And the winner is... Join us for the LIVE Cast to announce winners of THE CASTIES!

Written by: Ashley Crawley

Oh Outlander TV series, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

Nearly 2,000 of you heeded our call to shower Outlander in a heap of fan praise by voting in THE CASTIES – the first-ever fan awards specifically designed for the Outlander TV series by the Outlander Cast Blog. As cast and crew have often said, who needs a stinkin' Emmy (okay, I made that part up), fan love is the BEST love of all!

That part's true, I swear.

You voted for everything from "above and beyond" individual performances and best supporting cast to favorite sets and costumes and so much more. Landslides? Near shut-outs? Some where only a few votes separated the winner from the others? Yep, we've got them all!  Drumroll, please...

And now it's time to reveal the winners of THE CASTIES in all 22 categories in a way totally fitting of the Outlander Cast podcast – with a LIVE cast!

Join Outlander Cast hosts Mary & Blake and special guests from the Outlander Cast Blog LIVE this Saturday, Sept. 10, at 7:00 PM EST as we announce the winners of THE CASTIES.

So grab a trusty beverage to toast the winners with and go here to join the fun.  And don't forget to share the word with your Obsessenach friends!



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