#AskCait Q&A on Twitter -- Everything you want to know about Outlander's Caitriona Balfe!

Written by: Anne Gavin

Caitriona Balfe served up a whopper of a Q&A on Twitter today.  She promised to do so when she reached 200,000 followers on Twitter, and keep that promise she did!  For more than an hour, Caitriona generously answered questions from eager Outlander fans and was joined by a few other cast members.  Gee, I wonder who?  Check out some of the more interesting questions (and answers) below... 

Dislaimer: it was an hour-long, people, so picking out the best bits is tough… and apparently someone (ahem, that someone) was getting a wee restless for Caitriona to start. 

Here are a few other nuggets from the chat, once Caitriona got underway.

Q. What is your spirit animal?
Caitriona: I had a dream once it was a bear…so sticking with that.

Q. Do you have a technique for memorizing your lines?
Caitriona: I like to write them out.

Q. What is your favourite place or restaurant/bar in Glasgow?
Caitriona: If I tell you, I’ll never get a table

Q. Any advice on how to have a healthy relationship with food?
Caitriona: eat whole foods ... if it has ingredients you can't pronounce put it down. Food is fuel. Purer is better.

Q. What is your favourite dessert and do you like cooking/baking?
Caitriona: Love cooking. Favorite desert is a raw mint chocolate tart. Yum.

Q: What was your best Halloween costume?
Caitriona: I was a vampire when I was 9 and did all my own make up. It was amazing.

And, here is the granddaddy question and ANSWER of the whole session. When asked, “What is the most embarrassing thing you can reveal about Sam Heughan?

And, there was also this about that blooper scene with the burp, or the... whatever it was...

 More good-natured ribbing ensued when Cait was asked and answered this:

Not to be outdone, Mr. Steven Cree -- who appears to have a lot of time on his hands lately --  joined the conversation.

Banter then continued between Sam and Steven, which was hilarious. 

And, then there was the re-visiting of Sam's obsession with Caitriona's prosthetic baby bump.

Cait wrapped up with some words of wisdom I think we can all take to heart, especially given the times in which we live.

All in all a VERY entertaining outing with Outlander Fans today on Twitter.  I'll call it "Twitter for Good" just so we can distinguish between this and all the bad stuff on the Twitterverse of late. And couldn't we all use a little more light-hearted and good?

You can follow Caitriona Balfe on Twitter here. And you should because, well, she's Cait.

Did you have a chance to ask Caitriona a question today during #AskCait?  If so, what was your favorite answer she gave?


  1. How fun! Loved the Hilites. Thanks

    1. sunnyfl305 -- Glad you liked it. It was really fun and so awesome that Cait spent so much time answering questions. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I think the most beautiful part of a woman is her smile/laugh and Cait has great laugh - genuine and pure.

    1. EbonyRaptor -- TOTALLY agree. Caitriona is beautiful both inside and out and she has a wicked sense of humor. Love her. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I think it is very rude to reveal a third nipple and where it is!!!! That is ignorant and I don't like Cait anymore! She's just a bully ! What if she had a triple vagina would she want that known? Simply rude and very déclassé!

    1. virginia homewood -- I don't believe Caitriona was being serious. These two love to banter and have a very fun, goofy relationship. This was just part of the banter. Cait knew Sam was following the Q&A and she was just ribbing him. I don't believe Sam ACTUALLY has a third nipple. All in fun. But, thanks for stopping by and reading.

  4. Loved this banter,Cait has a great sense of humor!

    1. zsuzsip -- Yes, I loved it, too. So much fun and Cait does have a wonderful sense of humor and is quick with the quips. Loved the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by. Always love seeing you here!

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