  3. LebninGal -- They just make you smile, don't they???? I had not heard that tid-bit about Claire's sister working as part of the crew of Outlander. Very interesting. Maybe sis stepped up here? Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blog so you'll get updates when any new Outlander news or original content posts to the Blog!

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