Outlander Inspired Halloween Costumes

Written by: Mary Larsen

Most of the listeners of Outlander Cast know that I am a massive Christmas elf. You should just consider me Buddy The Elf's biological sister, in fact. BUT, there are some parts of life that come in a very close second. First and foremost of those parts – Halloween. Perhaps it's the kid in me, or the fact that I refuse to ever truly grow up – but there is something quite magical about All Hallow's Eve that almost rivals even St. Nick's night. Which is why I suppose one of the greatest mash up movies of all time is A Nightmare Before Christmas – thank you, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, thank you so much for that beauty of a film. I digress.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of TV too. And with that in mind, I am slave to world-building in television too whether it be Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and yes, Outlander.  Being enveloped in a completely different and well-fleshed-out world is so enthralling to watch.  Again, is that the kid in me talking? Perhaps.  But either way, these worlds sweep me off my feet for an hour at a time, or at least the small amount of time I need to recapture my sanity after being with my children all the time.

Considering my love of all things Halloween, and the vast worlds that have been built by the likes of Robert Kirkman, George R.R. Martin, or Diana Gabaldon, I thought it would be fun to explore some costumes made by fans just like you and I that were inspired by Herself and her Outlander universe...

Blogger Sarah from Flourish and Knot gives an in depth look into the creation of her Claire inspired Outlander costume.

Or get the bairns involved in the Highlander spirit, like blogger IAmFarney on tumblr.

Fellow Outlander Cast Clan member, Karen S., got in the Outlander spirit by dressing up as Jamie Fraser last Halloween!  Goodness I love the creativity here.

By far, one of my FAVORITE Outlander-inspired costumes is by Laura of Decor to Adore. She created an 18th Century dress like the women wore in France, for under $30! She purchased a Simplicity sewing pattern, and the costume was a labor of love. Cutting the fabric pieces took 60 hours alone!  Holy smokes.

Outlander Cast listener Elizabeth Crocker on facebook made her own version of a 18th century masquerade ball dress.  Look at that beautiful purple color.  And the choker?  Awesomesauce.

Lorina Lynn on instagram shows that you can get your spouse involved in the fun too.  What's more is that there is a drink in almost every picture in the collage.  Getting Sassenach Wasted on Halloween?  That's my kinda girl :)

Dawn Doraz on Facebook shows that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume to look like Jamie and Claire.  Just get yourself some plaid fabric, a fake sword, and a super awesome and willing partner and, boom, your thrust right back into the Highlands.

Haven't got the time to build and sew your own costume? Well never fear, Amazon is to the rescue! They offer a variety of pieces that could easily make you look like a member from one of the Highland clans - like this Forum Highlander Kilt and Shirt Costume.

Or you can throw one of these Outlander Mackenzie Lambswool Stole's over an olive skirt and blouse to create a look much like Claire's as she rode around the Highlands.  My mouth is salivating over that stole! 

And if you have a tiny little baby who may not be ready to rock a full kilt ensemble, they can still participate in the theme by wearing this adorable Outlander Baby Onesie!
But what is a good Outlander Halloween without outdoor decor, right?!  Well, I've got you covered here too...

Chester, New Hampshire has this Outlander-themed scarecrow display! (Many thanks to our Outlander Cast Clan Facebook Group member, Melissa Carolan, for this photo!)

Mary Hawsey Williams recreated Culloden Moor in her front yard! Love all the little details like the signs, blood, and even the ghosts rising up from the graves.

That about wraps up some of the many ideas you can use to inject some Outlander into this #Droughtlander-infested Halloween.
If there is one thing in life I have learned, it's to never underestimate how awesome and creative people can be when they put their mind to it.  These are all amazing ideas for Outlander, and if you choose to have an Outlander costume, front yard, or even an Outlander-themed Halloween party, I would love to see it!  Please send us your pictures at outlandercastblog@gmail.com and we will update this post to have your picture in it too! Or heck, maybe you'll get your own special post if your ideas are that good. Wink, wink. 

I just wish I could be as awesome as you guys and make a snappy Outlander costume.  I wish I had the creativity and the time.  And of course, as I end this post, my son Rhys is literally laughing and calling out how he just put his baby sister in the toilet for a bath....

Which reminds me – can any of you make me a life size model of Craigh Na Dun that actually works on good ol' Samhain?  I need a life break... and the Highlands... and, hell, throw Jamie in there too while you're at it....please? :)

What are your Halloween plans? Do they involve Outlander, like these fine people?


  1. I am absolutely overjoyed to be featured and keep company with such amazing seamstresses. Thank you so very much. Long live Jamie and Claire!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Claire costume! Oh, and I need that onesie for my baby girl. :-)

  3. I did my best Halloween cosplay :)


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