Outlander Cast Chats w/Outlander Costume Designer: Terry Dresbach - Episode 76 #Gonelander III

Written by: Blake Larsen

Outlander Cast Host (and my darling wife) Mary had the awesome opportunity to attend the Thru The Stones conference in Iowa this past December.  If you were not able to attend, fear not! We at Outlander Cast are excited to share with you Terry Dresbach's keynote speech from that event. In this episode, you'll hear for yourself how funny and off-the-cuff Terry can be, learn some minor costume spoilers from season 3, get a feel for her many dinners with her husband (Outlander showruner Ron Moore) and the cast, and much more!

Hit the jump to listen to the audio right in your browser!

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  1. All costumes are amazing in Outlander,congratulations to ALL & TERRY in the costume department & thanks for this post!

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