LIVE Blog: Episode 2.02 - "Not in Scotland Anymore"

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Do you find yourself obsessively gabbing on about Outlander to your friends and family? Wishing your Saturday nights included a living room full of people with whom to watch, discuss, comment, cheers, jeers and well, experience alllllll the feels? Dinna fash, Obsessenach - you are not alone.

Good news - we can get new family and friends pour ourselves a dram and, through the magic of technology, enjoy it together!  Each Saturday at 9:00 p.m., we'll be LIVE blogging the episodes to bring you a two-screen experience into the world of Outlander.  Like the Outlander Cast podcast, it will be SPOILER FREE for non-book readers.

So get all your post-18th Century gadgets ready and settle in, because the best things in life should be shared with a buddy.  Hi, buddy.

Now let the show begin . . .

Episode 2.02: "Not in Scotland Anymore"

[9:00 pm] Not to go all Forrest Gump on you (but I’m totally about to go all Forrest Gump on you), but “Previously on Outlander” is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. And here we go! (side note: a friend is visiting this weekend and is watching with me . . . she’s never seen the show. I wish I could have recorded her visible reaction to that summary sequence.)

[9:02 pm] Title card = we’re definitely not in Scotland anymore. If we were, my beloved Mrs. Fitz would be helping these ladies. Shameless plug for my love letter to her.

[9:03 pm] I have no words. None.  What the fresh hell was that?!?

[9:04 pm] Okay, I lied. I took a breath and found some words. At first my brain was analyzing the strain turned to hope, turned to strain, that is their struggle to find intimacy again (as it should be after that brutal sexual assault) . . . but I didn’t even get a chance to process that before I got thrust into Stephen King’s Carrie with the pig blood effect raining all over BJR’s face. Overkill?

[9:05 pm] Note to self: Get a cousin with a residence in Paris. Nice digs, Frasers! Claire can’t handle the round-the-clock service. I mean, I get it . . . but after what they’ve been through, take the spa service, Claire. At least for a bit. I’m just sayin’.

Also,  this is Terry Dresbach’s favorite ensemble of the new season – Caitriona’s too! We learned that during the awesome “From Scotland to Paris” live panel they did in New York City during premiere week.

[9:06 pm] Well done, Prague!  It completely does its role as "Paris stand-in" justice. I had the good fortune of visiting this city years ago and it’s breathtaking.  Side note: the beer is cheap. Just a tip.

[9:07 pm] These set designs are incredible – so cinematic. A visual buffet for the eye. And we're just inside an apothecary.

[9:08 pm] Master Raymond!  “So much cynicism in one so young” – sir, if you only knew the half of what she’d been through, you'd get why cynicism is her first language.  Side note: again with the pigs' blood! 

[9:11 pm] I battle insomnia - pass me some, Ray.

[9:12 pm] I adore Jamie and Murtagh scenes. They bring out the best in both characters and I enjoy the good-hearted ribbing.

[9:13 pm] "This city wreaks of a chamber pot." - Murtagh, in an early lead for my favorite line of the night.

[9:17 pm] And we're headed to a brothel! Where all noble business is conducted.  Carry on.

[9:19 pm] When you have your head down in the computer for part of the episode, you look up and have a delayed reaction to dildos being pranced onto screen to cheers and merriment.  True story.

[9:21 pm] I hate to break into this super important conversation about war strategy for frivolous commentary, but I will. I'd like to make a request that Jamie keep his hair pulled back.  Much better. Thank you kindly.

[9:24 pm] Bonnie Prince Charlie's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.  That is all.

[9:25 pm] Bear's change in the score's tone during this scene is making me flash to Star Wars and how the music always markedly changed once Darth Vader got on screen.

[9:27 pm] Murtagh looks so out of place flopped on a couch. And I love it.

[9:28 pm] This waxing scene is making me giggle, but it's because I keep picturing Steve Carell getting his chest waxed for real during that scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin. Don't try and understand how my brain works. I certainly don't.

[9:32 pm]  Wait, I hadn't gotten to that waxing scene yet.  Meek Mary's reaction for the win.

[9:33 pm] Honeypot.  That is all.

[9:35 pm] As much as I wave the flag for the amazing Jamie and Claire "bidness" scenes, I am so glad the writers chose to realistically portray the long run back to good that it's going to take these two given Jamie's clear PTSD.

[9:37 pm] WOW. I've seen the pictures of the dress, but to see it here - officially - it's scrumptious. All that was missing from the guys' reaction was a record screeching sound effect.

[9:38 pm] Claire was married before Jamie. Jamie was the virgin. But by all means, let's do this hilariously catty exchange at meeting "the ex."

[9:41 pm] Dammit, I want a Murtagh.  Why does half the Outlander-loving world tote around a Pocket Jamie? Let's start a Pocket Murtagh movement on social. He's the real sidekick you want on all your adventures.

[9:42 pm] "Only in France does a king need an audience to shiiiiite." - Murtagh, again for the win.

[9:44 pm] Two minutes later, we're still on this scene watching a guy try and take a crap.  Really, Outlander? Really?

[9:45 pm] The hubs, "She found a bigger fan."  I say - by all means, flaunt it, Claire.

[9:47 pm] For those keeping score at home: dildos, waxing, public crapping and foot fetishes. And we've still got 10 minutes to go.

[9:49 pm] I spoke too soon.  That dress. You know the one.  Side note: If last week was Tobias Menzies' episode to shine, this wonky episode is saved by Duncan Lacroix.

[9:52 pm] The Duke of Sandringham is back. Criiiiiiiiiiiinge. But Simon Callow makes him completely watchable.

[9:55 pm] Black Jack's brother. Holy. But he's precious.  And Black Jack's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.  I knew this because, ahem - book reader. But Claire reacting to it made me feel it all over again.  Some things are just better seen than read.

[9:58 pm] And just like that, we've got our first subplot. With that "wait, he's alive?!" reveal, this episode actually started to hold my interest. And now it's done.  But we're headed good places, friends! *crosses fingers*

[9:59 pm] Well folks, we definitely aren't in Scotland anymore.  And I don't know about you, but I miss it.  I'm definitely on board for following our beloved family anywhere they go, but I do miss Scotland.  Transition woes. I'll get there.

[10:00 pm] Ira Steven Behr and his purple goatee.  Love. He's like our very own Heisenberg. Breaking Bad anyone?

[10:20 pm] I've had some more wine. I reflected. I'm ready to kilt this thing . . . you know, should Mary and Blake ask: 3 kilts. An even 3.  The new sets, Terry's gorgeous work, the return of Simon Callow and, most notably, Duncan Lacroix's comedic salvaging kept this episode from completely landing in the King's public chamber pot.  Disclaimer: I reserve the right to re-grade after a few more viewings between now and next week. 

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  1. Is it weird to pause the screen when he gets out of bed?

  2. I DIE for that Dior-Bar-Suit knock-off!

  3. when Raymond calls her "Madonna"!

    1. For me this actor seems to be the most forced in the show to date. He has the look, but not the essence. Time will tell.

  4. Mutagh -- I need some help with my sword play. Care to help me?

  5. "Where he goes, I go". Sigh. Everybody needs a Murtagh!

  6. Charlie is a little weasel. Don't you know that JAMIE is God Almighty! Not you, you arse-hole!

  7. Replies
    1. Right?! I definitely need to up my lounge wear game.

  8. Do not like J & C coitus interruptus. Not at all.

    1. It definitely made me uncomfortable, but it felt realistic.

  9. Simon Callow is brilliant as the Duke. What a fantastic portrayal of a despicable character.

  10. Amen! Wonky episode! Murtagh saves the day!

  11. Duncan and his eyebrows and crappy French!

  12. Amen! Wonky episode! Murtagh saves the day!

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