LIVE FINALE Blog: Episode 2.13 - "Dragonfly in Amber"

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Do you find yourself obsessively gabbing on about Outlander to your friends and family? Wishing your Saturday nights included a living room full of people with whom to watch, discuss, comment, cheers, jeers and well, experience alllllll the feels? Dinna fash, Obsessenach - you are not alone.

Good news - we can get new family and friends pour ourselves a dram and, through the magic of technology, enjoy it together!  Each Saturday at 9:00 p.m., we'll be LIVE blogging the episodes to bring you a two-screen experience into the world of Outlander.  Like the Outlander Cast podcast, it will be SPOILER FREE for non-book readers.

So get all your post-18th Century gadgets ready and settle in, because the best things in life should be shared with a buddy.  Hi, buddy.

Side note - are we here? Are we really here? Season two, you've come and gone too fast but I am ready.  Bring on the finale! And then don't forget to join in our Outlander Cast Clan Gathering LIVE Instant Take event as soon as the show wraps and you've managed to backstroke out of your puddle of tears.

Now let the show begin...

[9:00 pm] I don’t how it happened, but it did.  We somehow flew through another season of Outlander and crashed head first into, what’s certain to be, an incredible finale.  And not to get all High School Musical on you, but we’re all in this together.  Find your drink of choice, and keep it flowing.  My pharmacist friend always tells me you should take medicine before the pain starts in an effort to get ahead of it.  I like her style. I’m going to go ahead and apply it liberally all over the affected areas. 

[9:02 pm] Weekly title card riddle: Folks I don’t think we’re in 1745 anymore. And I couldn’t be more excited to see how they piece this time-warped puzzle together! And if there ever was a duo to tackle it, it’d be the dream team of writers Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts.

[9:03 pm] Sweet bearded wonder, Roger is finally here. Welcome, Rik Rankin! It’s damn good to have you.  Now, run along and go find the others we’re so anxious to see. . .

[9:04 pm] And just when I thought that hearing Roger’s delicious accent was going to be the highlight of this scene, we get our first glimpse at 1968 Claire in all her Jackie O-esque glory! Apparently dry bar blow outs came into fashion in 1960s Boston. #RIPClaireHair

[9:06] Breeeeeeeee!  No offense to Blake, but I’m throwing a special wink toward the producers for not forcing a contrived Boston accent into Brianna’s character DNA.  Side note: is anyone else having an out-of-body experience at seeing the future finally coming to life? Trippy!

[9:09 pm] THIS MUSIC – chills! “Now that I was here, the ghosts were starting to chase me.” Let them chase, Claire.  And hug. And love on you. 

[9:10 pm] “Jolting down the road” – like father, like daughter.  At least this time there are no chickens or Fort William. 

[9:13 pm] “Truth is, I’ve never been very good at saying goodbye. That’s the hell of it, isn’t it?” Damn straight, Claire.  I’m just going to go ahead and slug some more wine – you know, to get ahead of the pain. 

[9:15 pm] I’ve now accepted that I’m going be covered in goosebumps for a straight 90 minutes. That comparison of Bree to her father while sleeping as it faded into Jamie in 1746 locked up that destiny.

[9:16 pm] “Mark me – before this day is over, I will slit your throat.” - Jamie.  Oh sorry. Did my script / history rewrite just come out aloud? 

[9:19 pm] So much magic, and we’re only 19 minutes in! Between me having warm flashbacks to driving roads in the Highlands two months ago to Bree talking about her “dad” while standing amidst the ruins of Fort William where “many Scottish prisoners were flogged here” – this is one ride I don’t want to exit. Especially one that comes with a soundtrack this powerful.

[9:21 pm] Correction: I’ve now accepted that I’m going to have goosebumps and ugly girl tears for a straight 90 minutes.  Mercy. The wispy voices of Lallybroch moving throughout the grounds – what a beautiful choice!  More beautiful? Jamie standing in the entryway arch, his breath in the cold air visible. Side note: Caitriona Balfe doesn’t ugly girl cry. It’s aesthetically impossible. 

[9:23 pm] For the sake of remaining live, I’m exercising every urge not to just freeze frame on this snow-capped mountain vista from the opening credits  and play Bear McCreary music on loop. It's probably the last bit of self control I have when it comes to this show. 

[9:26 pm] “Grubby doesn’t bother me, you should see my bedroom.”  These two are adorable! But less saccharine sweet adorable than Mary and Alex Randall, and thank the Laird for that.

[9:27 pm] Can you imagine the surreal feeling you’d have if you saw your name on a 200-year old document because, you know, YOU SIGNED IT YOURSELF 200+ YEARS AGO?!

[9:28 pm] Nearly thirty minutes in so it's time for a gut-check.  Do we like Sophie Skelton as Bree? The character is a bit polarizing - at least at first - in the book, so this might be a tough point to gauge. But I'm curious what you think, so weigh in below. . . 

[9:30 pm] Oh hell. Dougal! It’s going down, I’m yelling timberrrrr. 

[9:31 pm] Am I the only shoulder-head bobbing to Four Tops right now? Hey, it’s an improvement over Kesha and Pitbull, I suppose. I'll be theeeeere, with a love that will shelter you.

[9:34 pm] The voice, the voice is unmistakable.  Show me the face, show me the face. . . GEILLIS! Oh sorry, she’s now Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Or wait, make that Gillian Edgars. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, crazy lady. 

[9:35 pm] It's official - Caitriona Balfe is sublimely gorgeous in any decade.  Hell, in any century.

[9:36 pm] If this is Graham McTavish’s final scene (and clearly it is), he’s going out with a bang.  Stellar performance, per usual. 

[9:38 pm] There might be ONE of you out there who remembers a dreadfully awesome 1980s movie where Sylvester Stallone is a truck-driving, arm-wrestling champion.  And to that ONE of you out there, dammit if Jamie didn’t just go OVER THE TOP with that dirk. 

[9:39 pm] Holy twist, Batman – that was slick!  It had to be done, but I still felt immense hesitation and agony at having to do it right alongside them.  Farewell, Dougal. You tortured my moral complex so, like an angel-devil duo on my shoulder.  But you’ll be missed. Graham McTavish, a mighty large hats off in praise to you for your incredible work and contributions to this show.  

[9:40 pm] Our first taste of a singing Roger! Rat satire. Eh, we’ll still take it. Side note: the plane!

[9:42 pm] Of all the people to disappoint. . . ugh, the loss of Rupert’s friendship and admiration STUNG LIKE AN ANGRY HIVE OF WASPS.  And I’m allergic to wasps.  Also, two hours. Just two hours.  The need for the time stamps are becoming ever more apparent. . . and stressful. 

[9:44 pm] “Well I’m not going to cry. . .” It’s okay, Claire – we've got you covered. 

[9:47 pm] SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, CLAIRE – no tears, my arse! I knew I couldn't do that. Between the “graveside” memory sharing of their daughter, the goodbye whispered to the backdrop of their theme and “rest easy, soldier” – goner. I’m a goner.  AND WE ARE ONLY AT THE HALFWAY MARK. 

[9:50 pm] “It’s complicated” – Claire offering her daughter a broad-stroke answer to her inquisition, and me a much-needed snorted laugh. As did Roger, uncomfortably taking a seat on that couch. It reminded me of Jamie sitting ringside for Dougal and Colum’s brotherly knock-down. 

[9:54 pm] Murtagh and Fergus! I’ve been so sucked in that I, somehow, inexplicably forgot that we are 50+ minutes in without a Murtagh sighting.  Forgive me, my love. Also, wee Fergus and his moppy hair and blue eyes are a sugarcoated intermission I didn’t know I needed at this point, but I did. 

[9:57 pm] Teenagers, aren't they just the best!

[9:58 pm] HER TEAR STAINED THE INK 200+ YEARS AGO. Claire, my 21st century keyboard has taken a hit this evening too.  So I get it. I GET IT.

[9:59 pm] And then Murtagh had to go and bow to Fergus, dissolving any final composure I might have had. It had the same effect as Claire bowing to Magnus upon returning home in “Faith”. 

[10:00 pm] “How ‘bout we keep an open tab instead?” I’m right on top of that, Rose.  Actually, a bit ahead of you, so catch up.  Side note: Boy, is she a MacKenzie-Fraser or what!

[10:01 pm] “Well ain’t that about a time traveling bitch!” – Claire’s face at seeing a photo of “Geillis” in 1968. 

[10:04 pm] Just a quick reminder that If this were any other episode, we’d be done. Close to 10 minutes done, actually.  I love the Super Size Me finale! And like my sweet grandmother (God rest her soul), when the 90 minutes is up, I’ll still whine that it wasn’t enough time and I need more. Hmph!  

[10:07 pm] “. . . I won’t be, I’ll be dying with you.” – This is the meaningful death Murtagh wants, but I canna bear it. I just canna. But if this is the last line this man utters (in this episode or otherwise), then color me blissfully content at him going out with all the dignity and grace he has shown us for two seasons. Duncan LaCroix, you are my favorite. . . and, selfishly, I hope you’re not gone for good. 

[10:09 pm] Just as I was thinking, “geez, where to begin and just how do you describe the KING OF MEN”, Claire took a pass – for now.  I don’t blame you.  He’s not a man to be summed up in one scene. 

[10:12 pm] I should not have had so much wine before exploring the intricacies of time travel. Because right now, all I’m seeing is Marty McFly evaporating before our eyes while holding a disappearing photo of himself and playing guitar at a sock hop.  

[10:15 pm] Trust Ron always, but I can’t think of a passage from the book that I so desperately wanted included as much as Jamie expressing acknowledgement of Claire’s pregnancy as the reason she must keep her promise to him.  And because it was Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, it was more breathtaking (literally, when your heart is in your throat – it makes it hard to breathe) than I ever imagined.  

[10:16 pm] Looks like Geillis is going to another fucking BBQ, but this time she’s hosting.  I’m guessing it’s BYOB.  Or BYOG, as in gemstones. See what I did there? 

[10:17 pm] That look of realization on Bree’s face.  You know the one – the “dammit, my mom was right” look.  We’ve all worn it. Also, she and Roger can BOTH hear the buzzing.  Take notes, kids – that’s what we call foreshadowing. 

[10:23 pm] That scene needed to breathe in its entirety without me nonsensically interrupting it.  Or maybe I just needed a minute to breathe.  Their pockets seem to be full of passed and shared treasures, but mine are empty so I’ll just go ahead and put them in my pocket for safe keeping. Or maybe entrap them forever in this moment, like a dragonfly in amber.  Don’t get me started on Jamie having to give Claire the extra touch of support to get through the stones, much like she showed him earlier in having to finish off Dougal.  The team has really left no stone (definitely no pun intended) unturned in following through on every detail.

[10:24 pm] “I believe you. I don’t understand it, but I believe you.” And with that, the writers have officially done me in on the sweet character and dialogue pull-throughs.  And then Bear McCreary went ahead and threw the Jamie and Claire theme into this pivotal mother-daughter moment. Sing with me now – I get knocked down, but I [might or might not] get up again. 

[10:27 pm] When I’m wrong, I’m wrong – NOW I’m officially done in.  The layer of goose bumps found their own layer of goose bumps, which then found something altogether emotionally prickly that I didn’t know I possessed until right about the time that Bree uttered her father’s name.  Then, Claire done pulled herself a Jack Shepard and proclaimed “I have to go back” and the sun glistened over the stones in a halo effect and. . . well, just and.  And so much more that I can’t put into words. 

[10:28 pm] And we're going out with a bang - friggin' fantastic song! "Time Has Come Today" by The Chamber Brothers.  Enjoy!

[10:30 pm] Well the jokes on me. In the last few weeks, I had started to feel as if I could trek through Droughtlander patiently, maybe even unaffected.  And again I say - boy was I wrong. So bloody wrong.  If it’s possible, this episode left me more anxious for more Outlander than the season one finale did.  And that’s saying A LOT.  Speaking of saying a lot. . . there's so much more to say about this episode! Want to chat more about this powerful finale?  Outlander Cast hosts Mary and Blake and the blog writing staff will join you LIVE at 10:45 pm for an Outlander Cast Clan Gathering Instant Take episode. Go here and join in the discussion! Chat soon. . . 

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  1. I love everything about the music in this episode.

  2. That's so cool and sad at ther same time, well at least she knows Jaimie's wishes of Lallibroch remaining in his family came true.

  3. I like her as Bree, not as much as I like Roger thought 😊

    1. Also her acting paired with Cait it makes me cringe a little bit. The chemistry with Roger is on point. I can't wait until she sees Jaimie

  4. I can enjoy her portrayal if I remind myself that she is basically still a teenager and certainly acts it. That is easy to forget when standing by the older Roger.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I LOVED Lotte's scene. I AM BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE! YOU are Bonnie Prince Charlie! Scotland, Scotland... It's what I saw every day when I wake up. I want to go BACK!

  7. I didn't think they would show her, but is it so cool to see her besides Roger knowing that she is his great great great great great grea grandmother lol

    1. "Why are you here?" she said to Bree, just as she did Claire. Nuts!

  8. Graham wanted a taste of Jamie. Don't we all!

  9. Have any of you tried the Spanish captionsπŸ˜‚ I speak Spanish as a first language and is still so bizarre

    1. Now that's an idea for one of my repeat viewings!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Can we petition to start slipping HGH into Romann's porridge so he can also play grown up Fergus? Love that frickin' kid!

    1. If only we could give him rapid aging syndrome. It works for the kids on soap operas!

  12. I have cried for the 3rd time I've watch this😭😭😭😭😭

    1. When I think I'll get an emotional break - slam. Back down again.

  13. Jaimie gave me the chills 😱 that what so hottttttttt

    1. I'm eating all the chocolate πŸ˜‹

  14. Just finished watching for the 4th time. Tissues needed - Claire at Lallybroch, Murtagh saying he'll wait for Jamie so that they can die together (God, I LOVE this guy), Jamie's knowledge of Claire's pregnancy, what he'll say to God about Claire, and their final love-making. Wow. Just wow.

  15. Anyone catch the connecting "fucking barbeque" line? First Geillis, then her descendant.

  16. I feel almost like an intruder, as a first time poster but mainly as a man. I've read this and other Outlander blogs and the comments are almost exclusively from women. Well I'm here to tell you that from a man's perspective this story has me addicted as much as my "fellow" female Outlander fans. I'm also a bookie (anxiously awaiting book#9) as I suspect many of you are and I will say the books are great but I'm not disappointed in any way with the TV series. In fact being a book reader enhances my enjoyment of the TV series because I know where the story has to go and I find it interesting on how Ron Moore and the directors get us there.

    Now, to put this disclaimer out there, I fully understand how the female audience is captivated by Jamie/Sam because he is basically the ideal man and I say that as a heterosexual male who would probably never say that in a group of other heterosexual males, but I get what he does for you ladies - I do. That said, Claire/Caitriona does the same for me. She has that rare quality to have multiple faces/looks but all of them are her and all of them are stunning. She makes me appreciate beauty that much more.

    As to 213 - WOW. Outstanding. I liked Roger and Brianna and look forward to their story interweaving with Claire and Jamie.

    Is it April 2017 yet?

    1. Fellow Outlander lover, you've made my day. Your comment is the most welcome of all, and please don't call yourself an outsider. My husband watches with me and my favorite uncle just binged 28 episodes in 2 days with my aunt. So you're in good, manly company. Do you watch with a significant other? Or because that significant other forced you to give it a try?
      And I LOVE that you love Claire/Caitriona. As women, we fully get that too! We are equal opportunity lovers. Wait, that sounded back. But dammit if this show doesn't do that to everyone willing to give it a whirl.
      The only risk in your posting to this blog is that now I'm damn certain I'd love for you to do a guest post as a OutMANder who gets the appeal of it. Because what you wrote got a slow clap, hell yes nod from more than a few of us on the staff.
      Thank you for reading!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Ashley, my chills started at the exact same time!

  19. Ashley, your gracious welcome is much appreciated. I'm not sure I'm up to the task of doing an "OutMANder" guest post but I'll give it a try if I can get some direction.

    As for my Outlander addiction story - it all started with episode 101. I had seen commercials and thought I'd tune and check it out. I liked it and did a little research and before too long I was downloading Diana's books on my Kindle and devouring them as fast as time permitted. I read all 8 books before Season 1 ended and joined the throng of droughtlanders thirsting for more.

    My wife watches once in a while, but that obviously implies she isn't hooked. The fantasy aspect of it doesn't appeal to her whereas I tend to like a good story and don't let something like time travel get in the way if the story around it is compelling - which it is in spades. I did get my daughter hooked though when she came for an extended visit last fall. I downloaded Season 1 on Amazon so she could watch them and by the time she flew home she was half way through Voyager.

    Before I go on too long - I have a tendency to get wordy - I'll save some thoughts for my guest post. I look forward to it. Until then.

    1. We would LOVE for you to write a guest post. I can get you the particulars. Can you send your email info to Just note that you're the guest OutMander post and Ashley asked for your contact info. Then I'll reach out with more info. :)

  20. I loved everything about this last ep.especially Claire at Lallybroch with the poem,didn't mind cutting to the 60's & back to 1700's,they got the 60's look spot on I remember as I was a teen,Claire was verra,verra good & Sam really delivered the book lines brilliantly & love Rik R. as Roger & Murtagh well it won't be for nothing it blew me away!Thank You Ashley roll on season 3.!!!!

    1. Roll on indeed! I loved every spot-on detail of this episode and am glad you did too. Thanks for watching AND reading!

  21. I love the show and I love the books...however I did miss that the show did not include the cottage scene where J and C spend the night and she asks him to mark her...I know they are limited time-wise, but I could have done with less of the battle prep scenes to fit that in..seems kind of important, especially moving forward--that scar on her wrist is always something she looks at and thinks about well into book 8...oh well, still loved all of it!

    1. Rosina - somewhere there's an article floating around discussing the production considerations as to WHY they opted out of this key scene from the book. I'll find it for you!

  22. Thank you for your post Ms. Ashley!!!! I was delaying watching the finale as a way to avoid going the very emotions you displayed. Honestly!!! I could not handle it, I kept rewinding Claire's visit to the run down LallyBroch and when they showed Jaime............!!!(Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!!) I Paused and Paused and Paused and...............
    After such a tender reunion with LallyBroch....I almost reached out and smacked Brianna when she trivialized her mother and Jaime's relationship/marriage. Thank goodness my own teen daughter was asleep because I probably would have conked her as a replacement (this is just how deeply sunk I am into Outlander)! Now all I have been doing is watching it over and over while I dissect each action, reaction, statement, and so forth. It was time for Dougal to join his cousin Narcissus especially with the impending doom at Culloden. Mark would have destroyed him terribly to realize that all was lost. I look forward to seeing how the "Mark Me...your Highness Prince Charlie" handles his defeat. This is when time travel would really be appreciated!!! Great Recap!!!

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