Dying to find out how Outlander ends? Read our staff's best guesses . . .

Written by: Holly Richter-White

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers related to the Outlander season two finale. If you would prefer to watch the finale without knowing how the book give us clues to the outcome, then please stop reading this post at the point where it heavily warns of spoilers. 

Dear God, sorry to disturb you, but... I feel that I should be heard loud and clear. We all need a big reduction in amounts of tears.

Did you know that the season two opener was the original ending to season one? (Yes, really. Until the network intervened to make the finale "happier".)

So while we escaped its wrath last year, there will be no avoidance this year. We will all now be subjected to its terror. Word to the wise, be sure to read Anne's Gavin's Finale Survival Guide.

What, on earth, could make someone utter, "I wished I were dead?"  Perhaps it's the lack of sex since they arrived in Scotland, but I digress. . .

You're always letting us humans down.
The wars you bring, the babes you drown.
Those lost at sea and never found.

Soon we will all know what leads Claire to that realization. Like you all, I both dread and desire to understand. It's no accident that STARZ chose the "Dear God" theme for the season two trailer.

So HOW DOES it all end? I'm sure we've all seen some spoilers by now, and book readers know the gist of it. But no one knows how it will actually end.

If there's one thing I don't believe in, it's you.
Dear God.

Our blog writers thought we'd have a little fun and try to guess the ending, those last critical scenes that lead up to season three.

WARNING: To continue reading means you will be subjected to significant SPOILERS.

Seriously . . . if you haven't read the books, you should've stopped reading already.

Guess what . . . if you cheated and watched the finale online when it leaked, you might still stop reading if you haven't read the books.  There are some season 3 spoilers in here, too.

Still with us?

Here we go!

And now, our staff predictions.  First up, our non-book reader:

Blake Larsen

Jamie: Jamie's final scene will obviously be Claire and Jamie at the stones. He will push Claire to go through stones after she has killed Dougal (because Dougal will attempt to kill Jamie for being in charge and perhaps giving an order to not fight in Culloden. Remember Jamie loves Scotland but he loves his men more). But Jamie knows that he is under the gun and will more than likely die or be captured/jailed because of his involvement. Knowing this, he sends Claire back to the future to raise their unborn child. Ahh. . . but when Claire goes through, who's waiting behind them? Black Jack Randall - ready to finish the job he started at Wentworth and fulfill his promise to kill Jamie. Cut to black.

Claire: This is where things get really interesting. Something tells me that she is speaking to her older daughter, Brianna, and recounting all the stories of her time in Scotland with her real father. Brianna probably won't believe her all that much, thus, all the voice overs from seasons one and two. But given that they are in the US and and it's probably right around the late sixties, this is when we see **GASP** Geillis Duncan. But now the roles are reversed - Claire knows who she is and Geillis is the one in the dark. But given Geillis' fervor, and I think the fact that Geilis finds out about Claire's story, Geillis decides to go back in time and see if she too can change history. So to support Geillis and convince her daughter that Jamie really is her dad, she and Brianna fly to Scotland and watch Geillis go back in time at the stones - leaving both Claire and her daughter with a choice: abandon Frank the only dad Brianna has ever known? Or go back to meet her real father, and see if they can once again find the love of Claire's life? SMASH CUT TO BLACK, credits roll.


Next up, our staff book readers weigh in with their predictions:

Mary Larsen

Jamie: I am nervous and excited to see the scene with he and Dougal, as well as preparing for the gut wrenching moments at the stones. I also am betting we will get the MUCH needed love making scene before they go to the stones, the one that Claire can remember him by. This scene will be amazing, brilliant, tear worthy, and worth the publicity like the EW cover!

Claire: We will find out that Blake’s amazing Outlandish Theory is true, and that all of her voiceover has been telling the story of she and Jamie to Brianna and Roger.  I can’t wait to see Jamie’s stubbornness shine through in Bree as she is in disbelief of what her mother has told her. I’m excited to journey back to Scotland with Claire, and see the places she used to visit and once call home. I’m ready to get nostalgic along side her and her fabulous 60’s hair! We will hear Roger share the great news at the end of the episode that, in fact, Jamie did not die that fateful day! I also think we as viewers will see 1968 Giellis - even for a brief moment, possibly out of Claire’s view!

Holly Richter-White

1968 - Roger and a shaken Brianna learn from Claire that a Fraser (Jamie) is Brianna's father and that "he meant to die on Culloden Field."

1746 - With a Redcoat on her tail, Claire barely makes it through the stones. With nothing to lose, warrior Jamie will mow down the British, but finds Murtagh seriously injured by. . . Black Jack Randall.  Finally, the duel to the death. Jamie will strike a mortal blow to Black Jack Randall but he won't die right away. But this time, each are willing to die, and BJR wishes Jamie to kill him. But a forlorn Jamie has no will to honor BJR’s request to finish him off, in mercy.

1968 - The first of two records comes in for Roger, showing that it's possible a Fraser survived Culloden. Shocked, Claire begins to believe that he's possibly still alive in his time. Meanwhile she seeks out Geillis for help to go back.

1746 - A now-furious BJR will inflict a sudden serious wound upon Jamie as his last act of retribution. Losing blood, Jamie will fall to his knees, dying. This is the last thing a dying Murtagh sees before he strikes a fatal blow to BJR in vengeance. BJR will fall upon Jamie’s mortally wounded body, not out of altruism, but as a repentant narcissist, realizing that if Jamie lives all of the pain and anguish he caused will continue and will not have been futile. With Murtagh dead, Jamie "dies" on the moor, drowning in a massive puddle, only to gasp for breath as the water covers his mouth. He LIVES. . . and Jamie will utter “Claire” right before he is swooped up to be executed by Cumberland’s “no quarter” order. Just as the firing squad props him up, aims, his last words will be of her…"Lord, that she be safe, she and the child."

Anne Gavin

Claire: A 1968-clad Claire walks quietly into a small office or study. Twenty-year-old Brianna Randall and a grown Roger Wakefield are already in the room. Dusty, old books are strewn about and stacked on either side of the desk, on top of the desk and against the wall. Brianna will be looking sternly at her mother while Roger asks Claire to sit down and hands her one of the dusty books with a page opened. Roger says softly, ”he meant to turn back to the battle and I think he did that but…” and points at the page in the open book Claire is holding. Claire looks down and reads a short passage aloud. She looks up at Roger and Brianna then with her eyes wide and filled with disbelief and tears. Roger looks at her and says,  “Jamie, he meant to die on Culloden Field.  But, …” camera moves to Claire’s face and then to black.

Jamie: The camera pans across a muddy field. The mist is heavy. Cannon fire blasts and smoke from the blasts fills the air. Men engaged in battle are chaotically running in disorganized bunches. There are screams and musket fire, bayonets slashing through the mist. Men crying out. The camera zooms in on a mop of red hair running through the crowd of men. It’s Jamie. He rushes forward with his targe and dirk at the ready. As he moves closer to a line of English soldiers, he sees him. It’s Black Jack Randall. The two spot each other, eyes locking. They both move forward towards each other.  Battle sounds increase, cannon fire, etc.. almost deafening. Just as the two are about to meet – their weapons at ready, the screen fades to black.

Janet Reynolds

We already know the finale is going to flash between the 1960s and the 18th century, so here's where I think we will end with Jamie and Claire in the last scenes for each of them. I'm going with a fairly straight book rendition here because I think it's so strong - just the right mix of sadness and hope.

Jamie: He's lying on the field with Black Jack Randall lying on top of him and we don't know if he's dead or alive.

Claire: The final scene is Claire's. Roger tells her that Jamie, indeed, did not die on Culloden Field. After a moment of shock, sadness of not having been with him for the last 20 years, Claire's face turns to one of hope as she says, "help me find him." End of scene. #Droughtlander begins.

And the pleasant surprise and deviation from the book that RDM and others in the cast have hinted at? I think Murtagh is going to be allowed to live and that we'll see him in season three.

Denise Stewart

I’m thinking, like most of you, that this episode will be based in 1968 with flashbacks as Claire tells the story of Culloden to Bree and Roger. For the final scenes though it will be . . .

Claire: Roger reveals to Claire that he has discovered that Jamie did not die at Culloden. As he tells Claire of his findings, we will go to a close up of Claire looking into the distance in disbelief and wonder.

Jamie: Cut to Jamie lying on the battlefield at Culloden (with or without BJR on top of him) with eyes closed. Then he opens his eyes to mirror the first scene of episode one with Claire. Maybe we will even hear him say the words that Claire utters in that first scene, “I wished I were dead. And if I kept my eyes shut, I could’ve almost touched the edges of oblivion.” No matter the ending, it will be devastating. We will need lots of tissues and whisky!

Full disclaimer:
I must admit these thoughts are not completely my own. I have had this discussion with my dear friend and total resource of all things Outlander, Bitsy. Thanks, Bits!

Anne Hawkinson

Claire: In Reverend Wakefield's home with Roger and Brianna. Brianna has finally come to terms with who her father is, and they are researching to see if Jamie is still alive. Roger tells her, "he meant to die on Culloden Field, but he didn't." Claire stares at the documentation of his escape and has a flashback of she and Jamie in the deserted cottage, their lovemaking, carving of initials, and their last coupling before she flees, travels through the stones, and ends up where we saw her in the first episode of season two.

Jamie: He is in Claire's flashback, telling her he is a traitor and murderer, with a price on his head. He means to die, telling her "it will be over quickly." Claire is in denial about going back and Jamie confronts her with his knowledge of her pregnancy. "Tomorrow I will die and this child will be all that is left of me. I beg you to see it safe." Cut to Jamie's present on the battlefield. He goes out to meet his fate, sees Murtagh fall, and as he reaches him, Black Jack Randall comes into focus. If he is going to die, let it be battling Randall. He is ready.

Kendra Spring-Klasek

I'm almost certain we're going to cold-open in 1968 and freak the hell out of the non-book readers, mirroring the season two opener.  We are most certainly not going to end on Claire touching the stone, as that would be akin to cutting off mid-sentence.

Jamie: Jamie will only be seen in flashbacks, adding to the harsh new reality.  Instead of Frank-backs, we will get Jamie-backs.  Jamie's final moments will be sending Claire through the stones because this is Claire's tale we (and Brianna) are hearing and that's the last thing she knows.  We already know that the scene with Claire and Jamie carving each other's initials into their skin was scrapped, despite a well-fought battle for it by the women on the production team.  I don't think we will see any of Culloden . . . again, Claire has no knowledge of it.  All of it will be reserved for season 3.  We will see Claire and Jamie saying their good-byes and Jamie acknowledging Claire's pregnancy.  Claire wants to stay and, most likely, die along-side Jamie, but the baby turns the tide.  They make love for the last time and Claire makes a mad dash for Craig Na Dun, while I ugly-cry into my husband's shoulder.

Claire: Claire, Brianna and Roger will have the final scene.  I'm waffling between whether the final shot will be Geillis going through the stones or whether that will be the penultimate scene, but given Ron Moore's promise to end on a hopeful note, I'm leaning towards the latter.  We will see Geillis knock off her husband, light him on fire, and hurl herself through the stones before Claire can warn her.  This will finally bring it home to Brianna that her mother has been telling her the truth.  The final scene will be Claire, Bree and Roger back at the Reverend Wakefield's study.  Roger will have a "Eureka" moment where he will realize that Jamie meant to die at Culloden, but didn't.  This scene may also play out at the kirkyard where Jamie's headstone is discovered.  The last shot may be a quick image (just a flash, really) of Jamie's eyes opening, pinned underneath the body of BJR. We pan out and cut to black.

Ashley Crawley

Claire: A 1968 Claire is channeling her inner Jackie O beauty, seated in a quiet room with only her thoughts - thoughts of Jamie.  She's, of course, already told her daughter, Brianna, that Frank Randall was not her true father, but rather a strapping Highlander from 200 years ago - the King of Men.  That's led them on a journey to Scotland to discover her true roots, and now we find ourselves with Claire, remembering the day she left behind the love of her life so many years before. But then Roger strolls in with - wait for it, wait for it - MASTER RAYMOND.  Because, why not?  This is fun! The two of them have pored through the annals of history and share with Claire that Jamie intended to die at Culloden, but . . .

Jamie: In the final scene, the camera hovers above a face-down Black Jack Randall on the ground. He soon is rolled over and we that lying underneath him had been Jamie, eyes sporting a look of utter disbelief at being alive. He had witnessed Black Jack deal a "fatal" blow to Murtagh and it spurred him into one final duel to the death with the captain that just won't die.  The camera begins to zoom out and Jamie's face moves to the right of frame allowing for . . . Murtagh to crawl into view!  He delivers one of his signature, witty one-liners (akin to a modern day "so that happened") and we fade to black.  Because this is my dreamy version of the story. And in my perfect, happy bubble - Murtagh lives! Or we at least get to exist for a few months wondering if he's alive or dead.  Because, Murtagh. Siiigh.

So, there you have it.

Not one of us predicts a happy outcome, indeed Jamie and Claire must descend the depths of Hell before . . . 

We are not presuming Jamie and Claire avoid Culloden and jump on a boat bound for the Americas. That would not make a good TV drama. (yet)

STARZ didn't need to focus on new subscribers after all.  Instead, they should have marketed a season two survival package in the Outlander store, chocked full of tissues, whisky and psychological referrals.  No doubt they would have sold out immediately.

Cue tears now.

What do you think? How do you think season two will wrap up? Sound off below! 


  1. This was so fun to read! I can't wait to watch this episode with my husband- a non book reader- to see his reactions to everything. He's always trying to get me to spoil things for him and I steadfastly refuse.
    I like the idea of getting the glimpse of Geillis in the background but saving her for S3. My favorite bit of Voyager was all the research and digging trying to find out what happened with Jamie- is he alive or isn't he and what happened to him and the men of Lallybroch...it's the historian in me.

    1. Thanks, it was fun to try and imagine what they would do!

  2. I am afraid to leave a comment for fear of not knowing if comments are allowed to be spoilery .. is Blake reading this blog?? .. but I definitely have thoughts. Anyway just have to say, Blake made me laugh with his "Ring the Bell Baby!" at the end lol

    1. Angela Hickey -- please leave your comments and if you think it's "spoilery" just mark it as such. No worries. We want to hear what you have to say!

    2. And don't worry, Angela - Blake told me he was excited to read it and then said "wait, should I?" And I said "no, no you shouldn't, you book virgin you."

  3. Denise!! That was my prediction (or suggestion) exactly!! That the closing shot of the season be Jamie opening his eyes on the bloody moor and his VO delivering the same line as Claire's (as you quote) when she opened her eyes in front of the stones in the opening shot of the season. For all I know they might even be saying it at the same moment, respectively giving and taking 200 years. Sniiiif! You and me and Bitsy are brilliant, if heartbreaking.
    I no longer think it will happen that way, what with the spotlight off of J&C these days. We'll see.
    Everyone's theories are fun, if often extremely painful, to read. Is Ashley the only one that believed Ron's Big Surprise promise?
    One thing I agree with everyone about is, of course, that all our hearts will break - they're hanging by a thread as it is, so just one note from Bear should render us permanently inconsolable!😧

    1. Ha! Diane, at this point the one big surprise from Ron could be a season 2 sex scene. Hehe

    2. Too true, Ashley! I'm not sure we've seen one of Claire's shoulders since the blue cubby and she's got a lot more layers on now! (Not to objectify anyone).
      I think our expectations have been firmly readjusted to the new-look J&C. Sigh.
      Thank goodness for beautiful, nude, Gaelic prayers.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks for your comments, Diane!Great minds is all I have to say! It will definitely be heartbreaking. And I'm sure Bear will have a big hand in that!
      Ashley, that's great! A sex scene would be a big surprise!

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  7. [Okay, the Internet needs to stop posting my comments twice, they're long enough as it is!] Just wanted to add that I'm glad Anne and Kendra mentioned the pregnancy. It was the only thing that made me think C&J might have an intimate goodbye scene. I don't at all think there will be on screen sex, it would seem almost random at this point, but at least a few minutes alone together - to slay us with.

  8. Hmm, can't wait! If they give us a sex scene it will be a flash back. I think Jamie will go to the standing stones with Claire...seeing the shock on Claire's face when she returned showed that she wasn't ready to leave...can't wait!

  9. So glad someone else sees a way to spare Murtagh and send him forward into season 3! Why else would Duncan keep his apartment in Glasgow? As a book lover, I would be sooo happy to see Murtagh on Fraser's Ridge. Blake's thoughts about the voiceover is a good one, but would really tie a writer's hands. Good job one and all!

    1. I love Duncan but hope Murtagh's is not spared. That's the tragedy of it all for Jamie. All is lost. But with tv Murtagh's, I can see the pure adoration by fans. Thanks for appreciating our guesses.

  10. Love all of the perspectives on the finale! Call me unrealistic (and a hopeless romantic), but I want Murtagh to be spared. I'll go through an entire box of tissues writing a blog if he doesn't.

    1. And I'll go through another entire box just reading said blog post.

  11. Ashley/Anne K. -- I signed up to write the Murtagh Eulogy back before the season started. Was hoping we wouldn't have to do it. Hope springs eternal, though. I guess we shall see. Kleenex all around. Sniff. Sniff.

  12. Here is my quickie take for the end of the finale. I think a great deal will flow like the book (no hand cutting and Jamie instead giving his dad's ring) I think the new storyline will have to do with Geilis. Idk about Murtaugh. I would like him to continue in the show.. but it would have to be handled right. I think the end will be after the Geillie stone scene and Claire satisfied that Brianna believes, Roger will give her the news he has discovered that Jamie didn't die on Culloden field .. screen will fade from her blank with shock face to a close up of Jamie looking dead, muddy and bloody on the field of Culloden eyes closed. Start Jamie VO .. wondering if he was dead. Thinking of Claire and desolation etc. Maybe a prayer for her and the child... Hearing faint echoes of his name called .. last shot, he opens his eyes

  13. I have no idea only it will have a lot of 1968,I was sad to find out there is no cuttings of the thumbs,but looking forward to it with grog!

  14. Ding Ding Ding for Kendra .. I did not read these before the finale. Having read the book I knew how it was suppose to end but that did not mean Ron had to end it the same way. #TrustRon. My theory of how it would end was fairly similar to yours.

    I have to give Blake at least 1 ding. Although Claire did not actually kill Dougal she did help Jamie, keeping it true to the book yet very symbolic.

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